Civilization: Reign of Power: Tips to become more Powerful in the game

Become more powerful and conquer the leaderboard!

Civilization: Reign of Power is one of the recent additions of RPG, strategy-based games in Android and iOS devices respectively. The game comes with one of the best features and allows the players to build a city of their kind. Players can even choose the leader and the commander for their city and build it in their style. The game travels through several historical eras and lets the players climb into the present era by upgrading their city with the leader and commander. However, to be at the top players must know how to become that power so that they conquer the leaderboard and rankings. Thus, follow up on our guide to get to know more and become powerful in Civilization: Reign of Power. 

How to become more powerful in Civilization: Reign of Power

Civilization: Reign of Power is a strategy-based, city-building RPG game that allows many ways to level up and upgrade the city to become more powerful. There are many ways players can become more powerful. Players must know the usage of currencies and other resources so that they can utilize these assets properly and upgrade their city. Thus, now let us look out for the best five ways through which players can become more powerful in-game:

1. Upgrade the Building in your city

Civilization: Reign of Power become powerful
Image via Nexon

Players must tentatively upgrade the monuments, training center, farm, and City Hall. This will let the players come up with the best set of rewards and opportunities to expand further. Also, if players upgrade their City Hall, it will help them build more Buildings, Roads, and Decorations that will help them become more powerful indeed. 

2. Assign the best Commander 

The game comes up with an option that allows the player to assign the best commander for their city. Assigning the best commander will help the players to defeat other cities and the barbarian clan members that stay beside the territory of the player’s city.

Image via Nexon

Assigning the best commander can even help the players to come up with one of the best defensive approaches so that they can protect themselves from any outside invaders. Players should summon more and more commanders till they get the best one and assign that particular commander to protect the city. 

3. Complete all the missions and upgrade the Commander

Players must go for completion of all the missions assigned to them. Players must also complete the historic era missions so that they advance further to the next era and come up with the best set of rewards. This will help them collect more Book of Proficiency and thus players can upgrade their commanders with the help of it. 

4. Expand yourself at the earliest 

Civilization: Reign of Power become powerful
Image via Nexon

Players can witness the scout option after they upgrade their City Hall or level up their Leader. They must tap into that and expand their territory by moving into the area. This will help the players to expand further their territory and become stronger compared to other players. 

5. Upgrade the troops and make a powerful defense 

Civilization: Reign of Power become powerful
Image via Nexon

Train the troops to make them more powerful than before so that they can fight back with the best set of skills they came up with. This will help the commander as well to move along with the best set of the upgraded army and conquer the nearby areas to expand the territory further. 


Civilization: Reign of Power is an outstanding RPG and strategy-based game developed co-heartily by the house of Nexon Games. The game offers a bunch of unique features, characters, and ways to embrace themselves in the world of civilization. Hence, comes over the best ways to become stronger for the players. Follow up on the tips and make your path accordingly to become the best leader. 

Did you find our Civilization: Reign of Power guide on how to become more powerful helpful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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