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COD Mobile: Top 10 best Submachine guns (SMGs) in the game

The variety of weapons available for players to try out has always been a staple of the Call of Duty franchise, and Call Of Duty Mobile is no exception. Among the different kinds of weapons available in the game, Submachine guns (SMGs) have dominated the COD Mobile meta for a long time and continue to do so even now. Out of the wide range of SMG weapons, here we offer you the “Best Submachine guns (SMGs) in COD Mobile” that can surely help you go on a long-lasting win streak.

List of 10 best Submachine guns (SMGs) in COD Mobile

SMGs are excellent for close-quarters combat, excelling up to medium range. SMGs, with their small calibers and light bodies, typically have little recoil and a very short time-to-kill (TTK).

1. CBR4

This gun stands out with its AR-like fire rate. The range on this gun is decent for an SMG with the ADS speed which is quite average when compared to other SMGs.

COD Mobile CBR4 weapon
Image via Activision

However, it can be improved by using a suitable foregrip. A great choice for a secondary weapon in Battle Royale and in Multiplayer modes like Hardpoint and Domination.

2. PPSh-41

This old-fashioned SMG has great hipfire accuracy. This gun offers smooth mobility and movement, especially for SMG users. Its thin iron sight helps a lot in aiming. It has got a kick of vertical and horizontal recoil though with proper attachments it can be controlled.

COD Mobile best Submachine guns SMGs
Image via Activision

3. MAC-10

Along with all other weapons in the game, the MAC-10 has no recoil and idle sway when aiming down the sights. The MAC-10 holds 40 rounds in multiplayer and 30 rounds in single-player and has an extremely high rate of fire but lacks in stopping power, taking several shots to take down a single enemy, though it is compensated for by the viciously high rate of fire.

COD Mobile Season 3 2022 test server
MAC 10 weapon in COD Mobile (Image via Activision)

The MAC-10 has a 40-round magazine but fewer backup magazines. It is very useful on all maps, due to its high rate of fire and excellent accuracy when aiming down the sights.

4. GKS

This gun has a decent amount of range, recoil, damage, and mobility. Its iron sight is also pretty good, as the green point helps a lot while aiming. A great choice for medium-sized maps and can be a great secondary weapon in Battle Royale.

COD Mobile best Submachine guns SMGs
Image via Activision

5. Striker 45

The Striker 45 submachine gun is a compact weapon capable of doing massive damage in close-quarters and mid-range combat. The Striker 45 comes with 25-round magazines. bullets for a 45 auto. The weapon’s inherent accuracy and steadiness at a distance make up for the low ammo count. 45-round mag and ammunition accessories. You might want to design and save many customized weapons in Gunsmith because 45 Hollow Point 12-Round Mags allow for quite varied playstyles.

COD Mobile Season 7 2023 Leaks
Image via Activision

Optics undoubtedly enhance your ability to follow targets, but the regular iron sights are sufficiently visible that you don’t need to utilize one, freeing up your permitted five attachment slots for other purposes. The weapon’s limit

6. KSP 45

KSP 45 is a burst-fire submachine gun that deals serious damage at a moderate range. On top of that, the easy-to-control recoil is another reason to get your hands on the brand-new SMG.

COD Mobile best Submachine guns SMGs
Image via Activision

Although The KSP 45 can’t compete with MAC-10 or MP7 in close combat, the greater damage and low recoil make it the ideal SMG for slightly longer distances.


By far this gun has the best fire rate and ADS speed amongst the SMGs. Great mobility and damage rate are also pretty high for MSMC. However, the Range is extremely low, and recoil control is also very low and even after attachments, it cannot be fully reduced. Good hip-fire accuracy, which makes it a decent SMG for close range.

COD Mobile best Submachine guns SMGs
Image via Activision

8. Switchblade X9

Switchblade X9 is a brand new SMG in COD Mobile Season 7. The X9 is a good SMG that deals 27 damage with an extremely fast fire rate and high mobility, great for the close-range gun. The Switchblade X9 has a 1.3x Head and Neck damage multiplier, 1.2x Upper Chest1.1x Upper Arm, and 0.9x to Stomach, Legs, and lower Arm.

COD Mobile best Submachine guns SMGs
Image via Activision

When using Switchblade X9 we recommend you to hit the upper body damage most of the time to get that 4 shots to kill, if you manage to hit 1 headshot there is a possibility to reduce the time to kill.

9. Cordite

Cordite is a fully automatic SMG or submachine gun with a large ammo pool. Despite having a lower base damage than guns in its class like the RUS-79U and Chicom, the Cordite has a high rate of fire, good accuracy, and control, all of which contribute to a low recoil.

COD Mobile best Submachine guns SMGs
Image via Activision

Compared to other SMGs, it can also eliminate opponents at a greater distance. The Cordite SMG can be transformed into a lethal combat weapon with the appropriate attachments. While the base damage of the Cordite SMG is lower compared to other SMGs, its high fire rate, mobility, and control make it a good choice in its class.

The right attachments will increase the accuracy, range, and recoil control of the Cordite SMG. The drop in mobility can be compensated with red perks like Lightweight or Skulker, which will increase your walk or sprint speeds.

10. QQ9

Well-suited for almost every map in the game, QQ9 has some great stats. Although, the Recoil of QQ9 without the attachments cannot be handled, surprisingly with a few of those it can be reduced to considerably really low recoil.

COD Mobile best Submachine guns SMGs
Image via Activision

This powerful SMG gun is a deadly accurate and deep-ranged weapon suitable for almost all players. Moreover, QQ9 is easy to control, its mobility is smooth, and it has a great damage rate as well.

What is your opinion about the Top 10 best Submachine guns (SMGs) in COD Mobile? Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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