Civilization: Reign of Power: The Complete Resource Guide and Tips

Manage your resources efficiently to exploit them to the fullest!

Civilization: Reign of Power is an outstanding RPG strategy-based city-building game that has launched with one of the best in-game features with real-time historical famous personalities. The game offers up several sets of resources and in-game currencies for the players. These resources and in-game currencies are way more valuable for the players and help them in upgrading their city, commanders, troops, and other aspects on a large scale. In this Civilization: Reign of Power Resource Guide we will discuss everything there is to know about the resources and how to get them. 

Introducing in-game Resources of Civilization: Reign of Power

Civilization: Reign of Power comes up with several resources and in-game currencies which are mainly important for the players throughout their Journey. Let us know more about these resources and in-game currencies:

  • Clay: Clay is an important material that is helpful for the players while construction.
  • Wood: Players need to cut out trees, mainly useful for construction purposes. 
  • Brick: Players can get the resource from the Materials Factory. This resource is used up for construction purposes. 
  • Cement: This is required in the construction of certain Buildings, and is received from the Materials Factory. 
  • Bronze: This resource is mainly required for training certain types of troops. Players can mainly obtain from Iron Ore which is available in-game.
  • Iron: Iron is mainly required in training certain soldiers and yet again extracted from Iron Ore. 
  • Copper: Coppers are used for research purposes and are found in Copper Ore.
Civilization Reign of Power Resources
Image via Nexon
  • Mercury: Mercury is yet another resource required for research purposes and is gathered from Cinnabar. 
  • Food: Foods are basically used in upgrading almost every structure present in the boundary of your city. These are obtained from the Farm Mills. 
  • Silver: Silver is yet another resource that can be used in research, training troops, and upgrading buildings. 
  • Gold: Gold is the premium currency players can avail in-game. This is mainly obtained from the buildings in the form of taxation. Players can even go for an in-game transaction and get themselves some Gold to utilize further. 
  • Gem: Gem is another premium currency present in-game that can be only received through in-game transactions and select and rare methods.

Thus, these are the major resources and currencies which are available in-game for the players and have possible earning methods.

How to earn more resources easily in Civilization: Reign of Power

Here are some useful tips and tricks on how to earn resources in Civilization: Reign of Power:

1. Upgrade your Buildings soon

Civilization Reign of Power Resources Guide Library
Image via Nexon

Players can upgrade the buildings inside their boundaries. This will help them unlock more opportunities through which they can earn resources and currencies in the form of taxes and revenues. Some mines such as Claypits and metal Factories are included in buildings as well, and thus upgrading them can help you receive more resources. 

2. Complete the Daily Missions 

Civilization Reign of Power Resources Daily missions
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Players must go for all the Daily Missions and Historic Era Missions, as this will help them earn rewards in the form of resources and in-game currencies. Players can further utilize them and continue climbing further into the game. 

3. Scout out for more areas

Players get the Scout option after every City Hall upgrade. This helps them to scout the outside areas and expand themselves further. In every Scouting area, players get resource pits and rewards options from where they can gather more resources and in-game currency. 

4. Generate more revenues from the Buildings 

Important buildings such as Museums, Research Centres, and Training camps pay Taxes to the Leaders. Thus, through this players can get Food and gold at a huge amount. 

5. Upgrade the Mines

Upgrading the Mines will help out players get more resources than expected. This also helps in increasing player levels as well. 


Civilization: Reign of Power is one of the latest additions to the RPG and strategy-based game world. The game offers a bunch of resources and in-game currency to the players. These resources help the players progress further into the game and thus this will make them one of the finest leaders in the world of Civilization. Thus, follow up the list of resources and go through the points to get them and make your empire the strongest one. 

Did you find our Civilization: Reign of Power Resource Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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