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COD Mobile Account lost: Here’s how to recover

Losing account can be very much problematic. Be it on a mobile device or pc or console, for a player who is regular on a game and has spent a significant amount of time playing the game, losing the account forever can break him mentally. Sometimes it happens because of the issue on the developer’s side and sometimes it happens because of the player’s own fault. Nowadays, Call of Duty Mobile players are facing the same very frequently. So if you are among those who has lost his/her COD Mobile account, we will explain how you can possibly recover the account. We will also discuss how to avoid losing the accounts.

How to avoid losing the Call of Duty Mobile account?

When a player first logs into the game, he/she gets the option to play either as a Guest or use Facebook login or Google Play login. Many players do not care about it unknowingly and they go for Guest login. This is the first big mistake they do. When someone uses the guest login, if somehow the game data gets deleted or they reinstall the game, they’ll completely lose their progress. That means, they will not be able to recover the old account. No matter what they do, the progress is lost forever. So, first things first, use either Facebook or Google Play login to safeguard the progress. So in that case, if the player reinstalls the game, the data will be saved. And they can log in to their old account.

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How to recover the lost account in Call of Duty Mobile?

In some rare cases, players lose their account data even if they had the Facebook or Google Play login. It is not normal but no need to panic. In that case, the players will need to contact the Activision support. The support will make sure that the person who is looking to recover the data is the real owner and then they will proceed. So players must have some proof about their account identity. If you are among those who lost their COD Mobile account even after having the Facebook or Google Play login, please click the button below and contact the support.

If you did not do anything wrong but still lost the account, you’ll probably get the account back. So just be patient and let the support recover your account data.

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