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Chrono Travelers Class Tier List for January 2024

Know the best class to choose!

Chrono Travelers features an open-world RPG by EYOUGAME (USS), which has been recently open for pre-registration on Android devices and is now available in-game. Dive into a near-futuristic world where the harmony of ancient celestial spirits and advanced technology forms a captivating realm full of wonder. The Chrono Travelers Class Tier List is here to help you identify the best classes for an optimal game experience.

Explore the gameplay, enhance your character, acquire various items and skills, and use different tactics to overcome challenges while expanding your knowledge. Additionally, uncover Chrono Travelers redeem codes, follow the reroll guide, and check out a beginner’s guide for a smoother journey in the game.

Chrono Travelers Tier List for January 2024: Best Classes Ranked

We’ve sorted the current classes available into two tiers for your convenience: Strong (S) and Good (A), helping you easily grasp the potential of each class. After dedicating significant time to the game, we’ve crafted a tier list considering various classes like Berserker, Cannoneer, and Lancer, assessing their overall strength and abilities.

Strong (S)Berserker
Good (A)Cannoneer,

This list is created to help newcomers like you pick potent classes for your battles as you embark on your journey.

Best Meta Classes in Chrono Travelers for January 2024

In our tier list, we aim to pinpoint the top classes in each tier, as shown in the table above. There’s a limited selection of heroes for you to choose from and deploy in battles, offering concise options. Each class possesses unique qualities, and the game provides a modest range of choices.

When considering the available classes, selecting becomes a matter of personal preference. The effectiveness of classes can vary depending on individual playstyles, making certain classes more valuable to different players.

S Tier Class – Berserker

The Berserker’s exceptional ability to handle area-of-effect damage and serve as a robust frontline makes it the preferred choice for players seeking a powerful and versatile class on the battlefield. This puts him in the S Tier because he is currently a better option against the Lancer and Cannoneer. Berserker is a fearless devil boy wielding a substantial sword and transforms into a formidable force on the battlefield.

Chrono travelers berserker class
Image via EYOUGAME

The Berserker excels in dealing with area-of-effect damage, turning each swing of the hefty sword into a powerful and devastating blow. As a melee heavy-hitter, the Berserker possesses unparalleled strength and resilience, allowing him to endure significant damage on the battlefield while unleashing fierce attacks.

A Tier Class – Cannoneer

Next on the roster is the Cannoneer, characterized as a cannon-wielding naughty lolita. This class stands out for its expertise in long-range blasting, delivering potent attacks from a distance. When in the hands of a Cannoneer, battles transform into a captivating display of mischief and firepower. This makes the Cannoneer a good long-range damage dealer but is less tanker compared to the Berserker, which puts her in the A Tier.

Chrono travelers cannoneer class
Image via EYOUGAME

The Cannoneer operates as a long-range damage dealer, employing the cannon she created for wide-scale blasts on the battlefield. Positioned at a distance, she offers firepower support to her teammates, enabling them to move and attack more freely. However, she relies on her teammates for protection against close-range attacks.

A Tier Class – Lancer

Another class is the Lancer, an exceptionally skilled youngster wielding a lance. The Lancer currently boasts the most balanced stats, making him an all-around performer, earning a place in the A Tier. With a blend of grace and precision, the Lancer brings a refreshing approach to battles, gracefully navigating through challenges with agility.

Chrono travelers lancer class
Image via EYOUGAME

As an elite melee striker, the Lancer showcases proficiency in using the spear for precise and powerful strikes. His agile mobility and substantial penetration force enable him to swiftly defeat enemies, break through enemy lines, and create additional attack opportunities for his teammates.

Final Thoughts

In wrapping up, the Chrono Travelers tier list is here to help you, especially if you’re just starting. It categorizes classes into different tiers. Take a look at powerful choices like the sturdy Berserker, the mischievous Cannoneer, and the well-rounded Lancer.

The Berserker acts as a tough tank, the Cannoneer is your go-to for long-range firepower, and the Lancer, a balanced all-around performer, brings agility and precision to the table. Whether you prefer smashing enemies up close or supporting from a distance, these classes cater to different playstyles.

What are your thoughts on the Chrono Travelers Class Tier List? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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