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Activision presented the current Esports scene of Call of Duty Mobile

While the esports scene of the Garena version of Call of Duty Mobile is on the roll, there are no signs of esports for the global version. The global community of COD Mobile players have been looking for the response on the same from a long time and finally, Activision has an answer for this.

On their last community update, the developers have mentioned,

A frequent request we get in the community is “what about esports” and unfortunately this is the type of topic where we are discussing internally so there isn’t anything, we can share out publicly yet. However, if you are participating in community tournaments, or anything below the pro-level, we are working on ways to try to support you. We want to connect with you, talk about whatever you are trying to run, and do it in a way that not only provides support options for rewards or prizes but also lets us connect with you. We want to use community tournaments and this process as a way to grow the community regardless of where you are.

The statement from Activision clearly shows that they have started working towards setting up the esports scene for Call of Duty Mobile. However, for now, they want to support the already existing small scale tournaments. Further, they have mentioned,

“If you are playing Call of Duty: Mobile (the global version) in India, in Europe, in South America, North America, the Middle East, or anywhere else we support then we want to be able to support you. There is a lot to consider on our side for this, especially to be able to do this internationally, but we’ll share more about that as soon we can.”

Activision has already started promoting the community hosted tournaments. For example, in India, the community hosted tournament is about to start. Asian War House is taking care of it in collaboration with MyGameMate and RheoTV. The total prize pool stands at $300 (Approx INR 30,000). If you are interested in participating, you can jump into their discord server.

Will we see the global Call of Duty Mobile esports to take off soon?

As Activision has already mentioned that they are taking a lot of things into consideration to start the esports scene, so probably the fans can expect some big news in the upcoming months. However, how far they will be able to compete with the PUBG Mobile esports scene that will be interesting to see.

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