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COD Mobile: How to earn Marathon medal in the game

Call of Duty Mobile includes a variety of medals that players may win to gain access to free stuff in challenges. While some medals are difficult to obtain, others are rather simple. Medals can be earned in both multiplayer and Battle Royale modes. The Marathon medal is one such medal that is available on COD Mobile.

On COD Mobile, the Marathon medal is one of the easiest to obtain. All players must do is run a total distance of 2000 meters around the map. This medal, however, may only be obtained in Battle Royale. This medal does not involve any combat with the enemy, making it easy to complete.

How to get a Marathon medal in COD Mobile

Drop on the farthest spot on the map to get a marathon medal. To survive any threat in their way, players must collect weapons and medkits. It’s advisable to stay as far away from the safe zone as possible, as getting inside would require a lot of running.

COD Mobile Marathon Medal
Image via Activision

Players must be mindful of the blue zone, which will become more dangerous as the game progresses. To guarantee the Marathon medal objective is accomplished quickly in the early minutes of the game, players should avoid using any vehicles and maintain their character in sprint mode at all times. The game will become more difficult as most COD Mobile Battle Royale players agree that running around in a small circle in the open is not the safest approach.

Because the distance reached by the player on foot is never considered as progress if it is less than 2000 meters, the goal of the Marathon medal must be completed in a single shot. Smoke grenades and cluster grenades are available for players to use at the first sign of trouble. Trickster, Poltergiest, Airborne, and Ninja are some of the greatest selections for the class.

Have you earned the Marathon medal in COD Mobile yet? Drop in your opinions about the weapon in the comments section below!

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