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COD Warzone Mobile: How to get free CP


COD Warzone Mobile is all set and running to fulfil its global release date of March 21, 2024, and as I am writing this piece, the game has already been released in some regions. For a new game, there need to be lots of freebies to be offered for the excitement to stay intact, and Activision is doing so by gifting the ‘Bloody Reaper’ and ‘Golden Phantom’ Ghost Operator Skins for free. However, there is a way we can earn the premium currency CP (COD Points) for free in COD Warzone Mobile, which I will explain in this guide.

How to get free CP (COD Points) in Warzone Mobile

CP, which is the abbreviation for Call of Duty Points, serve as the in-game currency in Warzone Mobile, offering us the opportunity to acquire items and enhancements in the game. CP enables users to access new items and accessories introduced with each seasonal update, but only works on the game you have purchased.

Warzone Mobile Best Settings cover
Image via Activision

Battle Pass Owners can utilize CP to swiftly unlock Tiers and immediately access content. So getting them for free is pretty difficult, I should say, but there are some instances where the developers dish out some free CPs, although rare, it can be helpful for you to get the goodies later on, such as getting a Battle Pass itself. So, let me tell you how you can get free CPs.

1. Free CP with Battle Pass

This is the best way, and currently on launch, the only way to get free CP. Again, you don’t need to purchase the pass for this, just keep playing and unlock free tiers to earn them. In Season 02 Battle Pass, Tier 56, Tier 66, and Tier 96 offer 100 CP each, making it a total of 300 CP that can be earned for free.

COD Battle Pass free CP
Image via Activision

The Battle Pass is currently priced at 1100 CP, and if I go by the calculations, completing the free pass four times will fetch you 1200 CP, enough to purchase the Season 06 Battle Pass when it arrives. Sounds like a striking deal, right?

Currently, this is the only way to earn free COD Points. Do not click on links or believe any other technique to earn them, since it will put your account at risk. I will be updating this piece once I get to know other ways to collect them, until then, keep the action going!

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