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Bullet Echo Stalker Guide: Analysing the hero and Tips and Tricks to master him

Stalker is a common rarity hero in Bullet Echo that can be acquired at the start of the game. He is armed with a powerful rifle and the ability to go invisible. Due to the Hero’s well-balanced stats and helpful abilities, this is one of the best options for both beginner and higher levels. Upgrading Stalker will be time-consuming because of the low starting level, but it should be worth it. In this Bullet Echo Stalker guide, we will be giving you an in-depth analysis of this hero along with some tips and tricks to master your gameplay with this hero.

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Bullet Echo Stalker guide: Analysing the Hero

This hero is best suited for players that focus on a balanced style of play, not too offensive, not too defensive. If you are the kind of person who likes to stay at a medium range and help allies while also shooting at enemies at a distance, Stalker is your man.

Main Ability

Invisibility – This is one of the most useful abilities in the game. While invisible, you will be able to move around, loot, and heal yourself as well. Remember, your footsteps will still function as normal, even whilst invisible.

Bullet Echo Stalker Invisibility
Image via ZeptoLab

Healing Ability

Team Healing – This ability is a great one to use in both solo and squad, as it can help you regain health for yourself, as well as for surrounding teammates.

Bullet Echo Stalker Healing
Image via ZeptoLab

First Passive skill of Stalker

Partisan – This ability is one of the best passives available in the game. The focus on reducing movement sound is helpful, not to mention all the other benefits as well.

Bullet Echo Stalker Partisan
Image via ZeptoLab

Second Passive skill of Stalker

Ambush – On killing an enemy, Stalker provides benefits for surrounding allies. This includes increased health and a faster reload speed for a limited time. This would make Stalker a fantastic team player.

Bullet Echo Stalker Ambush
Image via ZeptoLab

Tips and Tricks to master Stalker in Bullet Echo

Up next in this Bullet Echo Stalker guide are the tips and tricks to master this hero in different circumstances in the game.

1. While Looting

  • You should try to avoid the middle of the map as much as possible, and take your time to loot on the edges of the map
  • For a normal game, you should store at least 150-200 bullets, this should be enough to last you the rest of the game.
  • Armour counts for more than your actual health, so armor is essential for Stalker, make sure to pick some up as soon as possible
  • Don’t engage early on, it will not be worth it. Even if you do win the gunfight, you may have sacrificed some health/armor/ammo, which will cause problems in the later game

2. Using the Abilities

  • If you have Invisibility upgraded to a significant amount, you will effectively be able to just spam the ability. In any situation where you feel there is a lot of risk. Just go invisible, move to a safe position, and re-think your approach.
  • While invisible, you can still activate your healing ability, which is very useful for both you and your teammates
  • Try to move slowly while invisible, your footsteps still function as normal, so don’t go too close to enemies
  • As soon as you complete a revive on an ally, and instantly activate team healing, there is a chance that another enemy will come along and that may catch you off-guard
  • If you tap the ability button while invisible, you will become visible again. You could use this for surprise attacks. Just make sure that you are not in the potential line of fire of an enemy.
Bullet Echo Stalker Character
Image via ZeptoLab

3. Engaging in Gunfights

  • As the name suggests, it is best to “Stalk” your enemies, follow them quietly, wait for a time when they are vulnerable, like if they are low on health, or they are reloading. Then strike them from where they least expect it.
  • Refrain from massive gunfights, just let them play out. Once they quieten down, you can then clean up the scene and take out any loose stragglers whilst they are recovering
  • Always keep your back covered, Stalker is most vulnerable to attacks coming from behind. In solo mode, stay toward the walls to ensure that you don’t get sneaked up on
  • If someone begins shooting at you, and you are low on health/armor/ammo, immediately go invisible. Runaway to a safe spot, heal up, and then plan your next step
  • Keep a medium distance from enemies and use your longer-range advantage to eliminate them
  • In a final 1v1, you could go invisible. This would allow you to move more freely in the closing circle and spot the final enemy.

4. Countering Stalker

Although you can master Stalker to the highest level, there are some other heroes who do possess the ability to counter him or are proven to be tough to be beaten by Stalker. Here they are.

  • Satoshi – His high-damage primary weapon is lethal against a lot of heroes. You can use Stalker’s larger range and eliminate Satoshi at a distance. Alternatively, you can use your invisibility to sneak around and then attack Satoshi’s rear side. Whatever you do, just don’t rush head-on towards a Satoshi
  • Raven and Cyclops – The scanning ability these 2 heroes have will remove your invisibility and reveal your location. Not much can be done against this, just make sure to avoid them while invisible.
  • Levi and Slayer – These 2 have the Thermal vision ability which will allow them to see you while you are invisible. If you know there is a Levi or a Slayer nearby, move carefully as they may still be able to see and shoot you
  • All Tanks (Bastion, Dragoon, etc.) – These are all tough to kill, you should never go head-on against one of these in any situation, the risk is simply too high, Instead, you should focus on either attacking at a distance or flanking the enemy.

That’s all for the Bullet Echo Stalker guide!

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