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Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt Beginners Guide and Tips

Your Guide to be a Inariel Legend!

Explore the captivating world of Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt, an exciting RPG crafted by HK Hero Entertainment Co. Dive into a land filled with mythical wonders and thrilling battles against Chaos Dragons. Our Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt Beginners Guide provides easy tips for all players, guiding you along the right path for your adventure in Inariel. Let’s unravel the secrets of this legendary realm together.

Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt takes you on an epic journey through the Inariel continent. Lead heroes from diverse factions, explore their tales, and build a mighty team to battle the threatening Chaos Dragons. Engage in live battles, enhance heroes, and navigate through different terrains, discovering the deep lore and secrets of this magical world.

Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt Beginners Guide: Gameplay Basics

Combat System

Combat in Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt is intuitive yet diverse. Heroes execute basic attacks automatically, while players retain control over movements and activation of Ultimate Skills. Directing hero movements involves swiping to maneuver or evade enemy attacks. In contrast, Ultimate Skills are activated by selecting a hero’s portrait and targeting enemies or allies based on the skill type.

Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt Combat System
Image via HK Hero Entertainment Co.

Additionally, the game provides options like Fast Forward to hasten battles and Auto mode to enable AI-controlled execution of Ultimate Skills. Customizing game settings, such as the automatic pause when moving heroes, aids in strategizing effectively during combat scenarios.

Hero Recruitment

In Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt, recruiting heroes involves two main banners—the Hero Recruit Banner and the Limited Recruitment Banner. The Hero Recruit Banner offers heroes up to SR rarity in exchange for Diamonds or Hero Recruitment Scrolls. Multi-pulls yield a discount, making them more cost-effective.

Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt Hero Recruit
Image via HK Hero Entertainment Co.

Conversely, the Limited Recruitment Banner allows recruitment up to SSR rarity using Limited-Time Hero Recruitment Tickets. It’s available for a specific duration and excludes the use of Diamonds. Planning multi-pulls and wisely utilizing Limited-Time Hero Recruitment Tickets is crucial for efficient hero acquisition.

Hero Classes

The game features five distinct hero classes: Tank, Vanguard, Rogue, Mage, and Support, each excelling in specific roles and possessing unique attributes. Constructing a formidable team involves strategic formation placement. Positioning tanks and warriors at the frontlines for defense, while rogues, mages, and support heroes are positioned at the backline for offense and support.

Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt Hero Classes
Image via HK Hero Entertainment Co.

However, exceptions arise depending on individual hero skills and attributes, demanding a careful consideration of team composition.

Hero Enhancement

Bolstering heroes in Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt is crucial for winning battles. Strengthen heroes by leveling up with Gold and Hero EXP, while Ascension Dust unlocks vital skills for higher levels and diverse abilities in fights. Also, Hero Shards and Hero Evolution Spirits boost a hero’s Grade, revealing powerful Traits that aid them in combat.

Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt Hero Enhancement
Image via HK Hero Entertainment Co.

Battle Certificates fine-tune heroes’ stats and unlock special buffs for specific roles, while upgrading gear with Equipment Stones significantly boosts heroes’ stats, making them more resilient and efficient on the battlefield. Mastering these methods is essential for crafting strong heroes ready to take on the challenges of Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt’s diverse landscapes.

Joining Guild

Guilds in Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt are teams of players working together in the game, offering advantages like ranking battles that reward higher guild rankings with more benefits during play.

Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt Guild
Image via HK Hero Entertainment Co.

After you reach stage 5-4 in the campaign, you can join a Guild. It gives you perks such as access to the Guild Shop selling important beginner items. Consider joining a higher-level Guild for better features and items. If not, an active mid-level Guild with involved members can also offer a good experience.

When picking a guild, look for an active one with skilled players. Choosing guilds with high-performing members can lead to more rewards and benefits during the game.

Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Complete Daily and Weekly Quests

Always complete your Daily and Weekly Quests for consistent resource collection in this game. Additionally, participating in time-limited Events, although more challenging, offers higher item rewards compared to the regular quests.

Engaging in these Events early on greatly boosts progress, granting rare items like Recruitment Scrolls and high-rank characters as rewards. These Events often accompany new hero introductions, providing free Diamonds and Limited-Time Hero Recruitment Tickets that become scarce as you advance in the game.

2. Skip the cutscenes

Skip the cutscenes in Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt if you’re aiming for a quicker gameplay experience. While the game offers cutscenes after completing scenarios, they might not be necessary for your progress. If you’re keen on the storyline, watching them is fine; otherwise, skipping allows you to focus more on gameplay and progress swiftly, enhancing your success rate.

3. Choose who to Evolve

When evolving heroes in Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt, choose carefully, especially with SR-Rank or SSR-Rank Heroes, as you can’t reclaim Hero Evolution Spirits or Hero Shards once used. Since Hero Evolution Spirits are scarce early on, prioritize evolving heroes strategically for smoother and quicker progression.

4. Use the Popularity Leaderboard

Use the Popularity Leaderboard feature in Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt to gain insight into hero popularity across various game modes. This feature helps identify commonly used heroes in different modes like PVP and campaigns.

Remember, while it’s a helpful guideline, consider it as indicative rather than a definitive tier list for hero strength. Use this tool to make informed decisions on hero investment and team formation for each game mode.

5. Experiment Hero Combinations

Mix and match heroes to form effective teams in Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt. Combine heroes with different skills to create groups that work well together. This helps you handle different challenges better, whether it’s quick battles or longer ones. Experimenting with hero combinations lets you discover how their skills can complement each other, allowing you to find new ways to win against tough enemies.

Final Thoughts

Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt invites you to an enchanting world filled with mythical wonders and thrilling challenges. Our beginner’s guide aims to be your guiding light throughout this epic journey. This game is more than just winning battles; it’s about strategy, growth, and uncovering the hero within.

By embracing these tips, every obstacle becomes a chance to evolve and master the game. So, immerse yourself in the excitement of battles, apply these strategies, and savor each triumph. Remember, it’s not just about the victory—it’s about the adventure, the learning, and the joy found in Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt!

That’s all from us for the Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt Beginners Guide and Tips! Did you find our Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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