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Bullet Echo Bastion Guide: Analysing the hero and Tips and Tricks to master him

Master the power of Bastion in-game!

Bastion is a common rarity hero in Bullet Echo which is unlocked very early on in-game. It is one of the most useful heroes to have in a 3-man squad. Armed with the most powerful armor and a rapid-fire shotgun, Bastion can put a personal power shield. Despite the slow speed and huge hitbox, an upgraded Bastion will drive fear into the hearts of your enemies. This detailed Bullet Echo Bastion guide should help you in getting the best out of Bastion.

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Bullet Echo Bastion Guide: Analysing the Hero

This hero is best suited for defensive-minded players, Bastion has very strong HP and Armour stats, as well as the Shield ability. This means that Bastion should play defense for your teammates. Due to the low attack damage and mobility, playing solo is undesirable. You will easily get spotted and taken out if you are on your own as Bastion.

Main Ability

Shield – This is one of the more overpowered abilities in Bullet Echo. A Bastion with a shield activated is almost impossible to beat. Bastion will move slower with the shield, however, almost all damage from the front will be absorbed.

Bullet Echo Bastion Shield
Image via ZeptoLab

Also, remember that the Shield causes grenades to bounce off. You can use this to push grenades towards your enemies, this will inflict little damage on you and more on your enemy.

Healing Ability

Battle Kit – This ability will not only restore your health and armor, but it will also increase your max health and armor capacity, making you much stronger.

Bullet Echo Bastion Healing Ability
Image via ZeptoLab

Applying this kit will result in a temporary disability to fire as well as temporary slow movement, but the benefits are worth it.

First Passive skill of Bastion

Armored – With this ability, you will be getting a set amount of armor every second. Not only that, the maximum capacity of health and armor is also boosted, as well as the weapon damage.

Bullet Echo Bastion Armored
Image via ZeptoLab

Upgrade this passive further and you will have the ability to gain armor every time you take damage. All these boosts make Bastion a true tank.

Second Passive skill of Bastion

Defender – Whenever you take damage, Bastion will provide support for allies by giving armor and reducing incoming damage for allies within a range.

Bullet Echo Bastion Defender
Image via ZeptoLab

This passive requires more upgrades than any other, but it will make your 3-man squad almost unstoppable.

Tips and Tricks to master Bastion in Bullet Echo

Up next in this Bullet Echo Bastion guide are the tips and tricks to master this hero in different circumstances in the game.

1. While Looting

  • If you can start making your armor with the Battle Kit, you should do that and leave the armor pick-ups for your teammates.
  • 300 bullets should be enough to last you the match. You should take more if you plan on playing aggressively, however, that is not recommended.
  • If you somehow spawn near enemies, you should use your starting weapon to attack enemies without armor. The starting shotgun, although very powerful, has a short range. You will need to get very close to doing some damage

2. Using the Abilities

  • Never be afraid to put up a shield. Just the sight of a Bastion with a shield scares players and causes them to retreat, you won’t even have to do anything.
  • Your shield can stop bullets and explosions, but not bodies. If an enemy manages to run through your shield, you should focus on putting as much damage as possible. Protecting yourself is useless in that situation.
  • If a grenade is thrown at you, put up your shield and try and push the grenade back to where it came from. The shield will absorb much of the explosion, dealing with all the damage to the enemy itself.
  • Only use the Battle Kit once you are 100% safe, the 5 seconds it takes to apply is enough time for an enemy to finish you off.
Bullet Echo Bastion Character
Image via ZeptoLab

3. Engaging in Gunfights

  • Bastion’s huge hitbox will make you an easy target, so stay back from gunfights and play defensive.
  • If a teammate is down, you should let another teammate do the revive if possible. Bastion can stand at the side as a guard
  • Never get involved in a chase, Bastion is way too slow and will not be able to keep up with other heroes, if an enemy attempts to run away, let them, you should focus on your own and your team’s safety first
  • Try to keep your team together, as the tank, your responsibility is to hold your teammates close together and provide defensive support to them.

4. Counters to Bastion

  • Small and fast heroes – They do a lot of damage and have a very small hit-box, they are pretty difficult to get a hold of. It’s best to stay away, put up your shield, and let your teammates deal with them
  • Thermal vision – Shields are pretty useless against Levi and Slayer unless upgraded enough, just run in one of those situations
  • Bastion – It’s fair to say that Bastion’s biggest opponent is Bastion, you will have to play smart to fight another Bastion. The best strategy is to use your shield to absorb enemy damage. Then when your opponent is reloading, unleash your attack

That’s all for the Bullet Echo Bastion guide!

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