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COD Mobile Account lost: Here’s how to recover

Losing account can be very much problematic. Be it on a mobile device or pc or console, for a player who is regular on a game and has spent a significant amount of time playing the game, losing the account forever can break him mentally. Sometimes it happens because of the issue on the developer’s side and sometimes it happens because of the player’s own fault. Nowadays, Call of Duty Mobile players are facing the same very frequently. So if you are among those who has lost his/her COD Mobile account, we will explain how you can possibly recover the account. We will also discuss how to avoid losing the accounts.

How to avoid losing the Call of Duty Mobile account?

When a player first logs into the game, he/she gets the option to play either as a Guest or use Facebook login or Google Play login. Many players do not care about it unknowingly and they go for Guest login. This is the first big mistake they do. When someone uses the guest login, if somehow the game data gets deleted or they reinstall the game, they’ll completely lose their progress. That means, they will not be able to recover the old account. No matter what they do, the progress is lost forever. So, first things first, use either Facebook or Google Play login to safeguard the progress. So in that case, if the player reinstalls the game, the data will be saved. And they can log in to their old account.

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How to recover the lost account in Call of Duty Mobile?

In some rare cases, players lose their account data even if they had the Facebook or Google Play login. It is not normal but no need to panic. In that case, the players will need to contact the Activision support. The support will make sure that the person who is looking to recover the data is the real owner and then they will proceed. So players must have some proof about their account identity. If you are among those who lost their COD Mobile account even after having the Facebook or Google Play login, please click the button below and contact the support.

If you did not do anything wrong but still lost the account, you’ll probably get the account back. So just be patient and let the support recover your account data.

activision support

Please note – The Activision support website only supports certain issues that they address through their live chat feature. So if your issue doesn’t let you get in touch from the website, please reach out to them on Twitter.

Hope you’ll find this article helpful. For more helpful contents like this, make sure to follow GamingonPhone on Twitter and Instagram.

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Cody Poissant

I was log in through my FB n my FB account got dele by an ex n so did my whole account and i just brought the battle passed is they anyway i can get back on my account named alPhAWolf99Sav idk my password the my email address for my other Facebook

Amir Aslam

Hello I’ve lost my fb account and now I can’t log back in to my cod and I’ve lost it all. How do I get my old fb account back

Juan venter

Same with me and I used my Facebook to log in and when I logged in I could use my phone number and not my email address now I can’t use Facebook anymore because I have to login through Call of Duty and it doesn’t give an option to login with your phone number so I have to login with an email and the email I log in with mine starts me from all over😥

Justin Vos

Same shit just happened to me. But I also have it logged into the call of duty part to. But it won’t let me press it. I have so many legend and mythic guns, not mention I’ve been playing since season 1.


I forget my email and password. What should I do to put back?

damarley Drummond

Thank you very much thank you if this doesn’t work my whole year will be ruined

Ross Mokhtari

i cant connect to my account wrong email pass combination, i forgot the email i used when signing up, i have my username and id
what can i do?


hi did u get back your account?


I emailed them and they haven’t gotten back to me yet, i am furious and i want my account back. I signed in with Google the first time i got the game. I didn’t do anything wrong i was trying to spectate my friends game and it kicked me out and made me make another account.


The same thing happens to me when I created a google profile and logged in to the Call of Duty profile everything went yesterday i updated my phone reloaded the profile aisle through google account where i went i have to start all over again what to do?


Same thing that happened to me few hours ago

Akshat Jain

Is it now recovered? If yes then how many days did it take?

Tasi Guzman

Today I accidentally unliked my original call of duty mobile account from the Facebook login I was using and connected it to a new call of duty account. I now have no way of accessing my original call of duty account. I would like recoger this original account, it was connected to the Facebook account I am using now. I also still have the name and ID of the original account it that helps.

Tasi Guzman

Can you help me please

Yaya Razali

I have ID for COD but i cant log in,i didn’t connect my account with FB,how?

Last edited 2 years ago by Yaya Razali
Probal Datta

Even if you haven’t linked with Facebook yet, once you click on that Facebook login button, your ID automatically links with your FB Profile. Try that once


what is the email address for activision, my account got deleted by accident and i can remember my goin email address.



Trupti Patel

I was log in with guest at season4 and now when I log in with Apple ID my guest account was lost it’s name was AvengerMeer lvl150 legendary ranked now lost

Ng Yow kit

Is there a way to get my data back after I clear the history on FB, pls tell me there is if not my heart will break down

Ng Yow kit

So i clear my Facebook history and few weeks later my Call Of Duty mobile restart so I had to remake a account mean the old account is gone. So I’m asking is there anything I can get it back?

Ng Yow kit

Yah I can but my COD games data is all gone ,how to get it back?

Ng Yow kit

Where can I contact the Activision support?


The link at the bottom of the article only brings me to a “contact us” page on activision website but it does not have an email to contact them? It just leads you to a list of games, topics and suggested solutions. I also am facing a problem where I suddenly have lost my account, please help!


You’re not able to talk directly with the Activison staff anywhere on the website, the only way to contact them directly is through twitter. The page you linked just links you back to a different FAQ forum.

Ng Yow kit

I’ve tried Twitter and email but there’s still no reply, is there any hope?


Bro today I opened my game and it wasn’t auto login and It want my account password and email but i forgot. I had a cod account. Pls help me because my rank was pro 3 in cod mobile. Pls help me. I tried to contact to Activision but it doesn’t have my problem. Pls help me.😭😔😔

varun kumar

i cannot login to my account

it shows your email id or password wrong

but i have login my account few days (4 days ) before
with the same email id and password
what should i do now?

Probal Datta

You can contact the Activision support. But first, recheck your email ID and password. There must be something going wrong there. Good Luck!

varun kumar

i have already checked it but its not working and it sows the new account what should i do?


I don’t know if was an update or something but I went to play COD mobile and my account was gone and I had to start fresh and I’m pretty sure i used my Apple ID as the account and it’s not retrieving it so what am I supposed to do?


My account was Madceasersalad FYI, please get it back if you can.


I was in between a match and was connected on my mobile data. I received a unexpected call and it went on for 10 minutes or so…. So it got logged out of my FB account. This happened multiple times for me it wasn’t new so as usual I gave my FB login details and it took me as a new player. I used the same login details every time. My ID number is new my name is new all my data is lost. But the account is there as I checked it through my friends ID. Can i get… Read more »


I had reset my tab and my cod account was linked to my gmail . when I try loging in it logins in and then asks to make a new account. Its really frustrating cause I did a lot of work in that game. I hope someone could help me get my account back.


Sir my acc wont log in my feeling that all my progress was deleted and gone please get my acc back i change my username and i deleted cod mobile and when i tried to log back i forgot my username can you retrace my acc by using my old username its GNM-WOW ok?


it really breaks my heart that I lost my account Im crying Atm, I lost my acc by removing my app acc website at facebook because I want to link my Codm at my garena but it ended up losing my acc and creating new, can you please me? I would really appreciate it

Agus Efendy Diaz

Sir please I pm you on Facebook. I lost my acc because I was trying to link my FB acc to Garena acc and end up losing it now it created new acc. Help me please I still have my In Game Id and I can prove to you its mine


I deleted my FB account and I forgot about the game and idk how to get back my COD account it’s RavanElavavda
Please help,

Probal Datta

If you had your Call of Duty account linked with the game, you can get into your profile any day. But if you do not have a COD account linked even, then you have to contact Activision support or unfortunately, you have to open a new account.


jeez thats kinda bad for my situation

Yash Tanna

hello. i had a question. i had not linked my account to either fb or google play but i do have my Player ID. is there any way i can use that to get back into my account?

Probal Datta

Did you have your account linked to COD? If you had, then you can login through your email ID. But if you logged in as a guest, then I’m afraid you have to go for a new account.

Yash Tanna

yes it was my guest account which i had not linked to any other social account but i do have my UID and Player ID of my guest account which i lost. can the UID or Player ID help in any way?


hey there i need ur help. i lost my account all o sudden with no reason. it was connected to my call of duty account, Facebook and email.i guess my whole account was hacked because i had to recover my email and facebook password.after that i recovered my call of duty password but when i logged in it just gave me a new level 1 account.i dont know what to do.i automatically logged in with my other phone and my account is here but i dont know what to do.i dont know what email is connected to my account. im… Read more »

Probal Datta

Well, as it seems, your account has been hacked. This is happening a lot recently. You can drop a mail to Activision reporting this mishap. You say you logged in from another phone. Did your account appear at the level you were or it was back to level 1 there as well?


So I tried playing codm in my laptop because my phone is broken, before I play the game. It ask me to login using facebook or guest. I clicked the facebook thinking that I might play the same account from my phone. Then when I’m in the game my account went back to lvl 0. how do I recover my old codm account?

Probal Datta

Was your old ID linked with your Facebook account? If not, then this is very obvious that logging in from your FB will take you to a brand new account


Yes, my old ID was linked in my facebook account. Is there any way I could recover my account?

Probal Datta

The only way out is to log in through the Facebook account which you had linked to the game. Even if the devices change, do not switch the mode of Logging in.


So somebody hacked my account and changed my email and password to Activision but I could still log in through Facebook is there any way to get my account back

Amaan Azad

i deleted cod mobile and started playing it again i logged in through the call of duty option but when i logged in it asked me to put my username and i started from the beginning. i created my account in season 1 and had the bp from season 1 until season 6 or 5

Kaye Tia

Hi I’m writing cause need some help with recovering my CODM account. I accidentally deleted my Facebook and I do not know my password and I’m worried I can’t get my CODM account back as I have spent soo much money buying crates and hours into the game and I do not know what to do as to recovering my account. Please help


I opened the game after a while and clicked on guest (CODM) THEN GMAIL account popped up and I clicked on my account then the loading stuff happened. After the loading it didn’t open my account.Then I needed to create some new account and again complete the tutorial and contacted the but no reply then by mistake I linked this new account to the Gmail account .Done when I’m clicking on my Gmail my new account is opening now my old one


I play COD mobile with my facebook account,though i’ve linked it with activision profile,but continued to log in through facebook,recently when i tried to log in through activision,i can’t,it seemed that i have forgotten my activision log in id…but if i log in through Facebook it shows that both my a/c are linked…is there anyother way to retrive my activision log in id ?

Gowtham Naidu

I link my activation account and facebook account but some one open my account and link unknown apple account link so I don’t know which apple account linked how to recover my account remove apple account


I deleted my old Facebook account which I used to create my call of duty mobile account and now can’t find it and have already created my new Facebook account is there a way I can get back my call of duty account my game tag is clementdaliso


any one havean of this question

how to take old account in call of duy


I bought several items on my COD mobile account and I’m not sure if I had linked it to an email. If I didn’t, is there any way to get my old account back?


Hi I need help recovering my cod mobile account. My game name is :keaganfararira

Plz I need help with it

Sharon Mahaffey

I have lost all of my stuff and I have spent hundreds of dollars on this. I’m so freakin pissed. It’s all I had left to enjoy and it’s wanting me to start over. I’m crying I’m so pissed.

Mukesh jadav

Please help me someone I have fully lost my fb account due to formatting my old username is Bhavik-jadav48 I had joined the clan if someone could help me please contact 8369095069 my level 150 please someone give me Activision contact number

frida barrera

i can’t get back into my account i have the username and everything but it won’t let me

Probal Datta

Hi Frida! See if you did not do anything wrong but still lost the account, you’ll probably get the account back. But if the problem persists, you can always contact Activision support and get your queries solved

frida barrera

i did try to contact activision support but it really didn’t help. i spent money on that account i am starting to think it might be locked temporarily because i tried to log in so many times and password reset is not working

Probal Datta

Hi Frida! Although it’s sad to say that, but I have to say it that if the account was locked temporarily, then you would have been notified. But if that isn’t the case, then it’s banned permanently. There is absolutely no option other than creating a new account!


Hello I accidentally delete my info from Facebook and clear every thing i can proof my account what should i do? How can i connect activision support?


I start playing this game on season 1 to seaons 4 and then after i log out to season 5 in the next 8 months ago i have and issue that say Anuthoriztion9999.2018 that i can,t log in my account back please soemone help me


now there is a really rare chance that my account is unable to login i even have fb sign in but it keep saying Authoriztion erorr 9999.2018 i try clear cachs delete data uninstall reainstall fb login and out phone reset airplain mode nothing seems to be working when i try a guess account my fb Acc still there.please i really needed your help how do i fix this erorr code


Ok i kinda made a stupid mistake alright my storage was getting full and i needed to delete storage and i accidentally deleted my codm data and when i tried logging in with my facebook account it just said “Unable to retrieve user info (0,100020)”
And i really need some help


How can I contact the activision support


My cod account got hacked and they changed the email and password, I can still log in through my facebook but if they open the game using the cod account they stole it kicks me out how do I get my account back please help me

Daniel Vasquez

I had just bought the battle pass and my phone broke i was logged in thru a call of duty acc and my Google play account but when I try to log into to them my Google account makes me start over and my call of duty account says I don’t have one

Hazrul rajiv disomimba

I need your help! I want to go to my old account. I singed up on garena and named GHOST_JAWBONE and i want to go at my old account guest account named GHOST_MARKSMAN i need my account back.

Jeremy Easley

I got a new phone and it didn’t save the account even though I transferred everything from the old phone to this one for some other apps it save the account so can anyone help me fix this problem.


Was playing on guest account until level 100 then my phone broke and I had to get a new one. I understand I’ve lost all saved data and guns, but could I at least recover my gamertag for my new account I’ve now actually created?

Luigi Emil Q. Espino

My fb account is link in my codm and my facebook account got block bacause of community standards i cant access my cod


I have my account linked to a FB account and I lost my FB account my codm name is RK_Cru§ły can you help me?


How do i get my account back if im in guest and i uninstall cod mobile and download again and my account is gone for2 years

Kayliana Mech

i was going to log into cod mobile and i have my stuff saved into facebook but when i clicked fb it was saying it can’t log in bc i don’t meet the requirements for country or age im in the us and 18 so idk why it was saying that. then i went to look in my fb to see what was going on and my log in stuff was gone. how do i get back in ?

Kayliana Mech

i was going to log into cod mobile and i have my stuff saved into facebook but when i clicked fb it was saying


So i was downloading maps in codm and it said server disconnected and i tried loging in again and it asked me to make a new account and i still cant login plzz help me i had spend money too


Pls can I still get my cod account that I linked to iCloud after deleting the app


I lost my account the name of the account is SUMEDH_error44 and I was level 150 and my multiplayer rank was legendry and I had 900+ cp please please please please please please find back my account and give it back to me😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


I lost my account let me give you the information that I know so the name of my account is SUMEDH_error44 and I had 900+cp and my rank in multiplayer was legendry please please please help me find my account🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭

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