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Call of Duty Mobile Perks Guide

COD Mobile gives players the choice of 18 unique perks to use in Multiplayer. It’s all upon the players to decide what they choose to opt for, but here we give you detailed information on Call of Duty Mobile Perks where we explain what each perk does, as well as what level it unlocks.

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What are Perks in COD Mobile

Perks are modifiers featured in the multiplayer aspects of COD Mobile. They passively affect gameplay, allowing further customization of classes. They affect available equipment, the effectiveness of the player’s equipment, the speed the player’s equipment can be used, the usefulness of the enemy’s equipment, and the physical properties of the player’s character. There are three categories of Perks available in the game: Red, Green, and Blue.

Red Perks

Red Perks are the first set of perks you’ll be able to unlock, and you’ll unlock the first Red Perk at level 4.

Fast Recover

Call of Duty Mobile Perks, COD Mobile Perks

This perk can be unlocked after you reach Level 4. By using this perk your HP recovery rate would increase by 35%. This means once you get hit by an enemy, your health will revive fast and this is really a very good option in Multiplayer matches.


This perk unlocks on Level 14. By using this, even if you are downed by your enemy, the Scorestreak Progression would not reset. But on the other hand, the scorestreaks cost would double up. This would be handy if you are using some really prized scorestreaks such as VTOL, Helicopter, or Missiles.


Call of Duty Mobile Perks, COD Mobile Perks

This perk unlocks at level 22. As the name suggests, this perk would make you lightweight where your sprinting speed is increased by 10% and fall damage is reduced. Reduction of Fall damage means when you jump off a building or a cliff, your HP reduces sometimes, this HP reduction decreases while using this perk.


This perk unlocks at level 30. By using this perk, object mantling speed is increased and the aim time of weapons after sprinting is reduced.

Flak Jacket

Call of Duty Mobile Perks, COD Mobile Perks

This perk unlocks at level 39. Damage from explosions caused by Car burst, Frag grenades, etc. is reduced by 35% after using this perk.


This perks would unlock at level 45. You will be able to move 12% faster when walking or crouching.

The New Perk: Overkill

This new perk is set to release with Season 7 update. With this perk, you will be able to use the Akimbo skill. This means you will be able to have two primary weapons – AR, LMG, SMG, or Sniper.

Green Perks

Green Perks are the second set of perks you’ll unlock. The first Green Perk unlocks at level 6.


Call of Duty Mobile Perks, COD Mobile Perks

This perk unlocks at level 6. By using this perk, you can pick up ammo from kills equal to the mag capacity of the current weapon that you are using in the match.


This perk unlocks at level 16. This perk would reduce flinch from damage by 60%.


Call of Duty Mobile Perks, COD Mobile Perks

This perk unlocks at level 24. Enemy footprints are visible for 4 seconds after you apply this perk. Very effective for following up behind the enemies and eliminating them in no time.


This perk unlocks at level 32. Players cannot be targeted by AI-controlled Scorestreaks after they use this perk. One example of AI-controlled Scorestreak is Stealth Chopper.


Call of Duty Mobile Perks, COD Mobile Perks

This perk unlocks at level 41.  This perk makes you immune to Counter-UAVs and EMP Grenades, and you won’t trigger Land Minds. In addition, if the enemy is using Tracker perk, then this perk would reduce Tracker’s effectiveness.


This perk unlocks at level 47. Enemy UAVs would not be able to reveal your position after you apply this perk in your loadout.

The New Perk: Quick Fix

This perk will come in Season 7. With this perk, Melee(knife) kills immediately starts health regeneration.

Blue Perks

Blue Perks will be the last category of perks to unlock. You’ll get your first Blue Perk at level 12.


Call of Duty Mobile Perks, COD Mobile Perks

The first Blue perk which unlocks at Level 12.  This perk increases points earned with kills by 25%. So the more you kill with perk equipped, the more are your chances to become MVP.

Demo Expert

This perk unlocks at level 20. It increases the damage of explosives by 25%. Equip this perk and use lethal weapons such as frag grenade or sticky grenade and create havoc among enemies.

Dead Silence

This perk unlocks at level 20. You will be able to move about in dead silence. This makes enemies unable to track you by listening to your footsteps. This stands as very effective when you are in the middle of a close-quarter in maps such as Cage or Meltdown where you can slowly walk down behind your enemy (if he is camping) and knock him down.


This perk unlocks at level 37. This perk reveals enemy equipment and scorestreaks. In addition, this perk lets you re-roll care packages and booby trap enemy care packages.

Tactical Mask

Call of Duty Mobile Perks, COD Mobile Perks

This perk unlocks at level 43. The duration of the effect of the enemy’s tactical equipment reduces by 40% after you use this perk. Tactical equipment includes Flashbang grenade, Cryo bomb, Smoke grenade, etc.


This perk unlocks at level 51. After you equip this perk, the general locations of enemies would appear on the mini-map as they approach. This is also a useful option for close-range maps where you need to know the location of enemies and the paths they are coming by.

The New Perk: Shrapnel

A season 7 addition, Shrapnel will make you Spawn with an extra piece of lethal equipment.

So that is all about the Call Of Duty Mobile Perks. You can choose whatever you wish to equip based on what loadout are you going with.

We hope you find this COD Mobile Perks Guide helpful. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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