Brawl Stars Gear Guide: Overview, How to craft, Tier list, and more

All you need to know about the new Gear system in Brawl Stars!

The latest Brawl Stars update has introduced features that are set to change the game! Last year, brawlers have got gadgets in addition to star powers and now we have gears. Gears will add more depth and complexity to the game while providing customization options. In this Brawl Stars guide, we would list all the gears, rank them and provide the best-suited brawlers for each gear.

Gears: Overview

Gears are a mechanic, just like gadgets that can be used in all game modes. Though generic and not brawler-specific, it means that all brawlers have access to the same set of gears. Gears, provide passive abilities which changes brawler interactions and subsequently can change the course of the match. Each brawler can equip two gears at a time and the two slots are unlocked at Level 10, Level 11. 

How to craft Gears in Brawl Stars

To craft gears, players need two new in-game currencies. These are known as Gear token and Gear scrap. Both of them are dropped from Brawl boxes. They can also be bought from the Club League shop. Gear tokens have a drop rate of 10% while Gear scrap drop rate is the same as Coins and powerpoints. These scraps and tokens can also be purchased from Club League Shop. Gear tokens are like a blueprint and are required to craft a single instance of gear while gear scrap is analogous to coins. 

Brawl Stars Gear Guide
Gear Crafting Requirements

It is to be noted that Gear scrap and Gear tokens will drop from boxes only when one or more brawlers are level 10 and above. Therefore, it is recommended to level up at least one brawler to start getting the valued tokens and scrap. The first brawler, which will be upgraded to level 10, will get one gadget of the player’s choice for free.

Gears: Types and Levels 

Currently, 5 gears are being added to the game and each gear has 3 levels. 

Brawl Stars Gear Guide
Gear: Types and Levels
  • Speed: This gear increases movement speed in bushes by 15%/ 20%/ 25%.
  • Shield : This gear gives 300/ 450/ 600 extra health as a consumable shield. Shield regens 10% of its HP per second when the brawler is at full health.
  • Damage: Additional 10%/ 15%/ 20% damage is added to brawler’s stats when HP is below 50%. Damage gear does not affect star power and gadget numbers. For example, the damage which Piper does from auto aimer remains the same at 100 damage.
  • Resistance : This gear reduces stun duration and slow effectiveness by 25%/ 30%/ 35%.
  • Heal : With the help of this gear, the brawler regens 100/150/200 HP per second when stationary.

To increase the level of gears, players need to craft duplicates of the gear they want to increase the level of.

Gear Scrap required at each level 

Level Gear Scrap Required 

It is to be noted that Gears can’t be transferred between Brawlers. Therefore, once a Gear is crafted, it is bound to the Brawler which has been picked. Although it is possible to pick two among gears from all available options before starting a match just like Star Powers and Gadgets.

Brawl Stars Gears Tier List 

In this Brawl Stars Gear guide, we will look at the 5 gears, starting from the worst and ending at best.

5. Resistance 

Coming in at the last place is Resistance. Fundamentally a great gear, it suffers from finding usability only in specific situations. On top of that, it is suited for brawlers that are short-ranged. This is because, the long-range brawlers can counter slow with ease in comparison. The reduction is slow and stuns at level three caps at 35%, which is another reason for the gear being the lowest-ranked in the tier list.

4. Heal 

Heal is another niche and situational gear in most of the game modes. Brawlers are constantly moving, to avoid getting hit by enemy projectiles. It also takes about 1-1.5 seconds to get triggered. This further reduces its viability. Though, it comes in handy when no enemy is in sight. Also, there are cases where the player is behind cover to quickly heal up are also situations where the gear is very useful. Therefore, getting back into battle and also in a heist when doing damage on the enemy becomes safe.

3. Speed 

The speed buff from the gadget is a huge boost. Unfortunately, not all maps have grass. Even on maps with grass could have brawlers whose super can destroy grass clear some of the fields. Thus, the gear loses functionality. Although being a solid gear, this is one of the reasons why it is placed third.

2. Damage 

Getting an amount of additional damage when below 50 % HP is something that all brawlers can utilize. Thus, Damage gear is not map-dependent, making this gear versatile. The gear especially suits brawlers that take fights up-close and personal like tanks and assassins. 

1. Shield

The best gear, overall, is Shield. This is since it is always active. Although not being map and mode-dependent, it comes in really handy for brawlers that have low to medium health like Spike, Colt. The gear loses value when used on high-health brawlers.

Brawl Stars Gear Guide: Suitable Brawlers for each Gear

Picking up gears is dependent on the mode and map but for some gears are better suited for specific brawlers. Below we will list the brawlers that synergize the most with each gear.

  • Speed : Speed gear is useful for almost all brawlers when the map has lot of bushes. The recommended brawlers is a list of brawlers who will benefit the most from the speed gear and the initially the speed gear should be crafted for them, on getting more resource as time progresses players can start crafting speed gear for more brawlers.
    • Recommended Brawlers: Bo, Nita, Shelly, Bull, Rosa, Frank, Buzz, Ash, El Primo, 8 Bit, Jacky, Tara, Edgar.
  • Resistance : The brawlers who are most affected by slow and stuns are tanks, specifically Frank, Bibi and Jacky. It is advised to use this gear when players know that enemy teams will potentially be picking brawlers with slow and stun abilities based on the map and/or picks made in power league and power match.
    • Recommended Brawlers: Frank, Bibi, Jacky, Darryl, Bull.
  • Heal : The gear is very niche and game mode specific but is highly utilized by tanks and heavy hitters especially brawl ball and heist.
    • Recommended Brawlers: Bull, El Primo, Bibi, Rosa, Darryl, Frank, Bibi, Jacky, Darryl.
  • Damage : Since the damage gear gets activated when brawler health falls below 50% therefore brawlers having high health or healing abilities can take advantage of the gear. 
    • Recommended Brawlers: Bull, El Primo, Surge, Stu, Mortis, Amber, Pam, Colt, Bea, Bo, Nita, Rosa, Frank, Buzz, Ash,8 Bit, Jacky, Tara, Edgar, Byron, Rico.
  • Shield: The most versatile gear is usable on all brawlers except the high hp brawlers that is brawlers above 6000 HP and is especially valuable for brawlers under 5000 HP though there are some exceptions such as Darryl since he is an assassin he finds use of this gear in some matchups. Players can also equip this gear when they are picking the brawler to play aggro role.
    • Recommended Brawlers: Spike, Crow, Lola, Meg, Leon, Colette, Mortis, Max, Edgar, Piper, Brock, Jessie, Colt, Sprout, Tick, Darryl.

Currently, only 5 gears are in-game. This already adds a lot of customizability to the game. Supercell plans to add more gears in the year 2022. Thus, players can expect balance changes to reduce the disparity levels between the gears. 

What do you think about our new guide on the Gear system in Brawl Stars? How excited are you about the new update? Let us know in the comment section below!

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