Bullet Echo Guide: 6 Tips & Tricks to improve your gameplay

Bullet Echo is a new multiplayer shooter coming from the house of ZeptoLab, a popular source for mobile games such as C.A.T.S and Cut the Rope. It gives a breath of fresh air to mobile gamers within the battle royale genre, this is definitely a game worth trying. However, if you jump straight in, you may find it difficult to get to grips with the gameplay since it has some very different and unique game concepts. Getting to a high competitive rank quickly will prove a difficult task. But don’t worry as we are here to help you with some tips & tricks to get used to the mechanics and improve your gameplay in Bullet Echo. So let’s get started.

Tips & Tricks to improve gameplay in Bullet Echo

1. Choose your Hero wisely

In Bullet Echo, and in many other action games involving the similar concept, you will be given the option to choose from a series playable classes called Heroes, each with unique stats, weapons and abilities.

Since Heroes can be ranked up to increase rarity, all Heroes have potential to possess high stats. The Common rarity Heroes are very basic with generally low stats and no special abilities, but they are all easily obtainable for any beginner, while Mythic Heroes come with high-end stats and all abilities unlocked, but require very good luck.

Bullet Echo tips & tricks to improve gameplay

It is highly recommended that you pick the Hero according to your preferred playstyle, you can always level it up to increase stats. You should play a few matches with each hero you own and the Hero you feel most comfortable with is the one you should focus on levelling up the most.

2. Learn to prioritise pick-ups

There are 5 types of pick-ups in the game: Health-Abilities, Armour, Ammo, Ability Recharges and Weapon Mods.

At the start of the game, you are handed a basic silenced pistol, which is of very low quality even though it comes with infinite ammo. Finding an ammo pick-up is very important, the quicker you get your primary weapon in use, the safer you will be in any early attacking situations. Fortunately, ammo is the most abundant in the game and so finding some shouldn’t be a problem.

Having a second line of defence in the form of armour will save you in almost all situations. Armour is harder to find than ammo, but whenever you see some available, you should grab it immediately if possible as in some cases, simply having more health than the opposing enemy in the gunfight will give you a huge advantage.

Although Health-Abilities recharge with time, finding one of the ground will be very useful to you in the later game. Ability recharges can be obtained in the same way as Health-kits and these allow you to activate the unique ability of your agent. It is always good to have both of these pick-ups stacked up so you can use them whenever necessary.

Bullet Echo tips & tricks to improve gameplay

Weapon Mods are very useful in enhancing your character’s attack and defence but they are not necessary, you may find many players fighting in the centre of the map where a lot of these are available. It’s best to stay back in these situations and only pick-up Weapon Mods when it is safe to do so.

3. Know the abilities of your Heroes properly

Each Hero has 3 abilities:

  • A Unique ability available to only one specific Hero – Unlocks at Rare Rarity
  • A Healing ability – Unlocks at Epic Rarity
  • 2 Passive abilities – Unlocks at Legendary/Mythic Rarity

You should learn these abilities, especially the unique one and what they do as you will then be able to plan your game approach much easier.

Bullet Echo heroes

4. Control your movement carefully

Many competitive PVP games involve continuous running since that is usually the safest option. In Bullet Echo, you should try and limit your movement as much as possible. Moving fast will leave footsteps visible to nearby enemies, so try to be slow and sneaky. You should think carefully about every step you make, running without paying attention will alert everyone about your position and you will be closed down and eliminated in a matter of seconds.

Bullet Echo movement control

5. Avoid the centre of the map to survive longer

The centre of the map is where a huge group of pick-ups including tons of powerful Weapon Mods can be found. This attracts many players leading to the centre of the map becoming a huge warzone. The tactical choice and the smartest choice would be to stay towards the map edge and then come to clean up the centre after majority of gun fights have ended. However, if you desire a good shootout, you will most definitely find one in the middle of the map.

Bullet Echo tips & tricks to improve gameplay

6. Teamwork is the key

The game focuses heavily on teamwork, keeping your team together is very important. Always stick with team members and make sure that reviving downed members is top priority. This will not only increase your chances of winning, but it will also ensure that everyone has a good game experience.

Bullet Echo tips & tricks to improve gameplay

One more thing to note, playing with friends will mean that all the heroes in your friends team will be upgraded to the level of the most powerful ally. This means you will be able to choose heroes which will complement each other without having to worry about low stats.

That’s it from today’s tips & tricks guide on how to improve your gameplay in Bullet Echo. Did you find this guide helpful? Let us know in the comment section below.

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