Clash of Clans: How to beat the Fear the Rocket Spear Challenge 

No fear!

Clash of Clans introduced the June 2024 “Wild West” season with a few events this time, but well, we had a surprise stored in the new challenge. Named Fear the Rocket Spear, to assist players in overcoming this challenge with ease, I have crafted a comprehensive guide outlining effective strategies for a three-star attack in Clash of Clans.

Introducing the Fear the Rocket Spear Challenge in Clash of Clans

As ‘fearful’ the name Fear the Rocket Spear Challenge sounds, the base is pretty easy to beat. With this challenge, you will be getting a look at the new Hero Equipment for the Archer Queen. Well, apart from that, nothing new.

CoC Golden Sand and 3-Starry Nights Challenge rewards
Image via Supercell

Jumping to the gift side, the reward structure remains consistent with previous challenges, with the team being on the lazier side of the distribution. Along with the extra resources provided, players can gain 400 XP, 25 Gems, and 1x Resource Potion.

How to beat the Fear the Rocket Spear Challenge in Clash of Clans

Switch to your left side of the base and begin by dropping an Earthquake spell in the middle of the four Inferno Towers and the Bomb Tower to damage them, followed by the Overgrowth spell to the right side of that spot, between the X-Bow and two Inferno Towers. Well, that’s the first part done.

Next, deploy the Royal Champion to the left of the Bomb Tower and instantly activate her Seeking Shield ability to damage the Inferno Towers. Again, as that left side is getting cleared, in the middle, use a wall breaker next to the Builder Hut to create an opening. As the Royal Champion moves towards the single-target Inferno, you must deploy your troops.

CoC Fear the Spear challenge
Image via Supercell

Two Ice Golems, then the Barbarian King, Archer Queen, and Electro Titan. As the troops are coming out to defend, place the Poison Spell. Once the Barbarian King reaches the multi-target Inferno, activate his ability. Use an Earthquake spell behind the Ricochet Cannon on the two X-Bows. Once the King is taking on the defenses, deploy all Hog Riders near the Bomb Tower.

Follow it by the Grand Warden, the Apprentice Warden, and a Healing Spell near the multi-target Inferno. Here, save the Warden’s ability for when the Hog Riders are in the middle of the two Inferno Towers to protect them from the giant bombs. Sneak in your Head Hunters from the back to take down enemy heroes. Use a wall breaker and Sneaky Goblins on the backside of the base.

Freeze the multi-target Inferno when the Warden ability wears off and use another Healing Spell if necessary. Activate the Queen’s ability if needed to finish off the remaining defenses. Finally, send in Archers to clean up Builder Huts and use the Barbarian King to take down any remaining structures for a three-star.

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