Clash of Clans: How to beat the Color Fest Painter Warden Challenge

Easily three star the Warden Challenge!

Players wait for every Clash of Clans season as the makers always keep interesting challenges to their players for maintaining their interest in the game. As part of the recently announced Color Fest season, many more challenges are all set to arrive. After the Painter Queen challenge, the next one to arrive at the game is the Painter Warden, and many players would love to break it down and get those sweet rewards in Clash of Clans. Do not worry, as we have come up with strategies to crack down on this challenge with ease.

Introducing the Painter Warden Challenge in Clash of Clans

A Town Hall 15 base is in the challenge once again, but this time with unfinished walls. Funnily enough, the base looks really odd considering the last two ones we got, but it might be a little tricky considering the traps out there. The attack strategy this time is the ground one, so the strategy involves the popular Yeti Bowler smash with a Warden Walk in the picture.

Painter Warden Challenge details
Image via Supercell

The rewards aren’t very pleasing, which is similar to the previous challenge, but there isn’t any loss there. Along with the extra resources that are provided, players can gain 400 XP, 20 Gems, and a Power Potion.

How to beat the Painter Warden Challenge in Clash of Clans

Before you start your attack, do not forget to switch your Grand Warden from Air to Ground since this is a ground attack strategy. As you can see, the Eagle Artillery and the Scattershot are closer to the right, and taking them down serves as the most important part of the challenge.

First things first, we shall start with a Warden Walk from the right, parallel to the Artillery and Scattershot, and break inside the walls. Trigger the traps with a loon on the same side, and then on the bottom right, use a Balloon and Baby Dragon to clear out the defense and side buildings.

Clash of Clan Warden Painter strategy
Image via Supercell

You can follow the next steps in two methods. First, you can deploy all the Siege and Ice Golem from any flat wall side, or else you can also drop them together with the rest of the ground troops. Do this once the Warden Walk takes down the Eagle Artillery or the Scattershot.

Deploy your ground troops, and use the rage and freeze spells in the core of the base. This will help in the push very much and easily break down the bases. Use the poison on the enemy Clan Castle troops, and once the freeze effect wears down you can use the Warden ability.

As the troops are circling, deploy your remaining loons to the top corner to take out the rest of the defensive buildings in the corners, and when necessary use your remaining spells to clear the base for an easy three-star attack.

One more fun base challenge, and most probably the easiest of them all. All boils down to following the strategy, which you can do so by following this guide and easily beat the challenge!

Did you find our guide on the Clash of Clans Painter Warden Challenge helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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