Clash Royale: 5 Best Mighty Miner decks with tips

Top 5 Mighty Miner decks in Clash Royale!

Supercell has added the newest Champion card, The Mighty Miner in their game Clash Royale. The Mighty Miner, is a buffed-up version of the regular miner card with moderately high hit points and damage that increases over time to 450. His ability which costs 2 elixirs, makes him drop a bomb like the Giant Skeleton and switch lanes to get away from the defending troops. Here we will talk about the top 5 decks in Clash Royale to incorporate the Mighty Miner into and play towards a victory.

Top 5 Mighty Miner Decks in Clash Royale

1. Royal Giant-Mighty Miner

Average elixir cost: 3.4

Mighty Miner decks
Image via Supercell

A pretty moderate and efficient deck is made for people who like to push both lanes at once or build up behind a tank, in this case, the Royal Giant. A Hunter in the follow-up would tackle enemy air troops while the Mighty Miner can act as a tank killer with his increasing damage. In defense, the Fisherman is an excellent addition with the Log and Fireball in the cycle to take out swarm troops and deal area damage.

2. Mega Knight-Prince

Average elixir cost: 4.4

Clash Royale Mighty Miner Decks
Image via Supercell

A very stacked deck with two heavy-hitting cards like the Mega Knight and Prince could be a menace if appropriately used. The Mega Knight, as usual, can be a very versatile option for both offense and defense, and his splash damage can be very useful. The Prince can be paired with the Bomber, which can take out swarm troops, and the Mighty Miner can hold his own in another lane. The Zappies can come in very handy as an efficient counter to enemy tanks.

3. E Giant-Minions

Average elixir cost: 3.6

Mighty Miner egiant minions
Image via Supercell

The E-Giant isn’t a stranger to a player trying to push the ladder and comes face to face with it. An extremely powerful card, even more so after the elixir cost reduction, can be very hard to counter once the push is built up, supported by troops such as the Minions, Ice Wizard and Rage. The Knight can act as a mini tank with the Musketeer as support in defense, while the Mighty Miner can act as a tank killer. Royal Delivery can function as a swarm killer.

4. Mighty Miner-Rascals-Balloon

Average elixir cost: 3.6

Mighty Miner-Rascals-Balloon
Image via Supercell

This deck depends on the Balloon for dealing extensive tower damage with the Dart Goblin and Heal Spirit bringing up the rear. The Poison Spell and Skeleton Barrel could be an excellent pick to take outbuildings in the way of the Balloon, while the Mighty Miner and Inferno Dragon could switch between offense and defense. When placed correctly, the Rascals can be a good counter to most cards and make the deck even more formidable.

5. Triple Witch-Double Wizard-PEKKA

Average elixir cost: 3.4

Triple Witch-Double Wizard-PEKKA
Image via Supercell

Probably the strongest deck in today’s list, this deck can be a formidable deck to play if used wisely. The PEKKA can lead all the charges and be the tank killer, while the Wizard duo can wipe out counter troops. The Mother Witch can turn any enemy swarm attack against themselves and aid the Mighty Miner, and it could decide the battle once and for all.

Final Thoughts

The Mighty Miner has received a fairly warm welcome from the community owing to its high damage output and unique ability. The card can be very well incorporated into both offense and defense and build up a push behind, making it an excellent addition to players looking for that playstyle. Liked our suggestions on the best bowler decks in Clash Royale? Check our other best decks guides in Clash Royale below!

What are your thoughts about our guide on the Best Mighty miner decks in Clash Royale? Let us know in the comments below!

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