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Call of Duty Mobile: Heavy Shot Event Guide

The latest event in Call of Duty Mobile that has come up is the “Heavy shot” where players get a chance to claim the fresh weapon addition “KN-44” and also stand a chance to claim epic character “Prophet-Sight”. The Call of Duty Mobile: Heavy Shot event runs from 13.03.2020 – 23.03.2020

Call of Duty Mobile: Heavy Shot Event details

Call of Duty Mobile: Heavy Shot event is a completely Multiplayer-based event. Although being a multiplayer based event, this is really a tiresome one to go through.

Every player will have to complete the tasks mentioned in the event reward section and after crossing the specific points limit. Here’s a picture to make things more clear for you.

cod mobile heavy shot event
COD Mobile Heavy Shot event details

Our Suggestion

Now, before going into the details, you must note this down the following. First and foremost rule of every multiplayer game: Don’t rush! Try to Camp in spaces and eliminate enemies.

In the Call of Duty Mobile: Heavy Shot event you will have to complete 30 domination , Team deathmatches and frontline matches. Now, it is quite obvious that you won’t be going for Ranked matches, so in unranked matches, your first and foremost target will be complete the easiest challenges you face here i.e. complete any 15 matches with your friends. Go for this at first.

Suggestions for Specific Multiplayer matches

For specific mode of multiplayer matches, there are specific kind of maps that can land you on the winning side.

Tips for Team Deathmatch

Go for Cage map. Here you will find ample camping points from where you can easily kill the enemies without rushing here and there.

And when you play TDM on the Cage Map try using S36. It works great and gives a M4LMG effect but is a bit lighter, so is easy to carry and that adds a positive point of using it. Don’t try playing with Heavy guns such as M4LMG or RPD.

Tips for Frontline

Go for KillHouse map. In Frontline, try to go to the enemy origin point through the sideways. There you will get 1-2 camping spaces from where you can easily destroy the enemies. For a backup plan, you can also go for the Crossfire map.

When you play Frontline on Killhouse Map try using pdw57 orBY15. Pdw57 is the lightest of all. But it proves the best effective in maps such as KillHouse. BY15 is a one-shot one kill type weapon. It depends completely on the player whether he can control it or not. But it stays as an option.

For Cross fire map use Arctic.50 or S36. Crossfire has two great camping locations and each end of origin point from where you can easily snipe down enemies at the other point. And for other arrangements, you can use S36.

Tips for Domination

For Domination, just go for the Standoff map. There’s nothing comparable to Standoff map when it comes to winning in Domination. Try to hold atleast one point. Again, remember what was the motto of the Multiplayer game: “Don’t Rush”. Try to hold a point and find nearest camping spot. Go there, camp and go winning ways.

For Domination (Standoff map). Here you can use M4LMG, but only if you have the epic version (black and gold skin). You have to camp and hold a point and destroy enemies. M4LMG Epic version does have a greater effect on enemies and are killed faster.

Points collection strategy to claim Prophet-Sight

The total challenges provided in the Call of Duty Mobile: Heavy Shot event consists of 120 points total. But you need to get only 100 to taste success. So, you can plan accordingly as to which 20 points you don’t wanna score. If you want my opinion, I would say Don’t go for these two:

codm best event

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