Champions Legion Ranked Mode Guide: All You Need To Know

Ranked Mode is now Open!

We were all eagerly waiting for the arrival of Ranked Mode in Champions Legion. Many gamers tried to buy more than 10 heroes or some of them even tried the VPN technique to unlock the Rank Mode. Then developers announced that on 31 August they will open Ranked Mode globally. Now is the time, so let’s just jump into the Valhalla Field to rule the Leader board. In this Champions Legion Ranked Mode Guide, we will explain all the tiers and give all the tips and tricks to help you climb the ladder of tiers quickly in CL.

How to Participate

It is very easy to participate in Rank matches. If you have a minimum of five heroes then the rank mode is already on for you. Initially, the game provides you with four free of cost permanent heroes at the early phase of the game, or you can equip it by leveling up your account.

As per the Developers, you will only get matched to the enemies according to your own tier level.

Tier Divisions

The whole Ranking system is divided into nine major parts:

  1. Iron
  2. Bronze
  3. Silver
  4. Gold
  5. Platinum
  6. Diamond
  7. Master
  8. Conqueror
  9. Legend
Champions Legion Ranked Mode Guide

In order to rank up, you have to cross all the major tiers. At the first stage it is very easy to climb rank, but when your tier increased the method of passing tiers will also change a little bit. So now let’s focus on that- apart from Major tiers, each major tiers contains a no of minor tiers in it.

  • Iron and Bronze tiers have only 2 minor tiers. (e.g. you are in iron 2 after completing iron tier 2 you will be promoted in iron 1, then again completing 4 crystal dots means you will be promoted in bronze 2, then again same process and you are in bronze 1)
  • Silver and Gold consists of 3 minor tiers. ( After bronze 1-silver 3-silver 2-silver 1 and then silver 1-gold 3-gold 2-gold 1 )
  • Platinum and Diamond tiers have 4 minor tiers to climb. (e.g. diamond4 to diamond 3 then diamond 2 and diamond 1)
  • Master and Conqueror tiers contain 5 minor tiers. (like you have to cross master 5, master 4, master 3, master 2, master 1 then you are in Conqueror)
  • Once you reach Legend, there is no more minor tier system. You will get a crystal for winning a match and the number of total crystals will decide your place in the Board.
  • Iron 2 is the margin of the Rank Mode, so no one gets demoted after Iron 2.
Champions Legion Ranked Mode Guide

Team Formation Boundaries

The ranks of the members must be successive to each other.

Promotion and demotion Methods

Each Minor Tiers contains four crystal blocks. For every win, you will get 1 Crystal, after getting four crystals you will be promoted in the next tier(minor/major). When you lose a match, one crystal will be deducted from you, and that time if you are in the margin of a tier you will be demoted in the previous tier(minor/major).

But here is some tips to prevent your downfall: The developers introduced us to a new system called Honor Point Bar. Basically it means;

Honor Point Bar = player match rating + win streak + match performance + No AFK

If the honor point bar reaches a specific score it will activate and either it helps you to prevent losing your crystal after a defeated match or give you an extra star after a successful victory. The honor point bar will hike at each league, not at league tires. You have to fill your HPB completely in order to get an extra crystal, where crystal protection is easier to trigger

Final Thoughts

This game new type rank up method is pretty great actually. In the first few stages, you will pass easily and side by side habituated with promotion and demotion points. The more you pass minor tiers you will know better your Hero roles and what to pick, when to pick. You can climb rank faster if you are playing as a five friend lobby and on your mic for better in-game communication.

Did you find this Champions Legion Ranked Mode Guide useful? If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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