Clash of Clans Angry Jelly Pet: All you need to know


Clash of Clans is bringing some new features to the game with its April 2024 update and one that impressed me most is the introduction of a new Pet, the Angry Jelly. It has been such a long time since we got a new pet in the game, hence, we need to know how this one operates, its compatibility with heroes, and the best combinations to use. So in this guide, I will go through all the important details and strategies for the maxed use of the Angry Jelly in Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans Angry Jelly Pet Guide


Angry Jelly makes its debut in the game with the April 2024 update as the 10th pet to exist in the game. Simply put, the Angry Jelly is a flying pet equipped with a ranged attack that prioritizes targeting defenses on the battlefield.


With its gameplay, you can see it floating in the air, placed above the Hero you equip. Yet, it single-targets both ground and air units. The Angry Jelly targets the same buildings as the hero it’s assigned to but will prioritize defending the hero if they come under attack from enemy heroes or clan castle troops.

When it is with your chosen hero, the Angry Jelly gains immunity from being targeted or damaged, and it won’t set off traps while accompanying the hero.

New Pet Angry Jelly Clash of Clans
Image via Supercell

However, once the master hero is defeated, the Angry Jelly loses its protective status and becomes vulnerable to enemy targeting, as well as being capable of triggering traps. Angry Jelly then transforms into a regular troop and is fully subjected to attacks and trap triggers.

  • Damage Type: Single Target
  • Targets: Ground and Air
  • Favorite Target: Hero’s Target
  • Housing Space: 20
  • Movement Speed: 16

To obtain the Angry Jelly, you need to upgrade your Pet House to level 10, then go further and level up the Angry Jelly inside the Pet House to the maximum level it can reach, that is Level 10.

LevelHitpointsDamage per SecondAbility Duration (Seconds)Upgrade Cost (Dark Elixir)

Brainwash Ability

The special ability of the Angry Jelly, known as Brainwash, grants it the power to temporarily redirect the targeting of the hero it is attached to. When activated, the Brainwash ability causes the hero to target defenses instead of its usual targets for a set duration.

Lasting for 35 seconds, this special attack could be strategically advantageous in your attacks in my opinion based on the available gameplay, since you can redirect your hero’s firepower towards key defensive structures to help takedown the bases easily.


Now let me discuss strategies. Using the Angry Jelly pet goes best with certain attack plans that make the hero’s focus redirect. It fits well with any hero, but it especially excels when used during Warden walks. This combination ensures that the Warden goes after defenses consistently, cutting down on the risk of running out of time and causing maximum damage.

CoC Angry Jelly gameplay
Image via Supercell

The combination of the Angry Jelly with the Barbarian King can also give a big boost to the hero’s abilities, allowing him to quickly destroy defenses and enemy heroes in his range. However, using it with the Archer Queen for a Queen Walk may not be as effective, as you have no control over where the Queen goes since she isn’t very defence-targeting like the Warden or has a shorter range like the King. Same scenario for the Champion.

The Angry Jelly’s use can vary depending on the player’s preferred attack strategies and base layouts. To take full advantage of the Angry Jelly during attacks, one needs to consider all the factors that make it work well. Like always, I suggest practicing and trying different things will go a long way in helping you learn how it works with different types of bases and troops.

You will need to be flexible enough and ready to adjust your strategy whenever a situation occurs during the battle and be wiser in using the abilities of the Angry Jelly. Sometimes there might be a miss of an ability usage or pairing, so in that situation, try to fix it next time.

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