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Cherry Tale Hero Tier List for April 2023

Be sure to select the best!

Cherry Tale is an outstanding RPG game a player can witness in recent days. The storyline, features, characters, and graphics are quite impressive and can attract players towards itself easily. Based on characters, the game has so many characters that it’s quite easy for any player to get confused and thus will face a severe issue while building their best 5 women’s squad. Thus, here comes a detailed hero tier list for beginners that will surely help them to build the best team in Cherry Tale. 

Cherry Tale Hero Tier List for April 2023

The game has categorized the characters into 3 different categories, SSR, SR, and R.

Strong (S)Jafar,
Don Quixote,
Tinker Bell,
North Wind,
Peter Pan,
Aunt Tigress,
Ginger Britney,
Tin Soldier,
Captain Hook,
Mother Goat,
Snow White,
Good (A)Sivia,
Average (B)Sequoia Tree Fiend,
Cyclone Cleric,
Sorrow Urchin,
Emerald Knight,
Cypress Tree Fiend,
Halloweed Cleric,
Ragwort Tree Fiend,
Sapphire Knight,
Turbulent Cleric,
Torrential Demon,
Frosty Malservant,
Flamewood Tree Fiend,
Blazing Cleric,
Knight of Hearts,
Scorching Demon,
Gleaming Malservant,
Radiant Cleric,
Eclipse Demon,
Twilight Discipline,
Unholy Vex,
Terrifying Malservant,
Ebony Knight,
Twilight Fanatic,
Dark Cleric

Best Meta Heroes in Cherry Tale for April 2023

Wind – Jafar 

Wind class heroes are the heroes that bind up the power of the Wind and then couple them up to come up with the best attacking skills. Thus, from this class, Jafar is considered the best Wind class character players can witness over the game.

cHERRY tale tier list
Image via Neversoft

The character comes up with a wonderful BP of about 920. The character brings up so many special attacks but the best ones are Electrocute Interrupt and Silence Pursuit.

Earth Class Heroes – Aladdin

Earth class characters are the characters that accumulate the power of all the resources and living organisms present over the earth and then come up with the best possible attacks. Under this class, Aladdin is considered the best Earth-class hero players can ever find out in the game.

Cherry Tale Tier List
Image via Neversoft

The character possesses a huge amount of BP that scores up to 85. The character has a lot of best features and thus the two best of them are Max Health and Battle Heal.

Water Class Heroes – Alice

Water class heroes are the heroes who bring up the energy of water and then shoot the best attack over their opponents, the best-considered water class character is Alice. Alice is a nice character with the highest score of compatibility compared to other classes.

water alice
Image via Neversoft

The character also comes with a great BP of 805. The character also brings up some of the best skills such as Shield Damage Reduction and Stun Damage.

Fire Class Heroes – Anastasia

Fire class heroes are the best-considered class players can even check out in the game. The characters just boost up their attacks by becoming more compatible with fire and thus then slash the enemies with their best-found attacks.

Image via Neversoft

Anatasia is thus considered the best fire class character in the game and players can easily rely on her. The character comes up with one of the highest BP of about 1035. The best features found in this character are: Continuous Mana Down and Ignite Detonate 

Light Class Heroes – Belle 

Light-class characters are best-considered supporters in the game. They just manipulate the beam of light and throw out the perfect ray toward their opponent to thrash them out of the battlefield.

Cherry Tale Tier List
Image via Neversoft

Belle is thus considered the best Light-class hero players can ever find in the game. The character also comes along with a BP of around 1035 and has spoken of the best features such as Judgement Sanction and On-hit Speed Up

Dark Class Heroes – Naphissa

Cherry Tale Tier List
Image via Neversoft

The Dark class heroes are the ones that come along with the mystique powers and thus hallucinate their opponents in the middle of the battlefield. The best-known character in this class is Naphissa. It has a good BP of around 863 and has the best possible skills as well. The best features of this character are: Continuous Recovery and Dark Damage Up.

Final Thoughts 

Cherry Tale is an amazing RPG game with so many characters in the play. Thus, here is a detailed tier list of the characters along with the best characters from every class so that it becomes much easier for the players to select the best team for themselves. 

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