Clash Royale: 3 Best decks for Nightmare Bats Challenge

Dominate Nightmare Bats Challenge with this Decks!

Halloween is around the corner, and what more could we expect than a fresh new season filled with exclusive Halloween content! Clash Royale‘s Clash-O-Ween is here with new challenges, events, and rewards. In this Clash Royale article, we will cover the best decks to use in the Nightmare Bats Challenge.

Top 3 Decks for Nightmare Bats Challenge

In this brand-new Challenge, the Nightmare Bats spawn from either side of the map, increasing their number over time. Due to the bats being invisible, they can only be eliminated using Spells. Let us jump into the decks right away. 

1. Skeleton King Splash Yard

Average Elixir: 3.5

A secret weapon to destroy the bats is the Ice Wizard. It is perhaps the only card that can eliminate the Nightmare Bats. Although the Ice Wizard cannot take them down normally, they can be killed by placing the Ice Wizard on top of them, as he deals damage upon spawning.

Clash Royale Nightmare Bats Challenge decks
Image via Supercell

The Ice Wizard, along with the spells can be used to take down the Nightmare Bats, while the Skeleton King and Baby Dragon can be used to apply pressure to a tower, followed by the Graveyard to assist the attack. The Poison Spell is a multi-purpose card that can be used to kill the Nightmare Bats as well as support the Graveyard push.

2. eGiant Mirror

Average Elixir: 3.1

Clash Royale Nightmare Bats Challenge decks
Image via Supercell

The eGiant Mirror deck has 4 options to eliminate the Nightmare Bats. The Electro Giant can wreak havoc all by himself, however, the opponent will find ways to defend their tower. Thereby, use the Dart Goblin and Ice Wizard for support, and the Mirror, if necessary. The deck lacks a strong spell (Poison, Fireball, Rocket, etc.) but if the Electro Giant attack is done right, the spells wouldn’t be required.

3. NB Valk Bait

Average Elixir: 2.6

Clash Royale Nightmare Bats Challenge decks
Image via Supercell

NB Valk Bait is more of a cycle deck that consists of 3 options to eliminate the Nightmare Bats. Goblin Barrel and Dart Goblin can be cycled to chip damage from the tower. Valkyrie can be used to support the defense with the help of the Ice Wizard and Dart Goblin. The deck focuses on chipping damage in the offense, and maintaining a strong defense; thus the reason for the absence of a heavy troop.

Final Thoughts

Clash Royale never misses out on bringing quality content, especially during special occasions such as Halloween. The new mode of gameplay brings a new experience to players as the focus would be either on taking down the bats or going for the 3-crown directly, but it is recommended to play by the former method as it keeps the player in a safer spot.

What are your thoughts about our guide on the best decks for Nightmare Bats Challenge in Clash Royale? Let us know in the comments below!

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