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COD Mobile 10v10 Mode Guide: Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

Knock 'em all!

COD Mobile Season 9 has released with a lot of new exciting content. Just like every Call of Duty Mobile season, this season will also introduce new maps, weapons, and other features. But something more interesting is there in the pipeline. That is Season 9 has brought 10v10 mode, which will be pure mayhem. In this COD Mobile 10v10 guide, we will be giving you the tips and tricks to master your gameplay in this mode and dominate your enemies in every match.

What is COD Mobile 10v10 mode?

COD Mobile 10v10

10v10 Collection mode is very engaging to play as there will now not be ten, but a total of 20 players in a single match. These twenty players will be divided into teams of two. The first team to reach the designated points will win the match. This mode is featured in only two types of match types: Domination and Team-Death Match.

The COD Mobile 10v10 mode will only be available on 4 maps.

  • Crossfire
  • Takeoff
  • Meltdown
  • Shipment 1994.

Out of these, Shipment 1994 is the latest addition to the varied collection of maps in Call of Duty Mobile.

COD Mobile 10v10, Shipment COD Mobile

Tips and Tricks for COD Mobile 10v10 mode

As we have said earlier, the COD Mobile 10v10 mode will be playable in two match types – Team Deathmatch and Domination. These two different modes demand different gameplay. So we are going to give you tips and tricks for both the modes separately.


The first match type that we will be talking about is Domination. Here are the tips and tricks to excel in the 10v10 mode in this match type.

COD Mobile 10v10 Domination

1. Go for the B target first

Target B is located in the middle of the map. So if you want to win quickly, don’t hesitate to take the target B so your team will have the points advantage.

COD Mobile 10v10

Taking A or C is easy, provided either of them starts as your spawning base in each half.

2. Always have a Smoke bomb in your loadout

COD Mobile 10v10, Smoke Bomb COD Mobile

Suppose you spawn at target A and want to take over target B and C easily. To achieve that mission successfully, you need to bring a smoke bomb to hide near the target. Make sure to use the smoke bomb while you are prone so you can hide without the opponent noticing you. It is a simple tool to blind the enemies so that they can’t target you properly and lose their ammo in the process while firing blankly.

3. Being scared of dying is not an option

The kills count doesn’t affect the points you score in the Domination mode. Here you have to capture and hold objectives to earn points over time. So you can move straight to the enemy base and try to capture it to get the target C. Even if you get knocked out once, you will respawn just like in Frontline or Team Deathmatch. So you don’t have to worry about dying and losing points in the Domination mode because that’s not going to happen anytime.

4. Always use SMRS as your secondary weapon

COD Mobile 10v10

This can prove to be a very advantageous trick in the COD Mobile 10v10 mode. SMRS is the best secondary weapon for the Domination mode because the opponent often gathers in the same place, so you can take all of them instantly with one bullet. And in this mode you ill have more opponents gathering at a specific target. So you can knock them away with a single press of a button.

5. Use the Lightweight perk

From all the perks you can choose in Call of Duty Mobile, Lightweight is one of the best perks available when playing the Domination mode. This is because lightweight will increase your movement speed by up to 10%. As a result, you can reach Target B or C faster when you spawn at target A.

COD Mobile 10v10 mode, lightweight perk COD Mobile

Lightweight also reduces the fall damage, so you don’t have to worry about falling from a building and causing damage to your health.

That was all about the tips and tricks for Domination match type in COD Mobile 10v10 mode. Now we move on to the next match type – Team Deathmatch.

Team Deathmatch

The next match type that we will be talking about is Team Deathmatch. Here are the tips and tricks to excel in the 10v10 mode for this match type.

COD Mobile 10v10 TDM

1. Don’t afraid to rush towards enemy

In TDM, your HP will be restored even after you get knocked out once by the enemy. Thanks to this, you should not be afraid to go ahead and play savagely because you can still do healing automatically.

You also do respawn again after death. Therefore you should never be afraid to move forward to get kills. If you can, break through the enemy bases and finish them all.

2. Do not forget about Optics

Optics is one of the things that you must pay attention to win easily in this mode. Red Dot Sight is an optic that you should use in this mode because it is very suitable for use in a narrow map like Shipment.

COD Mobile 10v10, Red dot sight COD Mobile

You can also use Holographic Sight as an alternative instead of Red Dot Sight if you don’t like the look of RDS and feel comfortable with the Holographic sight. After the season 9 update, there are many variants of holographic sights available to choose from, in the loadout.

3. Camping is not the way towards victory

The main objective of Team Deathmatch in COD Mobile is to get as many kills as possible to win the match. To be able to get a kill in large numbers, of course, you should not hide for too long because you will lose the opportunity to get a kill then. Even if you are camping and waiting for enemy to fall in your zone, your whereabouts can also be detected using UAV or Missile. So it’s useless to hide in this mode.

4. Use the Vulture perk

The green perk called Vulture is very useful in the team deathmatch because this perk helps you to take back the bullets that you have fired from the players that you managed to kill.

COD Mobile 10v10 Mode, COD Mobile Vulture perk

This makes the player not run out of bullets because he can reload the ammo by taking it back from the enemy’s corpse.

5. Sniper in the loadout is not recommended

Even though it has very powerful damage and does a one-shot kill, you should not use a sniper in team deathmatch because you will be in a bit of trouble to get a kill. Not only that but using sniper will also prevent your team from winning because you cannot get a large number of kills and that might create the difference between you and your enemies. So you should not use sniper especially if you play in a very narrow map like shipment because you will be an easy target there.

So, those are some tips and tricks to play the COD Mobile 10v10 mode.

We hope you find this COD Mobile 10v10 guide helpful. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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