Clash of Clans: How to beat the Card-Happy Challenge

Yellow cards all around!

Clash of Clans brings a football-themed May 2024 season with a series of monthly events for players to engage with. Challenges play a crucial role in these events, adding extra excitement to the gaming experience. The Clash of Clans season is in full swing, and the sixth challenge, the Card-Happy, is now here to test our skills.

This challenge is part of Haaland’s Challenge, for which I have created detailed attack strategy guides for the first five challenges.

In this challenge, we’re up against a simple basic base and we all might experience these bases during our initial days of base building. I’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help players successfully conquer enemy bases with ease, ensuring they achieve a three-star attack with this base. So, let us jump into the attack, shall we?

Introducing the Card-Happy Challenge in Clash of Clans

The Card-Happy Challenge is part of a new system of challenges designed as part of the Erling Haaland season, where you will encounter plenty of challenging attacks to counter. You need to collect a total of 35 Stars that will go through different rewarding tiers, and this challenge is the sixth among the challenges to complete the quest.

Clash of Clans Payback time rewards
Image via Supercell

In this challenge, we are going to the basics with the Town Hall 1 base, but with a twist. The base is a maze and your troops will need a lot of travelling. However, the rewards are a bit different this time around as it will be as per tiers that you collect by reaching particular stars.

How to beat the Card-Happy Challenge in Clash of Clans

The new Yellow Card spell is grabbing the most attention, so we will be kicking off the attack with this. Now, deploy one on each Air Defense to take them out of the scene. As soon as you do that, send in the Barbarian King through the bottom right-side wall gap, the PEKKA from the top gap, and a Lava Hound toward the top side of Inferno Tower.

Clash of Clans Card-Happy Challenge
Image via Supercell

Since the air defenses are invisible, they’ll draw the King and PEKKA toward them. Time is crucial here, so the quicker your initial deployment, the better. Ideally, the King and PEKKA should be able to reach the air defenses simultaneously. If not, you can use another Yellow Card spell to guide them but make sure you place them right.

Focus on getting the King to take down the air defenses in the bottom side of the base, as the Phoenix attached to him can fly over walls and attack the other defenses, unlike the PEKKA. Use a Haste spell to speed up the PEKKA’s progress through the maze, adjusting as needed based on its pathing.

Well from what I have observed, luck plays a role, especially with troop pathing, and if it goes wrong, you can always have a shot at the challenge another time. But follow these tips, you’ll secure those three stars.

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