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Chimeraland Guide: Tips to tame beasts and pets in the game

Tame your beasts and utilise them to your strengths!

Chimeraland is one of those games heavily based on mythology and can bring out the imagination in just about anyone. It is also similar to classic RPG games, but this one adds in lots of elements for the gameplay and the storyline. This Chimeraland guide will teach newer players or even some of those struggling players how to tame beasts or pets in order for them to get stronger and progress much farther in the game.

When it comes to playing role-playing games, allies can be hard to come across and players hope to get that extra edge that they need in order to keep moving forward. Much like in Chimeraland, players can seek the aid of other players for some extra manpower and strength. But what if no one of the player’s allies were online at the time? The next best thing would be surprisingly a pet or a beast that you could have within the game.

Introducing the Beasts and Pets in Chimeraland

Having a pet can be quite the task once players have set their minds to it and it could be a challenge to get to tame them and have them on a player’s side. Regardless of that fact, players still attempt to go for easier beasts to tame and make sure they get that much-needed aid in battle and exploring the world of Chimeraland. True to its name, the world of Chimeraland has a lot of different and surprising beasts, and with that.

Chimeraland Ancient Beasts
Chimeraland Beasts Guide (Image via Level Infinite)

Knowing the Basics

Much like a lot of role-playing games, capturing or taming a pet and/or beast can be difficult so the game can still provide a good sense of difficulty. Now on Chimeraland, the same can be said for when players would want to tame beasts in the wilderness.

Taking that in mind, one of the essential things any player would need to tame a beast is a weapon wherein they can weaken their beast of choice. Any weapon would be great as long as it can be used to lower the beast’s hit points in a favorable one. Not only would a player need a weapon for that purpose, but players would need to acquire and implore the use of a Mustard-Shot X-Bow.

chimeraland animals
Image via Level Infinite

Players can easily craft this weapon in the Fuse section part of the game and also craft the ammo that would be needed to use its full potential of it. This weapon would be the catalyst when it comes to taming beasts within Chimeraland as it is the only one that allows players to do so. Keep in mind that players should have some corresponding ammo with them before they start their hunt for the beasts they want to tame.

Taming the beasts with the Mustard-Shot X-Bow in Chimeraland

Coming up next is the following step in order for players to tame their beast of choice. Players should then head out into the wilderness and look for the beast that they wish to tame. Players can have a look around and take note from the exploration on which one would suit their needs and wants when it comes to their ideal pet.

What would be next is for players to reduce the beast’s hit points into a much lower amount. Players should take note not to totally reduce the beast’s hit points to zero as this will result in players slaying that beast. Much like a popular beast capturing game, players should just lower the hit points of the beast up to about fifteen to twenty percent or even until the player would see the Capture Now option come out when attempting to tame the beast. Players should also note that beasts will also turn hostile when attacked so players should be wary of their damage output and make sure they do not go overboard when reducing the beast’s hit points.

chimeraland gameplay characters
Image via Level Infinite

Once the option for capture would be shown over the beast, the player should then equip the trusty Mustard-Shot X-Bow and fire it onto the weakened beast. This would then show an animation of the beast being captured. After successfully doing so, the player will get the chance to pick up a temporary item of the beast they have captured. It would show up in the player’s inventory as the name of the beast plus the word Temp at the end.

This would mean that the player would have a one-time use of the beast as it is only temporary. To make sure that players would get a permanent pet, they would need an egg in order to do so. Some beasts would drop eggs as opposed to the temporary uses of one but this would be totally random and based on the values of each beast within the game.

That’s all for today’s Chimeraland guide on how to tame beasts/pets. Did you find it helpful? Let us know in the comments!

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