Clash of Clans Town Hall 14 Guide: Best bases, Attacking Strategies, and more

It is getting jungly!

Town Hall 14 arrived in Clash of Clans with a major update in 2021, making it the ultimate Town Hall level before the arrival of Town Hall 15 and Town Hall 16. Players who maxed their bases now have a new world to discover. Common questions like what to upgrade, which troop to go for, the order of unlocking new items, and many others are always in the running. So, to help the players, this guide will help you through everything you need to know about Town Hall 14 in Clash of Clans. This CoC TH14 Guide includes a discussion of some of the best bases, attack strategies, and much more.

Upgrading Town Hall to level 14

Once the players build all the available buildings in Town Hall 13 and maximize their Town Hall Giga Inferno to level 5, they become eligible to upgrade to CoC TH14. But it is strongly advised to upgrade the defenses, troops, spells, and all the necessary units before doing so.

CoC TH14
Image via Supercell

Upgrading the Town Hall to level 14 requires 15 million Gold and once started it lasts for 14 days. The upgraded Town Hall will have an increased hit point of 8900 and offer the same storage capacity (2 Million Gold and Elixir and 20,000 Dark Elixir) as Town Hall 13.

CoC Town Hall 14: New Unlocked Buildings, Troops, and More

Upon upgrading to TH14 in CoC, the player unlocks new levels of buildings, defenses, traps, etc. Below are the things that players will unlock after upgrading their Town Hall.

  • 25x new Wall pieces
  • 1x Air Bomb
  • 1x Seeking Air Mine
  • 1x Skeleton Trap
  • 1x Bomb
  • 1x Giant Bomb

Town Hall 14 also introduces two new buildings: Pet House and Battle Builder Huts.

New Upgrade: Battle Builder Huts

Battle Builder Huts are upgraded builder huts that can defend the village during an attack. When your Town Hall reaches level 14, you can upgrade the Builder’s Hut (Level 2) to have a turret that shoots at enemies nearby.

Battle Builder Huts
Battle Builder Huts will have Turrets as the Builder will repair the damaged defences (Image via Supercell)

After this upgrade, the Builder can repair buildings during battles instead of going to the Town Hall. When armed, the Builder’s Hut acts like a defense building and can be targeted by troops like Giants.


New Building: Pet House

CoC TH14 Pet House
Image via Supercell

The Pet House is a building for generating new units, Pets, a unique class of units that can be paired with Heroes. Each Hero can have one Pet assigned, and this pairing can be adjusted in the Pet House or Army preparation menu. Pets, deployed alongside their assigned Heroes in battle, exhibit individual abilities and typically stay close to their respective Heroes. Four pets are unlocked in CoC TH14.


L.A.S.S.I, the first pet in the Pet House, activates upon completing the Pet House construction. It targets within 2.5 tiles of its paired Hero. If the Hero is incapacitated, L.A.S.S.I acts like a generic troop, attacking the nearest building or enemy unit in proximity.

  • Favorite Target: Within 2.5 tiles of Hero
  • Damage Type: Ground
  • Targets: Single Target

Electro Owl

The Electro Owl, the second Pet from the Pet House at level 2, uses Chain Lightning resembling the Electro Dragon. Its Chain Lightning hits two targets, dealing 80% damage to the second one.

  • Favorite Target: Hero’s Target
  • Damage Type: Ranged (Ground and Air) Chain Lightning
  • Targets: Single Target

Mighty Yak

The Mighty Yak, the third Pet unlocked at Pet House level 3, boasts high health and inflicts extra damage (x20) to Walls. It delivers a powerful initial strike upon contact with a building, followed by a second attack after 1.6 seconds, before returning to its regular attack rate of 2.1 seconds.

  • Favorite Target: Within 7 tiles of Hero
  • Damage Type: Ground
  • Targets: Single Target


The Unicorn, the fourth Pet in CoC TH14 available at Pet House level 4, provides healing similar to a Healer for its assigned Hero. Unlike Healers, it can target both ground and air units.

  • Favorite Target: Hero
  • Damage Type: Ground and Air
  • Targets: Single Target

New Troop: Electro Titan

Electro Titan cover CoC TH14
Image via Supercell

The Electro Titan is a brand-new troop that you can unlock at Town Hall 14, by upgrading your Barracks to Level 16. This short-range fighter can target both ground and air units. Its unique quality is the aura that she emits causing continuous damage around her. Anything that touches within the aura’s radius, gets damaged over time, whether it is air units, ground, or buildings except walls.

  • Favourite Target: Any
  • Damage Type: Single Target
  • Targets: Ground and Air
  • Housing Space: 32
LevelDamage per SecondDamage per HitAura Damage per SecondAura Damage per HitHitpoints

New Seige Machine: Flame Flinger

Flame Flinger CoC TH14
Image via Supercell

We also have a powerful Seige Machine unlocked with Flame Flinger, unlocked at Workshop level 6, which is catapult artillery in Clash of Clans. It hurls trios of Fire Spirits, causing significant damage upon impact. Additionally, it creates a fiery zone for 22 seconds, inflicting damage over time to enemy ground units and structures within, akin to the Poison Spell.

  • Preferred Target: Defenses
  • Favorite Target: Area Splash (Ground Only)
  • Attack Range: 11 tiles
LevelDamage per SecondTotal Damage per AttackFlame Maximum DPSLifetimeHitpoints

Clash of Clans Town Hall 14 Guide: Upgrade priorities

After the Town Hall is upgraded, players should have collected enough resources to spend on upgrades.

1. Storages

Storages allow more resources, so they should be upgraded first. Both Gold and Elixir storage can be upgraded to level 15, while the Dark Elixir Storage is upgradeable to level 9.

2. Laboratory

The Laboratory is the most important thing that the players should consider upgrading first. Upgrading it unlocks new troop and spell levels. New troop and spell levels that have arrived with the Town Hall 14 update are:

New Troop Levels

  • Level 10 Barbarian (Super Barbarian level 10)
  • Level 10 Archer (Super Archer level 10)
  • Level 10 Wall Breaker (Super Wall Breaker level 10)
  • Level 10 Minion (Super Minion level 10)
  • Level 9 Valkyrie (Super Valkyrie level 9)
  • Level 8 Baby Dragon (Inferno Dragon level 8)
  • Level 7 Healer
  • Level 6 Ice Golem
  • New Spell Levels
  • Level 7 Clone Spell
  • Level 8 Poison Spell

Upgrading units are very essential for attack and farming. So the Laboratory should be upgraded as soon as possible. Preferences on your upgrades need not be strictly adapted from different suggestions. See which troop comes in handy for you and then proceed further.

3. Clan Castle

Clan Castle is another vital thing that the players should upgrade next. Town Hall 14 grants the Clan Castle upgradeable to level 10 which costs 19,000,000 Gold and lasts for 20 days once started. Level 10 has only increased hitpoints spell capacity to 3 while the rest remains unchanged.

4. Heroes

Players can follow up by upgrading their Heroes. Heroes do not require to be upgraded in Laboratory so they can be upgraded at any time. Just make sure the builders are free. Heroes have new levels and can be upgraded to the following levels with increased abilities now:

  • Barbarian King: Level 80
  • Archer Queen: Level 80
  • Grand Warden: Level 55
  • Royal Champion: Level 30

5. Strengthening the Defence

Side by side players should also keep upgrading their defences in CoC TH14. This could be anything from a basic canon to Hidden Tesla. But the players should prioritise their Inferno Tower and the Giga Inferno which is present in the Town Hall. The two deal massive damage to the enemy. The Giga Inferno will still have five levels of upgrades just like Town Hall 13.

Five Levels of Town Hall 14 before Maxing Out
Five Levels of Town Hall 14 before Maxing Out

New defense levels

  • Level 20 Cannon
  • Level 13 Hidden Tesla
  • Level 9 Bomb Tower
  • Level 8 Inferno Tower
  • Level 5 Eagle Artillery
  • Level 3 Scattershot

6. Pet House

As mentioned earlier Pet House is the place where the Pets can be managed, trained, upgraded, and assigned to the Heroes. The Pet House has four levels and each level unlocks a new Pet, so it should also be upgraded as it unlocks new Pets having different abilities.

CoC Town Hall 14 Attack Strategies

The Town Hall 14 update hasn’t brought up any major change in the defense that needs special attention also no troops have been introduced. Players can therefore follow some of the strategies that were used in the previous Town Hall attacks. But make sure the army troops have been upgraded or the attack might not be effective as the upgraded defenses will pick the troops easily.

Here are some popular and most used strategies in Clash of Clans that can guide the players in getting the best results in Town Hall 14.

Farming/Looting Strategies

At the initial stage after upgrading the Town Hall, the players should focus on farming and upgrading their base entirely. Farming in its simplest form means the players focus on loot rather than winning trophies. And this strategy is made possible by using cheap and loot-specialized troops like Goblin, and Miner.

Farming attacks can be distinguished into two types the first one targets gold and elixir collectors (often placed on the outer layer of the base) and the second one targets the storage and dark elixir (which are often placed in the middle part of the base). Below you can watch some of the strategies and how to execute them in attacks.

Sneaky Goblin Attack

Goblin Attack may not be rewarding at such a higher level due to defences being powerful. Still, Goblins can’t be ignored when it comes to loot. Sneaky Goblins are super troops that have the ability to deal more damage to resources (same as Goblins) and the additional ability of invisibility for a few seconds after being deployed. Watch the Sneaky Goblin attack on Town Hall 14 below.

Miner Attacks

The ability of Miners to move forward underground makes them a perfect fit for farming attacks. Create a funnel for the miners and once they get to the middle keep them alive using healing spells. Miners can get to the middle and steal dark elixir and also have the potential to take the town hall down.

Baby Dragon Attacks

Baby Dragons can help in fetching a great amount of loot. The Baby Dragon’s high hit points and rage ability help them to do more damage even when deployed solely. From a distance, they can take out a couple of collectors.

The biggest advantage of this attack is that there’s sometimes no need to deploy all the units. Just deploying some Baby Dragons can fetch a great amount of resources and the strategy can be repeated.

Tips for Farming in CoC TH14

  • Decide about what to loot and select armies according to it (if there’s a need for dark elixir, then don’t select troops who consume dark elixir)
  • Use the cheapest units possible, it’ll maximize the loot gained.
  • Farm in a lower league but not very low. At Least try to maintain attacks with 1 lower level lower Town Hall or else it’ll affect the loot.
  • If the base can be cleared, go for it. The Town Hall and the Castle Clan also grant some loot, while this is significantly less as compared to others still it grants some.
  • Eye for inactive bases as they provide the most loot.

Trophy Pushing Strategies

However, it is advised not to go for trophies until the players build a reliable army and base strong enough to defend the village. But if still, the players want to go for trophies they have a couple of attack strategies that can help them.

Hog Attacks

Hog Riders are defence-targeting troops that come in very handy for your attacks in CoC TH14. Releasing a mass of Hogs from one side of the base clears the path for other units to clear the base. This strategy ensures at least 1-star while the rest depends on the survival of Hog Riders.

Witch And Bowler Attacks

The ability of Witches and Bowlers releasing skeletons/boulders and attacking from a far distance makes them a good choice for attacking. Placing any damage taking troop like Golem, Ice Golem in front of them can allow them to do more damage efficiently.

Balloon And Dragon Attacks

The attacks of Balloons and Dragons have also evolved through time. Both of them can be used independently or combined to form even stronger attacks. A Lava Hound can provide some relaxation but Siege Machines like Battle Blimp or Stone Slammer can also help. But the trend of Dragon and Balloon attacks with clone spells is still working.  Watch the attack below to get some inspiration.

Tips for Trophy Pushing

  • Have at least one reliable army combination before pushing for trophies
  • Attack on bases that’ll grant 3 stars or if Town Hall is on the outer side destroy it first.
  • Always have high-level troops in Clan Castle preferably Electro Dragon and locate the Clan Castle in the middle.
  • Never fall for loot while pushing for a higher league. If unsure about clearing the base, skip it.

War Attack Strategies

The players should stay away from wars until they max their defense and troop units. Attacking a Town Hall 14 won’t be easy and if the armies haven’t been upgraded then it becomes hard to clear the base. Below are some war strategies for reference.

Yeti Smash Attack

Yeti has become a vital part of the army in war attacks. With so many variations, Yeti can be combined with troops like Bowler, Pekka, Witch, etc. Learning different types of Yeti attack can prove to be beneficial in wars.

Mass Electro Dragon Attack

Electro Dragons have been one of the most powerful air units in Clash of Clans. And will remain the same for the CoC TH14 attack strategies too. Just upgrade them and watch their attacking ability.

Tips for War Attacks

  • Always use max-level troops in wars and Clan Castle.
  • Prioritize star and attack base that can be cleared first.
  • Never forget the destruction as they’ll play a vital role if the war is tied.
  • Use an anti-3-star base. Below are some of the anti-3-star bases.

No troop is superior or will guarantee a 100% successful attack. In the end, it’s up to the players how they use their troops.

Best bases for Clash of Clans Town Hall 14

We’ve compiled a list of base layouts that can help you in CoC TH14. These include all farming Trophy Pushing and War bases and you can copy them to your base.

Farming/Hybrid Bases

 Farming Base Layout 1, Town Hall 14
Image via Supercell
Base Layout, Town Hall 14, Clash of Clans
Image via Supercell
Base Layout, Town Hall 14, Clash of Clans
Image via Supercell
CoC TH14 war base
Image via Supercell
Base Layout, Town Hall 14, Clash of Clans
Image via Supercell

War Bases

CoC TH14 war base
Image via Supercell
Base Layout, Town Hall 14, Clash of Clans
Image via Supercell
Base Layout, Town Hall 14, Clash of Clans
Image via Supercell
War Base Layout, Clash of Clans
Image via Supercell
War Base Layout, CoC TH14
Image via Supercell

So, that’s all about the Clash of Clans Town Hall 14 guide. What do you think? Do let us know in the comments below. Also, check our other published guides on other Town Hall levels as well.

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