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Bullet Echo: Analysing the Common Heroes and how to use them

Bullet Echo is a very tactical, slow-paced shooter game, with a range of Heroes, each with special stats and abilities. These Heroes are separated into rarities, the lowest being Common and the highest being Mythic. All Common Heroes in Bullet Echo can easily be obtained for any starter player and since all heroes can be ranked up to the next rarity every 10 levels, which means you can easily bring any Common rarity hero of your choice to a high level, just by playing with it.

Choosing the one best for you can be a lengthy process; to help you, we have analyzed each of the 5 Common Heroes in detail. According to this, you will be able to choose which will fit your desired play style the most, without having to physically play multiple matches with each Hero. The ability stated will only be unlocked at the next rarity. You will need to play with the Hero to level it up to Level 10, then you will be able to rank up the Hero and unlock the special ability.

If you’re new to Bullet Echo, check some gameplay tips and explore Bastion and Stalker character guides. Additionally, don’t forget to grab available redeem codes for extra rewards as you embark on your adventure!

Common Heroes in Bullet Echo

1. Stalker

  • Power: 145
  • Health: 192
  • Damage: 52
  • Armour: 220
Bullet Echo Common Heroes Stalker


Armed with a powerful rifle, Stalker is the basic, all-rounded kind of Hero. He is equipped with decent stats and a reliable weapon. He can turn invisible which makes him a very dangerous foe. While Stalker is invisible, he will not be able to shoot or take damage either, his footsteps, however, will be visible as normal.

In-game Experience

Everything is very average for Stalker. He is a reliable Hero which will suit any play style at a decent level. If none of the other Heroes fit your preferences, this will be a dependable Hero that you can rely on.

2. Bastion

  • Power: 145
  • Health: 288
  • Damage: 23
  • Armour: 550
Bullet Echo Common Heroes Bastion


Bastion comes equipped with a rapid-fire shotgun and a very strong layer of health and armor. This is much more of a defensive kind of Hero, with a heavy focus on defensive stats. On the other hand, His attacking power is lacking severely with the damage sitting at a mere 23. However, Bastion’s strong armor and health make up for this. His ability to put a personal power shield in front of him makes him a very difficult enemy to eliminate.

In-game Experience

This is a very strong hero, you will feel safe when using Bastion since this is a very tough target to kill. He is very big in stature and moves at a very slow speed, his weapon is close to useless at the base level. However, the positives lie in Bastion’s strong health and armor. It will play best in a team of 3 as a frontal shield for the remaining 2 as it will absorb a lot of incoming damage. Upgrade Bastion to get a much stronger Hero, but just remember that attacking is not Bastion’s strong point.

3. Raven

  • Power: 135
  • Health: 100
  • Damage: 43
  • Armour: 100
Bullet Echo Common Heroes Raven


Raven‘s long-range SMG deals very high damage at long distances. As well as this Raven is small and fast, which allows him to get through narrow spaces and spot enemies at a distance. His ability allows him to spot any enemies within a specific radius, which allows for the opportunity to sneak up from behind. The main disadvantages of this Hero are the defensive stats, he is very weak and so time-to-kill is low.

In-game Experience

This is probably one of the most powerful Heroes, due to its powerful, rapid-fire SMG which can reach very long distances. It is also very small and fast, this combined with the ability makes sneaking up on enemies from behind an easy task. However, there is a low chance of survival if you get sneaked upon since Raven has very low health and damage. If you are someone who prefers moving tactically, Raven is the one for you, just make sure that you always watch your back.

4. Firefly

  • Power: 155
  • Health: 330
  • Damage: 126
  • Armour: 60
Bullet Echo Common Heroes Firefly


Firefly is the kind of Hero who sits at the edges of a gunfight, picking out enemies at a distance. He comes equipped with a high-precision, rapid-fire sniper rifle and grenades as a special ability.

In-game Experience

Firefly focuses primarily on attacking from a distance and staying away from the battlefield. He is best used in a team of 3; while your teammates dive into the attack, Firefly sits back and provides long-range support. Getting sneaked up on will be easy since Firefly is quite idle, this issue can be solved by sticking towards the edge of the circle. Also, The grenades come in handy against clustered enemies, which makes this Hero perfect for 3-player teams.

5. Blot

  • Power: 135
  • Health: 100
  • Damage: 285
  • Armour: 200
Bullet Echo Common Heroes Blot


Blot‘s powerful weapon and armor counterbalance his health pool. It can put up walls of energy which helps in defence. This Hero is a little more difficult to obtain and is quite similar to Firefly, in terms of staying away from the action.

In-game Experience

Blot’s heavy-damage sniper rifle is the standout feature, it causes serious damage to enemies. However, the slow fire rate makes Blot becomes an easy target, due to the long reload time. It is recommended that you sit far away from the action and shoot at a distance, if your shots are accurate, you will be guaranteed a kill. Finally, The walls of energy may prove to be a game-changer as they will be very effective in absorbing damage, which may buy you some time to complete your reload.

That’s it from today as we analyze all the Common Heroes in Bullet Echo. Did you find this guide helpful? Let us know in the comment section below.

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