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Legend of Mushroom Beginners Guide and Tips

Evolve your little friend to a Powerful Maniac!

Legend of Mushroom is an interesting role-playing game based on the journey of a small mushroom, who wishes to become a powerful human from Joy Nice Games. Players can see some great features and witness a joyful adventure with the small mushroom. The main motive is to turn the small mushroom into a main character amidst all the challenges on the way.

So, here I’ve presented a detailed piece, Legend of Mushroom Beginners Guide, and make sure you can help the little friend spark up with powers and reach great heights. Also, don’t forget to check out the redeem codes piece and grab some amazing awards. 

Gameplay Overview

Legend of Mushroom is a sensational role-playing game that mainly focuses on advancing the little mushroom throughout the journey. The game follows a single-story mode where the small mushroom fights several evil units to enhance its powers and transform itself into a human. Legend of Mushroom provides easy mechanics for the players. The game follows an automated mode of gameplay, the character and the entire actions take place in an automated way.

Image via Joy Nice Games

Players just have to Light the Magic Lamp. The Magic Lamp brings up powerful gears for our little mushroom whenever it’s lighted up. This helps the players to enhance and boost the power of the small mushroom. After a certain level, the magic lamp provides better and more powerful gears. In this situation, you can equip the upgraded gears and sell the previous ones. This provides you with valuable assets such as Gold, EXP, and Gem.

You’ll be able to use these assets in upgrading the Magic Lamp and the Mushroom. Upgrading the Magic Lamp will help you to summon more powerful gears proportionate to the mushroom’s power as per the power level of the evil entities. Players need to evolve the mushroom and transform it into a powerful being. 

Legend of Mushroom Basics

Character Profile

The Character Profile provides a detailed interface about the mushroom. Players will have all the information regarding the character stats and their skills. Players get to evolve their mushroom after acquiring a certain level. The evolving sequence goes on as follows:

Image via Joy Nice Games
  • Shroomie
  • Adventurer

After this players get a choice between three classes: Warrior, Archer, and Mage.

Under Warrior; here is the following sequence of evolution:

  • Swordsman
    • Claymore Wielder
    • Swordmaster
    • Martial Sage
  • Axe Warrior
    • Berserker
    • Warmonger
    • Warbringer

For the Archer Class; here is the following sequence of evolution:

  • Shadow Sniper
    • Sharpshooter
    • Shadow Hunter
    • Sacred Hunter
  • Wind Crossbower
    • Dual Crossbower
    • Arrowgod
    • Plume Monarch
Image via Joy Nice Games

At last, for the Mage Class; here is the following sequence of evolution:

  • Healer
    • Chronomancer
    • Holy Guide
    • Prophet 
  • Spell Caster
    • Storm Priest
    • Bishop
    • Darklkord 

This section also has an additional page for Skills. Skills are Powerful Attacks that can be used once, after a cooldown the mushrooms can use the Rage Skills again. Players can easily summon these Skill cards with the help of Skill Tokens. After getting a definite number of Skill Cards, you can Enhance and level up a particular Skill. 


Pals are small little sidekicks that help your little mushroom throughout the journey. Being present on the sidelines, these small creatures with extraordinary powers deal with the enemies. This provides support to your mushroom and so, you can clear the stages easily. 

Players can summon more Pals with the help of Pal Tokens. If they are short of tokens, players can also use Gems and summon powerful Pals. just like Skills, after unlocking a definite number of Pal Cards players can enhance them in no time. 


The Dungeon section has so many interesting game modes in itself. Players can enjoy some additional games apart from the main storyline. Game modes such as:

Image via Joy Nice Games
  • Cross the Abyssal Portal
  • Assault Lamp Theif
  • Molten Ruins
  • Ruined Ancient City

Players get to access these game modes with Arena Keys. These game modes have interesting tasks, completing them will help you acquire valuable resources and progress faster in the journey.


Manor is a section where you can find some amazing features that will help you collect resources easily. Sections such as:

  • Mine
  • Tech Park
  • Prayer Status
  • Shroomie Farm

These sections will help you go through some tasks and activities. This will help you gather resources like Gold, Gems, Tokens, and Skills. You can witness 2 more sections; Parking Wars and Dormitory. But the game hasn’t introduced them yet. So wait for upcoming updates that unlock these sections.

Legend of Mushrooms Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Lighting Lamps can enhance your mushroom

Lighting the Magical Lamps lets you collect powerful gears for your little shroom. Also, continuously level up the Magical Lamps using Golds. This will help you gather more powerful lamps as the level of Magic Lamps goes up. So, light them more and try to level up your gears and enhance the little friend. 

2. Summon more Pals

Pals are sidekicks that help your friend throughout the journey. These are powerful little creatures that have extraordinary skills and powers. Using them provides a wider range of support to your mushroom and progress ahead.

3. Explore the Game modes

Exploring all the other game modes helps you gather valuable resources. These will let you collect Gold, Gems, and Tokens which you can use to level up faster. Also, going through all these game modes will let you complete important missions and continue the journey with more power.

4. Enhance your friend’s Skills

Skills are one of the major factors that enhance the overall power. To enhance it further, you need to summon more Skills with the help of Skill Tokens. While summoning, you get to gather more powerful skills and you can equip them to improve your power.

5. Don’t Forget the Battle Pass

Like other games, this adventurous journey consists of a Shroomie Battle Pass. You will get to witness some great rewards by completing all the Battle Pass quests and further leveling it up. Players can get resources like Gold, Gems, Arena Keys, and Tokens. These are considered the most valuable assets in Legend of Mushroom. So, explore the Battle Pass to progress faster in your journey. 

Final Thoughts

Legend of Mushroom is a power-packed 2D role-playing game. The game lets you go through an intense journey with your little mushroom friend. The motive of the players is to evolve the little shroom into a powerful human. Additionally, apart from the story mode, you can explore non-arc elements and enhance your shrooms.

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