Bro Royale: Mayhem Shooter Beginners Guide and Tips 

Jump into the Tragic World with your Bro!

Bro Royale: Mayhem Shooter is an action multiplayer game developed by Donut Lab where your main target is to collect the maximum number of Coins. Bro Royale brings you an outstanding gameplay experience that lights up an engaging fighting spirit. You’ll need to compete with three others and collect the maximum number of Coins to claim a victory. Hence, here I present the gameplay mechanics and in-game vitals through my Bro Royale Beginners Guide and Tips piece. 

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Gameplay Overview

Bro Royale: Mayhem Shooter is an action-packed multiplayer sport that follows a thrilling opposition between players to acquire the maximum wide variety of Coins in every game. The game follows a couple of modes in which you’ll need to win EXPs and Trophies to get promoted.

The matchmaking is conducted between four players who combat for their wins. You can set traps in keeping with the Bro’s uniqueness in their abilities. These traps help kill the warring parties after which they accumulate all their Coins to make a lead in the match. 

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Developed by Donut Lab, Bro Royale has the exact Gameplay Mechanics and UI of Donut Punks: Online Epic Brawl. Every mode has distinctive rules for the format of a match, so you need to check them properly as I’ll be discussing them underneath. Also, You’ll earn fantastic sources along with Coins, Gems, and Battle Points to help you upgrade your Bros and Rank them respectively. The gameplay mechanics are complete and you get a Joystick on the left facet of the screen for locomotion. At the right aspect, there’s the Shoot and Trap button. 

These buttons help in shooting toward the enemies and setting traps for the combatants respectively. The characters collect Coins on their own. In a few modes, players get a Barrel to keep their Coins that helps keep the Coins secure. Even if you die, the donuts remain intact within the Barrels, and your opponents can’t collect them from you.

Bro Royale: Mayhem Shooter Basics 

Game Modes

Bro Royale: Mayhem Shooter gives numerous specific modes. Don’t Forget that to open all of the modes, you need to accumulate an exact quantity of Trophies. Trophies can only be earned through triumphing over all the modes. Here is the list of modes you’ll get to see in the game:

1. Coin Hunter

Coin Hunter is a single-mode game. You’ll need to accumulate the maximum coins by the end of the round to win. To hold your Coins safe, you have to store them within the Barrels and maintain them securely till last. Additionally, make sure to set traps on your opponents and forbid them from going ahead of you. You’ll earn the whole quantity of Coins gathered as praise. In case you win, you’ll get 20 Battle Points, else a defeat will help you have the most effective 10

2. CO-OP

Image via Donut Lab

CO-OP is a 2v2 crew format mode, the crew who feels all of the barrels with coins wins the round. You’ll need to defend your partner and set traps for combatants to get the lead. Much like Coin Hunter, here additionally you’ll get the entire quantity of Coins they have collected as praise. If you win, you will be awarded 20 Battle Points, else 10 will be given.

3. Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag is another single-mode game. You’ve to grab the Flag from the boxes or seize it from the opponent. The one only accumulating 150 points, wins the match. Players will earn the exact range of coins earned as points. If won, 20 Battle Points come to the side of them else you’ll receive only 5

4. Llamaland

Llamaland is a 2v2 mode where the team bringing 2x Llamas to their base, wins the game. You’ll have to go to the Llamas and pay them coins. The group having extra coins will be accompanied by the Llamas. If you get a clean Victory, you’ll be rewarded with 250 Coins and 20 Battle Points. If it’s a normal Victory, 125 Coins, and 20 Battle Points are for you. And if it’s the exchange fate, that’s defeat/draw then you’ll be presented with 50 Coins and 10 Battle Points

5. Hardcore

Hardcore is a single-mode game that follows the precise policies of Coin Hunter. Right here, players need to collect coins, and only one with a maximum amount of coins wins. Use your perks to take the lead from your opponents. In case you win, you will be awarded 40 Battle Points, or else you’ll get 10 Battle Points. Just like in other modes, You’ll acquire the exact amount of Coins you have amassed as a reward.


Image via Donut Lab

In the Bros section, you may test all the Bros found in the game. Players can easily unlock them by using accumulating Bro Cards from BagPacks. Right here, you can view all the primary stats about the Bros present in Bro Royale: Mayhem Shooter. To upgrade them, you want a sure amount of Coins for every stage with Bro cards.


The Championship section helps you to see your rank in the game. The ratings stand as:

  • Super Final
  • Super Semifinal
  • Super Quarterfinal
  • Diamond League
  • Pearl League
  • Ruby League
  • Gold League
  • Silver League
  • Bronze League
  • Copper League
  • Wood League

Gathering extra trophies helps in getting promoted to the next Rank. The same system also helps in unlocking all of the exceptional game modes. Promoting to the subsequent Rank will assist you in earning excellent rewards inclusive of Bros playing cards, Coins, Gems, and BackPacks.

Battle Pass

Battle Pass is the in-game Pass of Bro Royale: Mayhem Shooter. You need to accumulate Battle Points to stage up your Battle Pass. Like other video games, you’ll witness a Free Pass and a Premium Pass. Premium Pass requires real-life money which I wouldn’t advocate spending. Assets which include Backpacks, Coins, BagPacks, Gems, and Battle Point Boosters will be obtained as a substitute at every skip stage.

Bro Royale: Mayhem Shooter Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are the best tips to witness in my Bro Royale Beginners Guide:

1. Grab up powerful Bros

As a novice, you should search for ways to release effective Bros. Bros may be unlocked by accumulating trophies, promoting to the following League, and opening BackPacks. Powerful Bros have great Perks, the usage of them at the proper time in the course of matches will help you claim more victories. So be sure to unlock Bros and collect more Coins. 

2. Set Traps on your combatants

Image via Donut Lab

Each Bro has unique Perks that help you set exciting traps for your opponents. To win matches, you ought to play mischievous moves to grab more Coins. You must kill your fighters by placing traps and accumulating all their coins from their grave. This could assist you to take a lead in the game, in case you are walking at the back. 

3. Collecting Battle points is more important than Coins

Battle Point is the most crucial resource you’ll see. This resource will assist you rank better within the Championship phase and stage up your Bro pass. By doing so, you can effortlessly free up more valuable assets in the game and progress quicker than usual. 

4. Rank up to get actual opposition

At the start of Bro Royale, it’s a baby play for anybody to win the matches. The actual struggle begins while you rank better. As you rank up, the problem and pleasantness of the reward grow appreciably. So, I’d endorse you to play more strategically and accumulate trophies to rank higher and faster. 

5. Be alert on the battlefield

Such as you, your opponents can also be looking to set traps for you. You ought to test for the red radius around you and try to break out of that location to avoid traps. Getting into traps will lead you to death and sooner or later your opponents will accumulate all your coins. Therefore, watch your back, break out from traps, and attempt to win matches.

Final Thoughts

Bro Royale: Mayhem Shooter is an interesting game to pass your time whenever boredom hits. The game is exactly like Donut Punks, just some of the features differ. It has a few, yet interesting features that’ll surely bring enthusiasm. So, follow up my detailed guide and you can always get back to this Bro Royale: Mayhem Shooter in any matters of doubt.

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