Clash Royale Guide: Tips to get Banners in the game

Best ways to get Banners!

In Clash Royale, a banner refers to the player’s emblem or insignia that is displayed during battles and can be customized. They were introduced in the Summer update 2022. The banner is also shown on the Player Profile page. These banners become available to players once they achieve a certain level, specifically King Level 4. Here is our guide on types of Banners and how to get them in Clash Royale.

Types of Banners in Clash Royale 

A player’s banner serves as an important visual representation of their identity in the game, and it can be used to display their style, or achievements. The banner constitutes of 3 items:

  • Frame: Frames are colorful strips with unique designs in the background.
Clash Royale banners frame
Image via Supercell
  • Decorations: The foremost image in the banner adds vibrancy to it.
Clash Royale banners decoration
Image via Supercell
  • Badges: are displayed at the bottom of the banner, which can be a card mastery badge, achievements badge, or challenges badge.
Clash Royale banners badge
Image via Supercell

Banners are categorized into high chance, rare, and extremely rare. Apart from that players also get default banners.

  • Default Battle banners: Player gets 3 default frames and decorations to customize their battle banners. 3 Frames include an orange check, green check, and purple check, and 3 decorations namely Target practice, Duellist, and 3 Crown. Default banners are available for all the players for free.
  • High Chance banners: Most common banner items. Some of the frames are purple skulls, arrows, swords, puzzling patterns, barrel prints, etc., decorations include princess, love arrows, protector P.E.K.K.A etc.
Clash Royale high chance banners
Image via Supercell
  • Rare banners: Some of the frames are blue sky thinking, spring arena, purple haze, etc. and decorations are golden knight, dragon trio, and mother whoops! etc. 
Clash Royale rare banners
Image via Supercell
  • Extremely Rare Banners: Floating hearts, XOXO, clash classroom frames, etc., and ice buddies, love bomber decorations are very rare to obtain.

How to get Battle Banners in Clash Royale

To obtain banners i.e. frames and decorations player has to buy a banner box that cost 100 banner tokens.

1. Completing Daily Challenges for Banner Tokens

Clash Royale banners tokens
Image via Supercell

Banner Tokens can be collected by completing daily challenges. The quest for getting tokens is to open a chest to get 20 tokens. Make sure to keep a chest in the process for opening to complete the quest and get tokens. Keep in mind to complete all the tasks daily to get a weekly bonus which includes 30 bonus tokens.

2. Complete using the 3rd card Mastery

Tokens can also be obtained by completing the 3rd card mastery task, for which the player gets 100 tokens. Card Mastery tasks can be winning battles, damage to enemy troops, etc. To get maximum tokens try to play with as many cards as you can, and complete their mastery task to get tokens. After completing the Mastery task you will be awarded a badge of that particular card which keeps on upgrading as you progress through the task completion. 

3. Use Gems to open Banner Boxes

Players can also use gems to open the Banner box which initially costs 50 gems but the gem purchase will increase in cost by 50 then 100 and so on successively. You get a random frame or decoration by opening the banner box.

Clash Royale gems
Image via Supercell

Opening the Banner Box guarantees a Battle Banner item that you do not already own. Overall, the banner feature in Clash Royale is a fun and customizable way for players to show off their achievements and personal style in the game. You can hold a maximum of 200 Banner Tokens in your inventory. If the limit is reached, you’ll need to spend the current Banner Tokens to allow space for more.

Did you find this guide on how to get Banners in Clash Royale helpful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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