Clash Royale Summer 2022 Update brings Battle Banners, Ban pick Duels and more

Raise your Battle Banners! Cause the Summer Update is coming!

Big news for Clash Royale fans as Supercell Games has confirmed a big Summer Update 2022 for the year 2022, which is dropping for the game. The update brings a host of new features, which were discussed in the latest TV royale.

Clash Royale Summer 2022 Update

Battle Banners and Banner box

One of the biggest new features of the upcoming update is the addition of battle banners. Battle banners allow users to add and decorate information about themselves. It will be shown before the start of every battle alongside the username, with the exception of duels and boat battles. Each battle banner has three parts, which include decoration, frame, and badges. Badges are used to showcase the proudest in-game achievements.

Clash Royale Summer 2022 Update battle_banners
Image via Supercell

There will also be a new banner box, which will contain different frames and decorations. The banner box will be refreshed with every season. To open a banner box, a player must possess at least 100 banner tokens. These tokens can be obtained from the third set of mastery tasks or by completing special challenges.  Moreover, every player will receive 100 free banner tokens, when the update goes live in the game.

Supercell has also confirmed that they are revamping the player profile section, with the biggest change in the revamp. It is giving players the ability to select up to 8 badges to display on their profile. It has also been confirmed that ten cards will be getting their third set of mastery tasks.

Duels are now available outside of Clan Wars

Another one of the biggest features in the upcoming update is the ability for players to duel 1v1 or 2v2 outside of clan wars. Players now have the ability to duel with anyone around the world. There are two types of duels, the regular open duel and the second one is called “Ban Pick Duel”.

With players now being given the ability to create different duel decks in the update, the new mode will allow players to ban up to two of their opponents’ decks. Some other changes include moving the trader to the shop, addition of a volume slider, a various quality of life improvements, and more.

What are your thoughts about the Clash Royale Summer 2022 update? Let us know in the comments below!

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