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Call of Duty Mobile White Screen Problem: Here’s how to fix it

It has been a few weeks since the release of Call of Duty Mobile Season 2. But with lots of new features, it bought some issues as well. Call of Duty Mobile white screen problem is the major issue that the players are facing since the start of season 2. So, here in this article, we will talk about the possible fixes about it.

How to fix the white screen problem in Call of Duty Mobile

As the issue is bothering the players a lot, Activision has released an official statement on this,

This is an Android only issue that occurred around the launch of Season 2 and some players are still encountering. We are working on eliminating the cause of the issue

Please follow the mentioned steps and this may solve the white screen issue in COD Mobile,

  • Clear the cache on your device. You can find this option inside the settings > Apps > Call of Duty Mobile

However, if you playing with a guest account, first make sure you connect the account with any of the available options like Google Play, Facebook or Line before doing the above step. Otherwise, you will lose your progress and there will be no way to recover that.

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If cache clear does not work for you, simply reinstall Call of Duty Mobile. And even after that if you face the white screen problem in Call of Duty Mobile, please contact the support channels. The support team will be happy to sort out your problems in that case. If the in-game support does not work, please click here to reach out through the official website.

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