Clash of Clans: How to beat the Thrower Throwdown Challenge

Giant Throwers are here!

Clash of Clans brings a football-themed May 2024 season which has brought along a series of monthly events for players to engage with. Challenges play a crucial role in these events, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gaming experience. The Clash of Clans season is in full swing, and the fifth challenge, dubbed the Thrower Throwdown, is now here to test our skills.

This challenge is part of Haaland’s Challenge, for which I have created detailed attack strategy guides for the first four challenges.

In this challenge, we’re up against a Town Hall 16 base, which presents a decent challenge similar to the first and third one. I’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help players successfully conquer enemy bases with ease, ensuring they achieve a three-star attack with this base. So, let us jump into the attack, shall we?

Introducing the Thrower Throwdown Challenge in Clash of Clans

The Thrower Throwdown Challenge is part of a new system of challenges designed as part of the Erling Haaland season, where you will encounter plenty of challenging attacks to counter. You need to collect a total of 35 Stars that will go through different rewarding tiers, and this challenge is the fifth among the challenges to complete the quest.

Clash of Clans Payback time rewards
Image via Supercell

In this challenge, we are going to the basics with the Town Hall 8 base, which presents a decent challenge similar to the first one. However, the rewards are a bit different this time around. Successfully achieving a three-star attack will earn us 50 Ores since we will cross 11 stars once the attack is done with a three-star.

How to beat the Thrower Throwdown Challenge in Clash of Clans

The base is once again pretty simple to tackle, as you have once again the Giant Thrower troops in hand. First up, we’re unleashing the power of this troop. We kick things off at the top side of the base, where we drop a Rage Spell on the football obstacle just next to the Dark Elixir Storage, then deploy two Giant Throwers right on top of the White Flag.

This sets them up to bounce straight into the Dark Elixir Storage at the center of the monoliths. The Giant Throwers are pretty strong and hence will take down the Town Hall as well. Once they’ve taken care of that, deploy the Poison Spell on the Clan Castle to deal damage to the Clan Castle defenders lurking outside.

Clash of Clans Thrower Throwdown strategy
Image via Supercell

Now, let’s deal with those pesky Inferno Towers, which are pretty tough to tackle if they lock on to your troops. Use Rage Spells on the left and right sides just outside the walls, and send in a single Giant Thrower on each side. With the boost from Rage, they’ll make short work of both the towers and the Clan Castle.

Moving down the base, notice the defense cluster next to the Gold Storages. Here, drop Earthquake Spells in the middle of the Scattershots and X-Bows. Then, Rage up near the Elixir Storages and send in a Giant Thrower each in line with the storages to bounce through and take out the defenses.

Use another Earthquake at the bottom to deal damage to those defenses, then drop a Giant Thrower on the Gold Storage to knock out the Cannon. You’ll need two Giant Throwers on each side to deal with the rest of the defenses.

Once the key targets are down, it’s time to just deploy the rest of the troops. You can pretty much spam the rest of your troops to finish the job. There you go, you earn your three star attack!

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