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BraveNine Story Beginners Guide and Tips

Why did this young noble man from a prestigious family become a runaway overnight?

BraveNine Story is an RPG title developed by NEOWIZ. As the name of the game implies, this game has an interesting storyline for you to watch like a novel. This game will take you on an adventure as a mercenary who will do anything to earn money. Apart from that, the tactics or battle system here is quite unique and slightly different from other games, where you can set attack orders and so on. The game also came up with several new features and thus here is the Beginners Guide for the players so that they will easily get through the game and get familiar with the world of BraveNine Story.

The game is quite unique compared to other games, especially in terms of battle mechanics. You have to be careful in setting the strategy when fighting because tactics are needed such as attack orders and positioning of your character. In addition, you need to contract with mercenaries to strengthen your team and expand strategies with other mercenaries.

Introducing the Basics of BraveNine Story


Image via NEOWIZ

This mercenary is a character in the game BraveNine Story. Mercenaries are obtained through summons using diamonds. Then when you get a mercenary, you need to recruit first before using it. However, not all mercenaries can be used for combat, such as story stages that can only use mercenaries in the storyline.


There are four kinds of classes in BraveNine Story which have different roles. Each class mutually supports other classes, so a balance is needed in playing this game. Here are the classes and their respective roles:

  • Warrior: Warrior is a class that is very flexible because its stats are fairly balanced between defense and attack, so it can be used in all conditions
  • Defender: Defender is a class that has the strongest defense compared to the others. It is very suitable to be used to withstand damage from enemy attacks
  • Magician: Magician is a class that relies heavily on damage, he is able to KO with one hit, but the positioning must be right because he has a weak defense
  • Supporter: Supporter is a very helpful class for the team, it can absorb, recover HP, give buffs to allies or debuffs to opponents


In the BraveNine Story game, there are some words that you may not understand and usually, they are found in the description of skills and are marked in red. Here are some skill dictionaries that you can read and understand when playing BraveNine Story

  • Stun: Unable to act and cast
  • Silence: Acting and casting are possible, but skills cannot be invoked.
  • Freeze: Unable to act and cast. The amount of damage taken is amplified and freeze is removed
  • Shock: Unable to act and cast, and receives magic damage every turn
  • Decompose: Each turn is subjected to physical damage proportional to the maximum HP
  • Poison: Each turn is subjected to magic damage proportional to the maximum HP
  • Burn: Takes magic damage every turn. When dispelled, you have a chance to briefly burn adjacent targets
  • Bleeding: Receives physical damage when you try to act.
  • Charm: Attacks the ally in front of you. If there is no target, the enemy will attack according to the original rules
  • Shield: Physical/magical shields are subtracted prior to protective shields that prevent all damage.
  • Block/unblock: Block/unblock debuffs or buffs.

Mastering the Battle Mechanics

The battle in BraveNine Story is quite complex, first, we will discuss attack orders. This attack order is the order for each of your mercenaries to carry out attacks. The order can be seen from the numbers above the mercenaries. We advise you to order first, used for mercenaries who have the strongest attacks. If he can eliminate just 1 enemy, that’s very good. Or if you use a character with the ability to buff or provide absorption, you can put it first. Then followed by other mercenaries until they are weakest

battle mechanics
Image via NEOWIZ

The second is that the positioning of this mercenary must be considered, you can’t just put it down. The first thing to do is to press your enemies one by one, then you can see where the enemy’s attack is headed, then in that direction, you put a mercenary with a defender class which has the strongest defense.

battle mechanics BraveNine Story Beginners Guide
Image via NEOWIZ

So the damage from your formation is not eliminated first. Then you can also set where you will carry out the attack, the same as the method at the beginning, but on the contrary, now you are the one attacking. We recommend attacking the enemy with the highest power first.

battle mechanics BraveNine Story Beginners Guide
Image via NEOWIZ

The third is that you need to pay attention to the conditions to get 3 stars on that stage. You can see it at the top with a star. For example, like the picture above, you can get 3 stars when you finish that stage without KO more than 3 on your mercenary and no more than 80 turns. If one of them is not achieved, then get 2 stars, but if you can finish but your character is eliminated more than 3 and more than 80 turns, then get 1 star.

BraveNine Story Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in the BraveNine Story Beginners Guide to help you, newbies, to kickstart your journey.

1. Do summon at the beginning of the play

BraveNine Story Beginners Guide
Image via NEOWIZ

When you just start playing, we recommend rerolling or summoning mercenaries using diamonds. But to summon, you need to finish the story at stages 2-6. Why do you need to reroll? So that you have a variety of mercenaries because this game requires you to use various strategies. Therefore, various mercenaries are needed.

2. Have a special mercenary at a different stage

In this game, you cannot use the characters or mercenaries that you have in the story section of the adventure book. Story Stages here can only use the characters found in that storyline and the characters you get through rerolling can be used on normal, hard, and very hard stages.

Image via NEOWIZ

Therefore you must have strong mercenaries, especially for story stages, and strong mercenaries for other stages. So at least you have 2 formations that can be used.

3. Upgrade your mercenaries

There are several ways you can improve this mercenary. The first is by leveling up, for this level you need slime as a material. There are 4 types of slime, such as Insignificant Yellow Slime, Normal Pink Slime, Striking Emeral Slime, and Noble Red Slime King (from smallest to biggest). The level of this mercenary depends on your user level. So when you reach level 5, the mercenary can only reach level 5.

Upgrade your mercenaries
Image via NEOWIZ

Then the second way is by Rank up, when you do Rank up then the basic stats and skills significantly enhance followed by your mercenary star as well. This is very good but you need some soulstones or shards from the mercenary to be able to Rank Up.

Then the latter can be done by using equipment, which equipment can be obtained through crafting, but requires several material items. The use of this equipment is very important, because the increase in your basic stats is quite significant, although not all basic stats increase, only a few.

Final Thoughts

BraveNine Story is a game that has an interesting storyline for you to watch like a novel, besides that this game also has amazing battles and tactics because it has a unique turn-based combat system. Therefore don’t hesitate to give it a try, and never forget to refer to this Honor of Heirs beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

That’s all for today’s BraveNine Story Beginners Guide. Did you find this BraveNine Story beginners guide useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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