Breakout Guide: Tips to unlock characters easily in the game

Easily unlock the best characters!

Breakout is an interesting arcade and endless runner-based game that has recently launched in the mobile gaming scenario. The game has many interesting characters and also the gaming experience helps out players to kill time with ease. The gameplay mechanics are very easy to implement as well. The game comes up with over 24 characters and thus players often get confused about which will be the best one for them to play with. Thus, here are the best 10 characters players must choose and also how they can unlock them in Breakout. 

How to unlock characters easily in Breakout 

Breakout has come up with two ways through which players can easily unlock characters and use them directly in their escapes.

1. Use the in-game Currencies 

Breakout has two main in-game currencies, coins, and dollars. Players can go to the Wardrobe section and they can thus easily buy the desired character. Every character has a different demand for coins and dollars, thus players must check out, save the currency and then buy the character. 

2. Complete the Quests 

Breakout unlock rewards
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Quests are the section where players get some assigned tasks and thus they need to complete them to earn some rewards. This also helps them to level up quickly as well. In this section, players can even win some characters just by completing the given tasks and thus they can easily unlock characters.

List of best characters in Breakout

Breakout has around 24 characters in the game, and thus as you now know how to unlock them, here are the best 10 characters players must desire to unlock as soon as possible to upgrade their gameplay experience and make it much more interesting. 

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  1. Mr. Drip
  2. Christian
  3. Liam
  4. Alberto
  5. Derek
  6. Chief Sam
  7. Gigachad
  8. Ginger
  9. Little Peter
  10. Astronaut

Final Thoughts

Breakout is an interesting game that surely helps out players in their leisure time to relax. The game has many characters and thus you now know the best ones out of all of them. Hence, follow up on the way to unlock them and easily grab the chance to unlock those characters and enhance your gameplay experience.

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