Brawl Stars Bounty mode guide: Tips, Tricks and the best Brawlers you should use

Bounty is a fun 3v3 game mode in Brawl Stars. The objective is to take out enemies and stay alive. When you kill an enemy, you gain a star over your head up to 7 stars. This is your bounty. Players earn points for their team by gaining stars. Players with more stars over their head are worth more points if the enemy team is able to eliminate them. In this Brawl Stars guide, we are going to share some tips, tricks & strategies to help you excel in the Bounty mode.

Tips and Tricks to master Bounty mode in Brawl Stars

1. Get to the star as soon as possible

At the beginning of each match of bounty, a star spawns in the middle of the map. This star is a free point and does not count toward any player’s bounty. If you are able to get to the star before the other team, and you and your teammates have not been killed by the enemy team, you will be in the lead 1 – 0. The best brawler to get to the star as fast as possible is Mortis because of his dashing ability.

Brawl Stars Bounty guide
Collect the stars ASAP

2. Retreat to your side of the map when in lead

Once you are in the lead you can fall back to your side of the map. If you and your teammates stay behind cover and relatively close together, the enemy team will have a very hard time eliminating any of you. If an enemy does happen to eliminate a player on your team, it should be easy for the remaining two players on your team to take out the brawler who got the elimination on the other team.

Chances are, the brawler will be weak from the damage it took while eliminating you or your teammate. In addition, the eliminated player will respawn with an invincibility shield for a few seconds allowing them to get up close and attack any enemy brawler still hanging around. You want to pick brawlers who can do a good job controlling the centre of the map and keeping the enemies at bay. Some brawlers we recommend for this are Tick, Sprout, Piper, and Gene.

Brawl Stars Bounty tips & tricks
Stay behind covers towards the side of the map

3. Use a Tank Brawler to secure eliminations

Another addition to your team should be a brawler who can withstand a lot of damage while also dealing a lot of damage. These brawlers will be good for finishing off weak brawlers and discouraging the enemy team from getting too close to your side of the map. The best tank brawlers to use in Bounty are Rosa and Darryl.

4. Make survival your top priority

The most important thing when playing Bounty is to make sure you stay alive. If you are weak, take cover. In case you need backup, wait for your teammates. If the opposing team happens to take the lead, coordinate your attack so you will be able to eliminate the highest bounty brawlers and retreat as soon as you take the lead.

Best Brawlers to use for most maps in Bounty mode

Here are the top five brawlers that will work for most maps. Just make sure if they are a long-range brawler you’re not using them on a short-range map.

  • Piper: Her long-range, high damage shots are perfect for keeping the enemy at bay.
  • Tick: Tick’s mines are great at controlling the map and forcing the enemy to stay away.
  • Darryl: With a high damage attack and constantly-charging super, Darryl makes for an easy hit-and-run.
  • Gene: Gene is another brawler who is good for keeping the enemies away. Additionally, his star power will help his teammates stay healthy.
  • Mortis: Mortis’ “soul” purpose (pun intended) is to get to the beginning star as fast as possible. He can be decent for finishing off weak brawlers but use him carefully.
Brawl Stars Bounty guide best brawlers

That’s it from today’s Brawl Stars Bounty guide on tips, tricks and best brawlers to use in this 3v3 mode. Hope you have fun playing this mode, good luck!

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