Clash of Clans Town Hall 13 Guide: Best bases, Attacking Strategies and more

Upgrading your Town Hall after maxing the current one always builds up excitement for a player in Clash of Clans. After the introduction of Th12 and Th13, many players have hopped back into the game, which has made the game more competitive. Usually, many players have confusion regarding their upgrades and strategies regarding their Town Hall upgrade. Questions like what to upgrade, which troop to go for, the order of unlocking new items, and many others. So, in this article, we are presenting you with a complete Clash of Clans Town Hall 13 guide.

This guide will include the basic build of Town Hall 13, upgrade priorities, war and farming strategies, and base layouts that can be helpful for you to build your Town Hall. Even though it has been almost a year after the Town Hall update, there has been still questions regarding Town Hall 13 upgrading and strategies, which will be explained in this article.

Clash of Clans Town Hall 13: What to follow after Town Hall upgrade is completed

CoC Town Hall 13
Clash of Clans Town Hall 13

When you finish off the Town Hall upgrade, you should ensure your resources are full and enough to busy your 5 builders (almost all will have 5 by the time you reach Th13). When the upgrade is completed, you should look into your priorities, order them and go with it. As you kick start Town Hall 13, it’s better to stay out of wars until you upgrade up your troops and semi-max defenses. Since it’s the last town hall level, you have plenty of time to go with it, Also, it avoids matchmaking weightage of a just upgraded Town Hall 13 in wars. Stick on farming and upgrades that build your base and troops.

Town Hall 13 upgrade priorities

This is the last town hall level in the game, and following the correct upgrade steps is really not necessary, but for a systematic base building, it’ll help. Always, have an idea of what upgrades are you going to make, think which is essential for the early development of your base, and then go for it. To make things simpler, we have a basic upgrade priority mentioned below:

1. Laboratory

Essential and always the first priority of any clashes. The need for higher-level troops is very important, even if you prefer farming in that instance. The idea of having maxed out troops for the particular Town Hall is enforced by upgrading the Laboratory. Then again, you will have to use other resources to upgrade troops. But unless you are not raiding it won’t be a problem. As you can max out all the troops and spells in Town Hall 13, troop upgrading becomes important for farming and for wars too. But remember, don’t leave your lab free. Let it be running upgrading troops, a free lab delays your upgrading.

2. Royal Champion

A new hero is unlocked in Town Hall 13 in the form of Royal Champion. With 120,000 dark elixirs, you can place the Royal Champion Altar to get hands-on the new hero that has immaculate prowess.

Her weapon is the Spear, which she throws her spear to attack enemy buildings. In the form of defense, she has a shield that she uses offensively once her ability is utilized by the player. The shield gives a resemblance to the Marvel character Captain America, well, a female version of course. She will prioritize defenses and will bypass any other buildings to the nearest defense if there are any remaining.

Ability: The Royal Champion has the Seeking Shield ability. It will recover more than 50% of her total hit points and will throw a seeking shield that prioritizes defenses. It will seek four targets, dealing a large amount of damage to each, regardless of distance. Like all other heroes, her ability gets stronger every 5th level.

3. Storages

You have to upgrade your storage in order to save more loot. To go with upgrades that cost more than the maximum storage we get in Th12, we need to upgrade the storage so that we can upgrade more buildings like Clan Castle which require more gold. While you are busy with the Laboratory and Army Camp upgrades, which are both Elixir resources, utilize your Gold on Elixir storage upgrades. With this, you can have plenty of resources filled for the next upgrade.

5. Clan Castle

On upgrading, you get +5 extra troops to fit in your Clan Castle. It might sound meh, but here’s the bonus. You get 40+5=45 troops to hold, where you can have a bulk tank (like Pekka) followed by supporting troops inside 45 (with 5 wizards or any).

6. Heroes

By getting your Gold and Elixir busy, you can utilize your Dark Elixir for your Heroes other than the Royal Champion. Barbarian King and Archer Queen both reach a maximum level of 75, which are Dark Elixir upgrades. While your Grand Warden has higher-level improvements waiting since at Th12 you will have Lvl40 Warden, which has to be upgraded to lvl50 in Town Hall 13. Initially, you will have to wait for your elixir upgrades (especially the storages/siege barracks) to finish, so that you can concentrate on upgrading your Grand Warden. Then only after potential Elixir Upgrades, shift your focus on the Grand Warden.

Units and Items that are unlocked in Town Hall 13


A new defense unlocked after the Town Hall 13 upgrade is the Scattershot, which deals splash damage with very high damage per second. You will get two Scattershot available in Town Hall 13. It can target both ground and air troops, but can only damage either ground or air with each shot. The Scattershot is excellent at dealing with troops with low to moderate health. It starts its first attack in 0.8s and for the next fire, it needs 3s to reload. It has only one upgrade level.


Siege Barracks

The fourth of the Siege Machines, the Siege Barracks are unlocked at Town Hall 13, when the workshop is upgraded to level 4. It is a non-moving siege machine, only one among the four of them. When deployed, the Siege Barracks parachutes down and spawns a Pekka followed by several Wizards behind. It has a limited lifetime and slowly loses health over time. The troop level of both Pekka and Wizard is the level of the respective troops in the player laboratory. The deployed units participate in the attack.

Level-wise description of the Seige Barracks

Offensive Upgrades

A common question and confusion. After I’m done with the Laboratory upgrade, what next? In Town Hall 13, only few troops are having upgrade options while rest of them are already maxed out at Town Hall 12. If you are focused on Farming, we would insist you to upgrade farming troops like Giants and Miners first. Miners in fact can come handy in wars as well.

If you plan to play wars (in our opinion, don’t) at the start, it’s better to make sure you have at least one preferred War Troop Combination upgraded before you play wars. These are some of our suggestions, which can be utilized for both Farming and Wars:

Yeti, Bowlers, Electro Drags, Valkyrie (mass E-Drags are not preferred in the farming perspective), and Miners. These can also include different combinations of troops which are included after upgrades. While you upgrade Dark Elixir troops, manage them between the three heroes and the preferred troop you are going for.

While you have a focus on Spell Upgrades, troops should be your first priority.

Defensive Upgrades

The above priorities are mentioned in a perspective leaning towards improvements in the offense, if not particular but in some sort. On the defensive side, each defense has a single upgrade level to max them out, and you won’t get any new items to add to your base other than the Scattershot.

However, there isn’t any order that you should follow, but if you would like to go for higher weight in your defense, go with installing Scattershot first. Following it are the upgrading of X-Bows, Infernos, and Wizard Tower upgrades. Infernos and Scattershot, in particular, carry a lot of weight to the base but deals great damage at higher levels.

If you prefer your base to have lower weight, we strongly suggest you- upgrade your walls. Upgrading the walls might seem a tiring process, but its best done than ignored. Most prefer only their defensive/troop upgrades and leave out arguably the most lengthy and tiring process of the game, upgrading walls. They aren’t tiresome when you invest all your resources to finish at least half of the wall upgrades.

Upgrade the Tesla Towers. It is always great to surprise opponents with higher tesla levels which most don’t expect on a growing Town Hall 13 base. Another advantage is that they don’t carry much weight, unlike other defenses.

The traps should be placed quickly, and upgrade them. Even though you get only two new traps to place, Bomb and Seeking Air Mine, they contribute to the defensive side. Maxing out all your traps doesn’t add more weight to your base, but does deal extra damage to your opponent troops. What’s wrong with a little extra, right?

You can follow by then upgrading Air Defenses, Cannons, Archer Towers, and then other defenses.

Town Hall 13 upgrade levels: The Giga Inferno


Just like in Town Hall level 12, Town Hall 13 has a defensive townhall in the form of a Giga Inferno. A Level1 Giga Inferno is already built-in with the Town Hall when the Town Hall level 13 upgrade is completed. Giga Inferno can be referred to as a direct upgrade to the Giga Tesla. It is activated when the Town Hall is damaged (by troops or spell), or when 51% of the base is destroyed.

Upgrading the Giga Inferno is actually a good practice, but from 2 to 3, there is a huge weight added to your base. It is because of the destructive damage that the Town Hall deals with when it is destroyed. This helps to kill a mass horde of troops with less hit points, and thus kill the opponent attack. The Giga Inferno improves significantly when upgraded, so depending on how you want your base to be, you can decide when to improve your Town Hall 13 defense.

Clash of Clans TH13 Attacking Strategies

Best Farming tips and strategies for Town Hall 13

  • Using an adequate amount of resources in the initial stages of your Town Hall 13.
  • Stay in a lower league so that you get to farm easy, with dead bases helping your way for more loot. Also, another advantage of not getting attacked often and thus, saving your resources.
  • Make sure to use a tank, to distract enemy defenses and churn loot outside the base.
  • Try to use a cheaper combo so that you can gain more loot advantage.
  • A common farming strategy was mass goblins. But this has been not very effective because of how powerful Wizard Towers and Mortars’ splash damage is.
  • Try to avoid mass Barbarians/Archers/Goblins in a league where dead bases are not frequent. For a spread out base it works, but it is not efficient against higher townhall levels.  Even a dead Town Hall 13 can take down this combo easily.
  • Another cheap strategy could be miners + queen walk with Goblins/Barch/Minions. Clearing out some resource buildings using Queen Walk, utilizing the miners and heroes for clearing out enemy units. In your clan castle, carry troops like Loons, Hogs, Giants to distract enemy defenses and help to loot more.
  • Giants + Wiz + Goblins/Barch is also a solid strategy for farming. Sometimes Giants + Witch gives you a balance between Elixir and Dark Elixir. The balance of troops within resources can get you to farm all resources effectively with ease.
  • Utilizing the events and reduced costs of troops is also an effective way to farm. You get a cheaper army to raid with.

To give some good strategies for farming, this video might be helpful for you:

Trophy Pushing strategies for TH13

If you are pushing for a higher league, you can use Yeti – Pekka, Mass E-Drags + Loon, Babylon, GiWiBo (Giants + Witch + Bowlers), etc. strategies. But after a particular level, it becomes difficult as bases get tougher, and planning your attacks is key, within the 30 seconds available.

There are combinations that can be very effective in pushing. Many prefer Mass Hogs, as it targets defenses, so guaranteed you can get a star at worst. Another popular meta is the Yeti Pekka smash attack, which most feel safe at. However, it’s not always the troops you carry. It is important to have good troop levels and the strategy you follow. Better heroes are another requirement, knowing different attacking strategies and troop combos makes you climb high.

Here are some videos that you can refer to:

TH13 War Attacking Tips

War attacks are different compared to pushing and farming. You have a lot of time to think about planning an attack on a base, imagining the traps and units that might get activated etc. Choosing the right strategy for a base is important. One attack strategy isn’t applicable for all types of bases, there are changes which can be followed. It follows on how you plan your attack, how your troops should go through, how to take out vulnerable defenses and so on. Here are some tips to follow for landing good war attacks:

  • Always have your war troops and spells maxed out for Town Hall 13. Always have a couple or more war strategies ready, and max them troops out.
  • Plan according to your opponent base, don’t stick on to one attack strategy, especially in Town Hall 13, majority bases are spread out and even some attacks in the meta can’t be trusted.
  • Don’t keep any heroes under upgrade/heal for wars
  • Ask the pros for tips. Always refer to other attacks in the clan/internet so that you can get to know more tips.
  • If you are planning to attack a base that has been already attacked, try to look at the previous attack and learn about traps and plan accordingly.
  • Don’t rush troops early, patiently clear distractive buildings, and then push your troops inside.

War attack strategies to help you out in Clan Wars

Clone Dragloon attack

This attack strategy is one of the best strategies whilst offering the brilliant potential of a 3-star attack in Clash of Clans. It is highly recommended after practice only; as it is never easy to execute an attack first time. Here’s a video on how it is executed.

Hogs + Queen Walk

Hogs with a level 10 improvement have been significantly used in war attacks in Town Hall 13. This is a good strategy, with the use of four heroes in the game you can land your attack effectively. Use your hogs to clear out defenses while you use Queen Walk and your heroes to clear out the bigger defenses like the Inferno, Scattershot, or the Eagle Artillery. This is to help the hogs escape the case of being hit by high damage defenses.

The Witch Yeti attack

Another popular attack strategy, you can have a combo of Yeti + Witch with the help of some Ice Golems. If you are comfortable with queen walks, you can have a queen walk/warden walk to clear out the outside units so that you can push your Yeti and Pekka inside.

The Laloon

Most of them find this outdated and ineffective, because of excessive use of this strategy. But in Town Hall 13, this is one of the strategies that has great potential to yield a 3 star.

These are just examples; it is not necessary to practice these if you have other better strategies. You can refer this for another strategy if you want to practice:

Best Base Layouts for TH13

Designing a base layout had been very tiring when Clash of Clans didn’t have the Copy Base feature. But now, it has been simple. Clicks on the link and you get your base copied. It would have been difficult for many, particularly at higher Town Hall levels to design a base layout. In this Clash of Clans Town Hall 13 Guide, we have made things simple for you by picking effective bases in helpful for different uses mentioned below.

Best TH13 Farming and Hybrid base layouts

CoC Town Hall 13
Sample TH13 Base Layout
CoC Town Hall 13
Sample TH13 Base Layout
CoC Town Hall 13
Sample TH13 Base Layout
CoC Town Hall 13
Sample TH13 Base Layout
CoC Town Hall 13
Sample TH13 Base Layout
CoC Town Hall 13
Sample TH13 Base Layout

Best Trophy Pushing for TH13

CoC Town Hall 13
Sample TH13 Base Layout for Trophy Pushing
CoC Town Hall 13
Sample TH13 Base Layout for Trophy Pushing
CoC Town Hall 13
Sample TH13 Base Layout for Trophy Pushing
CoC Town Hall 13
Sample TH13 Base Layout for Trophy Pushing
CoC Town Hall 13
Sample TH13 Base Layout for Trophy Pushing

Best War bases for TH13

CoC Town Hall 13
Sample TH13 War Base Layout
CoC Town Hall 13
Sample TH12 War Base Layout
CoC Town Hall 13
Sample TH12 War Base Layout
CoC Town Hall 13
Sample TH12 War Base Layout
CoC Town Hall 13
Sample TH12 War Base Layout

So, that’s all about the Clash of Clans Town Hall 13 guide. What do you think? Do let us know in the comments below. Also, previously we have published a detailed guide on TH12, so you can check that as well.

We hope that you will find this Clash of Clans Town Hall 13 Guide useful. For more Mobile Gaming news and updates, join our WhatsApp group or Discord server.

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