Brawl Stars Doug Guide: Tips and tricks to master the new brawler

Tips to find the most out of Doug!

Doug is a new Mythic Brawler and is likely to be introduced in the first half of August as a part of the Season 19 Enchanted Woods update. Doug is a hot dog vendor and works in the water park with Buzz. Unlike Buzz who is strict about everything, Doug is super casual. Doug has high health and Damage output and his abilities revolve around his occupation (which is selling hot dogs). In this guide, we will take a closer look at the abilities of Doug in Brawl Stars, his stats, and strategies for mastering the new brawler.

New Brawler: Doug

As a mythic Brawler, can be unlocked via Starr Road using Credits or by winning battles to earn Starr Drop which may provide players with new Brawlers!

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Image via Supercell
  • Rarity: Mythic
  • Class: Support
  • Health at Lvl. 11: 7200
  • Damage per Hotdog at Lvl. 11 at max distance: 900
  • Heal per Hotdog at Lvl.11 at max distance: 450
  • Movement Speed: Fast

Brawl Stars Doug Guide: Doug’s Attacks

Snack Attack

Doug’s ability is a powerful area-of-effect damage and healing ability that affects both enemies and allies within a radius around him. Let’s break down the mechanics of the ability:

  1. Damage Output: When Doug activates the ability, all enemies within the radius around him will take damage. The damage dealt is higher for targets closer to Doug and decreases gradually for targets at the maximum range of the ability. This means that enemies in close proximity to Doug will receive the most damage, while those at the edge of the radius will take significantly less damage.
  2. Wall Penetration: The ability allows damage to pass through walls, enabling Doug to harm enemies even if they are positioned behind obstacles. This feature gives Doug the advantage of attacking enemies who might be taking cover or hiding.
  3. Healing Allies: Instead of dealing damage to allies within the radius, the ability converts a percentage (50%) of the damage dealt to enemies into healing for Doug’s allies. This means that allies in the area will receive health points equivalent to half of the damage inflicted on enemy targets. The healing effect is immediate and does not require any additional travel time.
  4. Reload Speed and Attack Cooldown: To balance the power of the ability, Doug has a relatively slow reload speed and attack cooldown. This limitation ensures that he cannot constantly spam the ability and encourages strategic usage of the power.
  5. No Aiming Required: The ability does not require any aiming since it lacks a direction of travel. However, Doug can use the aim mechanic to display the area of effect, which can help him visualize the range and radius of his ability. This feature assists in tactical positioning and planning.

Doug’s Super: Second Serving

Doug’s Super involves shooting out a special hot dog that grants beneficial effects to himself or his allies upon respawning. Here are the details of this ability:

Doug's Super
Image via Supercell
  1. Respawn Buff: When the hot dog is used by Doug or his allies upon respawning, it provides two significant benefits. Firstly, it grants additional ammo, allowing the player to start with an extra round of ammo. Secondly, it restores 50% of their total health, providing a substantial health boost to get back into action.
  2. Distribution Mechanics: The player has the option to distribute the hot dog to their teammates by aiming at the Super. This allows for strategic coordination, as the player can choose the most suitable ally to receive the benefits. On the other hand, if the player wishes to use the hot dog themselves, they can simply auto-aim it, causing Doug to consume it and gain the advantages.
  3. Despawn Timer: To prevent abuse or hoarding of the hot dog, it automatically despawns after 5 seconds if it remains unused. This encourages players to make timely decisions and use the hot dog effectively before it disappears.
  4. Gem Grab and Showdown Effects: In game modes such as Gem Grab and Showdown, when Doug is defeated and respawns using the hot dog, he will drop all the Gems or Power Cubes he was carrying before respawning. This mechanic adds a risk-reward element, as players must decide whether to prioritize retaining their collected resources or benefiting from the respawn buff.
  5. Big Game Effect: If Doug is the Big Brawler in the Big Game mode, the hot dog’s effect remains active even after respawning. This means that he can continuously benefit from the additional ammo and health boost throughout the match, enhancing his survivability and combat potential.

Doug’s Skills

In this section of the guide, we will find out the Star Powers, gadgets, and more about Doug in Brawl Stars.

Star Powers

  1. Fast Food: When Doug or his allies respawn using the hot dog from his Super, in addition to the extra ammo and health restoration, they also benefit from a movement speed increase. Upon respawning, their movement speed is boosted by 30% for a duration of 3 seconds.
  2. Self Service: Whenever Doug uses his main attack, he heals for 20% of what his attack heals allies for


  1. Double Sausage: When this gadget is activated the next Snack Attack does not damage opponents and only heals allies with double the amount. No self-healing included.
  2. Extra Mustard: When activated the next Snack attack only damages the enemies but doubles the amount. i.e. this gadget is like Double Saugage, but vice versa.

Brawl Stars Doug Guide: Tips and Tricks to master Doug

In this guide, we have three tips and tricks to help you maximize Doug’s potential :

  1. Positioning for Maximum Impact: Doug’s area-of-effect damage and healing abilities make positioning crucial. To optimize his effectiveness, position Doug in a way that allows him to hit multiple enemies with Snack Attack while also ensuring his allies are within range for healing. Try to find positions where enemies are grouped together or near walls, allowing his attacks to penetrate and hit targets behind cover. Similarly, position yourself near allies to provide healing support when needed.
  2. Coordinate with Teammates: Doug’s abilities excel in team-based scenarios. Coordinate and communicate with your teammates to make the most of his healing capabilities. Inform your allies when you’re about to use Snack Attack, so they can position themselves strategically to receive the healing benefits. Work together to capitalize on his area-of-effect damage, combining it with your teammates’ abilities or supers for devastating team plays.
  3. Timing and Resource Management: Doug’s Super ability, the hot dog, provides valuable benefits upon respawning. Timing its use is crucial to maximize its impact. Consider factors such as the current situation, the positioning of enemies and allies, and the availability of objectives or resources. Additionally, be mindful of resource management. If you or your allies are low on health or ammunition, it may be beneficial to save the hot dog for a more critical moment.

Final Thoughts

Doug is a versatile and supportive Brawler in Brawl Stars. With his area-of-effect damage and healing abilities, he can impact both offense and defense. His ability to penetrate walls and heal allies makes him a valuable asset in team-based modes.

Coordinating with teammates, strategic positioning, and well-timed ability usage is key to maximizing his potential. Doug’s unique mechanics offer an engaging playstyle that rewards teamwork and tactical decision-making on the battlefield. Although players should be aware of future balance changes as Doug’s Super which is like 8-Bit’s previous Star power might get nerfed.

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