Clash of Clans: Grand Warden Walk Guide with Tips and Tricks

Let the Warden wave his magic!

Clash of Clans is one such game with seemingly limitless ways to approach a specific scenario. Be it building a base or attacking an opponent, Supercell offers a variety of techniques for players to use in the game. If we focus just on the attacking part, most of the players know different types of strategies, be it focusing on loot farming, high-level war attacks, and so on. One of the attack strategies that many players in Town Hall 11 and above follow in Clash of Clans is the Grand Warden walk.

Many people wonder what a Warden Walk is. Players are familiar with and have used the Queen Walk for a long time. This strategy is used in the same way as Queen Walk, but the techniques differ slightly. We created this guide to help players understand Warden Walk more effectively.

Understanding Grand Warden Walk in Clash of Clans

Warden Walk is a strategy in which players use it to clear the outside of an opponent’s base and clear a path for the main army to enter and clear out the centre. Similar to the Archer Queen Walk, healers will be deployed behind the Warden who help in healing whenever the Grand Warden is under attack.

Although the technique might seem similar, there are some differences between a Queen Walk and Warden Walk. The first difference is that in terms of damage, Archer Queen is quicker and deals a larger share of damage to the buildings compared to the Grand Warden.

Setting up the Warden Walk
Image via Supercell

However, the Grand Warden has a good advantage of range over the Queen, as the latter falls behind with a range of 5-tiles to the former targeting anything within 7. Another huge difference is that Queen needs wall breakers or jump spells to break the walls and get in, whereas Grand Warden’s ability to jump walls gives it the advantage to target more buildings.

Warden Walk also keeps your healers away from air defences in many situations, unless they move closer. If not triggered by traps, this becomes a huge advantage, retaining healers over time.

Basic requirements to perform Warden Walk

Required Grand Warden Level

The simple requirement that is there to perform the warden walk is that your Town Hall level should be 11. Else, you simply cannot unlock the Grand Warden. But another question arises, can you perform this strategy at lower levels of the Grand Warden? The answer is no.

Mainly because of a single reason that Warden isn’t known for its hitpoints or the damage it’ll take. Even at level 10, the Warden will not sustain two defences targeting it, unlike the Archer Queen. Even with its ability, it’ll die soon and thus it is a waste of this strategy. So minimum requirement of the Grand Warden should be Level 20.

Town Hall LevelSuggested Grand Warden LevelAbility Level (Eternal Tome)
Town Hall 11Level 20Level 4
Town Hall 12Level 35Level 7
Town Hall 13Level 45Level 9
Town Hall 14Level 50Level 10
Town Hall 15Level 55Level 11
Suggested Grand Warden Levels

As given above, for each Town Hall level, the preferred Grand Warden level is mentioned to do Warden Walk.

Troop and Spell Combinations

Unlike the Queen Walk where you need wall breakers to break through, Warden doesn’t require it as it can hop over walls. Although the rest of the troop requirements are somewhat similar, where 4-5 Healers are taken along with 1-2 Rage spells (use depending on the base and scenario). For luring out Clan Castle troops and clearing other side buildings, using Wizard, Balloon, Baby Dragon, and Hog Rider are good picks.

Healer Efficiency

Clash of Clans adheres to some troop rules in order to maintain game balance. Healers also have a specific rule set in terms of effectiveness. When players use multiple healers assigned to a single target, their overall effectiveness will decrease because of that one additional healer. The table below shows how effective healers are when grouped on a single target.

Number of HealersEffectiveness of Additional HealerOverall Efficiency
Healer Efficiency Table

As previously stated, the sixth healer’s healing effects are reduced to 40%. As a result, sticking to 4 or a maximum of 5 Healers is advised.

Steps to perform the Warden Walk

Warden Walk is primarily used to clear the outside buildings which are out of reach for the queen. So, we have to keep in mind the base which we are attacking.

  • Deploy the Grand Warden, followed by the Healers. Make sure you don’t drop him in an area with a lot of defences. This is to protect the Warden from taking heavy damage and not lose his ability sooner.
  • Warden has a better target area here, so he can usually clear out a few defences without even coming within range of them.
  • While the Warden Walk is in progress, use your other cards as a distraction to clear out other parts of the base. Baby Dragon and Wizards are good choices for buildings, and Balloon is a good choice for defences.
Warden Walk strategy
Image via Supercell
  • One advantage the Warden has is it that is a wonderful support troop, unlike the Queen, it won’t wander around the base but instead follows the troops you deploy ahead of it. So if you want to target defences, deploy troops in that direction, and the Warden will follow suit.
  • While clearing the base, you should activate the opponent’s Clan Castle troops. To lure them out, use a loon or any other troop.
  • Warden alone won’t be able to take them down, so if you have a tank in your army, use it; otherwise, use your other heroes, with Archer Queen assisting in taking out the troops. You may begin your attack if there are no Clan Castle troops.
  • Once the troops are cleared, you can deploy the troops in such a way it falls within the Warden’s aura, so they can benefit from his ability once activated.

For a detailed video explanation, you can refer to the below video.

Best Army Combinations for Warden Walk

For Warden Walks, we prefer ground attacks. Warden flying isn’t exactly a stroll, you know. However, army combinations will change over time and depending on the Town Hall level, where troop combinations and unlocked troops are located.

Out of the mentioned, Yeti Smash is one of the popular attack strategies for Town Hall 13 and above, which is really effective in beating any base design type. For spread-out bases, do not miss out on using the Warden Walk strategy and get those three stars.

What are your thoughts on this Clash of Clans Warden Walk guide? Do let us know in the comments below!

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