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Chimeraland Guide: Tips and Tricks to Level up quickly in the game

Take a look at how players could level up much faster while staying alive all throughout the game!

Chimeraland is a unique sandbox RPG that takes place in an open universe. It boasts great global exploration with four continents and over nine billion square feet of maps to gather, hunt, build homes, and even seek out some nice treasure. In this Chimeraland guide, we will tell you how to level up fast.

Levelling up and Progressing in Chimeraland

When it comes to exploring different games, getting through the challenges can get pretty tough. And with that lots of players might end up struggling in the early parts of the game. In some role-playing games like Chimeraland, leveling up can definitely provide an advantage. This would allow some players to get the stats and boosts they need. In some instances, leveling up can be the difference-maker when it comes to making those tough decisions that would make or break a player’s playthrough for the day.

Chimeraland how to level up fast
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Chimeraland can be quite astonishing and surprising especially at first. With new players getting right into the action, it would seem rather difficult for them to move forward in the game and might end up almost dying within the game. No player wants to walk into a battle without getting totally prepared for what might happen.

Keeping in mind that some enemies around the map have massive hit points, the player could still hold a definite advantage over those enemies. It would only be a matter of how they level up and use that to their advantage when going up against some enemies around the immediate area.

How to level up fast in Chimeraland

1. Doing more and more Quests

Just like a lot of role-playing games out there, doing quests, or as some may call it missions, could give players a lot of experience points. Gaining experience points is the key to leveling up quite fast and easily. Players could easily manage their quests in order for them to make sure they get the experience points that they would need to level up when they most need it. Taking into consideration that during the first parts of the game and during the tutorial of it all, the player would be able to receive some quest rewards in the form of experience points also.

Doing some quests
Image via Level Infinite

Not only will that massively bring up the levels of players early on, but it can also help them unlock a whole lot while only in the beginning. It would be important also to note just how many experience points a player would get just before they get into a huge battle. Doing so may change the tides of battle and get a much easier and needed win once they are able to level up.

2. Eliminating your Enemies

Very much like a good portion of role-playing games both online or offline, players would be able to get experience points based on the enemies they slay in battle. Different enemies would also give out different amounts of experience points. Take for example that a larger and stronger foe would easily give more experience points than a smaller and feeble one. Players can focus on slaying a few beasts around the map while they would be starting off in the game.

Make sure of course that they are able to have the right equipment for the job. Additionally, when it comes to slaying enemies all around, players should maintain a safe distance from these enemies once they land a safe attack. They are not called enemies for no reason. They will retaliate and some enemies may be a lot stronger than the player might think.

Chimeraland Dragon level up
Image via Level Infinite

This would then call for a bit of analysis wherein players would have to come up with a strategy and go for ways that they could easily slay beasts around them. Depending on what the player has and their current strategy, slaying a beast could be as easy as pie and could also dish out a lot of experience when players are in the mood for a little level of grinding.

3. Completing the in-game Challenges

This is one that may be a bit difficult for the newer players to understand. Although the game is all about survival, that does not mean that players would not be rewarded for their hard work and playthroughs each day. There are some challenges or quests that happen in the game. This would rank from special events, such as those that happen during a game’s release or anniversary or events that come from an update or so.

Sometimes, the game would not just hand out free rewards and that is what makes the game exciting as well. Taking note that the player is meant to play the game for quite a long time, the game and developers have come up with a way to compensate them.

In the form of in-game rewards and other freebies, players could also receive a lot of experience points once they complete these in-game challenges. Some may be more difficult than others but other than that, the rewards can be quite tempting and useful once players are able to attain them.

Final Thoughts

Now, these are a few tips on how to level up fast when players are relatively new to the game of Chimeraland. These are quite simple and can provide players with the boost that they would need and when they need it the most. If a player would be stuck on a certain task wherein their stats are a bit low, try grinding for some experience points. That could make all the difference a player would need. If that would not do so much, players can just go on a little hunting spree, collect a few items and the corresponding experience points along the way.

That’s all for today’s Chimeraland guide on how to level up quickly in the game. Did you find it helpful? Let us know in the comments!

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