Coin Master Beginners Guide and Tips

Build your Viking village to the top!

Coin Master is an online casino-themed title that comes from the developer house of Moon Active. In a setup, ideal for casual gamers, it asks blends the traditional slot machines that can be found in most casinos with mildly animated base development, raiding, and base defense. Coins from slot machines and raids must be gathered by players, who must then spend those coins to create a base. Being one of the top-grossing games, in this Coin Master game beginners guide, we are going to share some useful tips and tricks to assist the newbies as they embark on their village-building and upgrading journey with Coin Master.

Decoding the Slot Machine Rewards

As discussed earlier, the Slot Machine in Coin Master is an exact variant of the one that can be seen in a casino. Players need to simply get a matching pattern across all three spaces will to receive rewards. Below are the rewards that can be earned by matching patterns in the Slot Machine, and their utility:

Obtainable RewardsHow to earn themUtility
Coins1. Lining up 3 Coins on the slot machine
2. Lining up 3 Pouches on the Slot Machine(For Additional Coins)
Building and Upgrading your Village.
Free SpinLining up 3 energy capsules on the slot machineGifts you an additional opportunity to spin the Slot Machine
PigsLining up 3 pig face patterns on the slot machine.Used for Attacking a village.
HammerLining up 3 Hammers on the Slot MachineUsed for Raiding a Village
ShieldLining up 3 Shields on the Slot MachineTo automatically protect your Village from another player’s attack

Utilizing your Pets

Pets are nothing but your in-game companions that help you while attacking and raiding other villages and even protecting your village from attacks. Once a user reaches Level 4, the Pet feature activates. Users can then unlock/hatch pets that come with varied abilities.

List of all available Pets in Coin Master

1. Foxy

The first pet in the game to be unlocked, Foxy, has a lot of useful skills. Foxy will dig up the fourth position in raids to get more cash. When you achieve Village Level 4, Foxy, your first pet, will become available. An animation will walk you through feeding and leveling up your pet as well as other pet-related tasks.

Coin Master executing the perfect Raid
Image via Moon Active

2. Tiger

The Tiger’s role is to raise the number of coins gained from raids on the villages of other players. As long as Tiger is awake, he will assist you each and every time you attack a different player. You must finish the Beasts Card Collection before you may access the Tiger.

3. Rhino

Rhino’s role in the game is to support village defense. Even if you have shields available, your Rhino will have a chance to stop an attack if your village is being assaulted by another player. Please be aware that the rhino has a 10% probability of blocking attacks when it initially hatches. This possibility will rise if you level him up via XP potions. You must first finish the Creatures Card Collection in order to unlock the rhino.

How to find Pets in Coin Master

As discussed earlier, Pets can be found only when the user reaches Village Level 4. Once unlocked, Pets can be found to the left of the Spin button. You will find the image of one of the pets. Players simply need to tap on that to enter the pet area, where you may feed your pet to keep it awake and give it Pet XP to level it up.

Coin Master Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our bonus tips in our Coin Master beginners guide for players to grasp the basics of the game so that they know what to do next as they build their village and climb up the levels. What follows next are some useful tips and tricks from our experience of playing the game.

1. Do Not miss out on the Daily Login Rewards

Make sure that you are logging in each day so that you do not miss out on the Daily Login Rewards. Every day when you log in, you need to first navigate to the hamburger icon located at the top-right corner of the game screen. This would take you to a section where you can spin the wheel to earn a certain number of in-game coins ranging from 150K to 1.5M.

2. Avoid stocking up on Coins in the Treasury

Resource management is an important aspect of any game. Generally, for any game, players are advised to save their resources and use them only when they have plenty of them. However, things are a little different in Coin Master. Since the game is all about Attacking and Raiding, you can always earn loads of Gold Coins from these loots.

However, one needs to understand that their village is vulnerable to attacks and raids too. A user can jump in any time to loot coins from you. This would drain out all the coins that you have staked up in your treasury, courtesy of the Free Spins.

Coin Master Village Upgradation
Image via Moon Active

Hence, we suggest users not accumulate a lot of Coins at a time. Instead, you must use them to upgrade and level up your village as soon as you earn them. This would ensure that your resources are utilized in a proper way and are not being drained out.

3. Know when to use your Spins

Just like any other casino setting, the Slot Machine plays an important role in getting you rewards when certain patterns match. The game, Coin Master itself gifts you 5 free spins an hour. However, that doesn’t mean you are going to log in every hour and use all five.

The rewards earnable from the free spins totally depend on your luck. The algorithm of Coin Master Virtual Machine is such that, the more free spins you accumulate and use at once, the better your chances of getting amplified rewards.

Coin Master Slot Machine Spin
Image via Moon Active

However, you can only accumulate up to 50 spins at a time. Mathematically, if you are getting 5 free spins an hour, you earn a total of 50 spins in 10 hours. The Free Spins added after that won’t reflect in your tally unless you are emptying some slots. Hence, we suggest you accumulate 50 Spins over a period of 10 hours and then use them all at once. This would increase your chances of bagging greater rewards and bringing down the spin count so that new spins get added from the next hour.

4. Try making sure that your Pet is active

As discussed in the previous segments, Coin Master allows you to have in-game companions in the form of Pets, on clearing Village Level 4. However, pets need to be leveled up and fed so as to keep them active. Pets can be leveled up by simply taking them on attacks and raids.

Just like any other game, this involvement would feed them XP points and allow them to earn bigger rewards for you, from these loots. To keep your Pets active for attacks, raids, and protection, they must be fed every 24 hours, or they become dormant. Pet food can be earned in 3 ways:

Coin Master Pet Skill-up
Image via Moon Active
  • Though very rare, they can be obtained via Free Spins in the Slot Machine section.
  • They can be also obtained from Special in-game events.
  • Additionally, you can purchase Food from the in-game Store section by spending some real currency.

We understand that spending real-life cash might not be a suitable option for you. Hence, look to capitalize on the Events that get you pet food so that you can activate your Pet as soon as possible.

5. Know how to execute perfect attacks and raids

Coin Master as stated multiple times before, is all about Attacks and Raids. Let us now break down these two actions and see how to amplify your rewards from these actions.


Attacking is basically destroying another village It may belong to a random user or even one of your friends. Players can attack a village when 3 pig face patterns turn up in the slot machine. You can only dig only up to 50,000 coins if the village you are targeting has a defense.

However, players are free to take as many coins as they like if the village has no defense. This is where resource amplification comes into the picture. If you have the Tiger pet active, make sure to take him along with you for the Attack. This would ensure more Coins are being drained out from your opposition’s treasury.


Coin Master Raid
Image via Moon Active

Similarly, when three hammers line up in the Slot Machine, one can raid a village. In Raiding basically, you have to dig in 4 holes out of which three will contain rewards in the form of Coins. Foxy is the ideal choice for keeping active if you wish to obtain amplified rewards from Raids.

6. Stock up on Shields to keep your village safe and sound

Just like you can attack anyone, anytime, similarly, your own village is vulnerable to attacks. This in a way stalls your progress in-game as your Coins get drained out, leaving you with not enough coins to upgrade your village. There are two remedies to get out of it.

One is to stock up on as many Shields as possible from the free spins. This would ensure that your village is safe and sound. Additionally, if Rhino is unlocked and Active, it can block attacks from your opponent.

Coin Master Protecting Village
Image via Moon Active

Another alternative could be, to resort to Ghosting. Ghosting is basically hiding your game ID so that it is not visible to users online. To do so, you can simply navigate to the Facebook application and remove your game ID from there. This would ensure that you are not visible to the raiders and attackers, thereby keeping your earned resources intact.

7. Make sure that you are cashing on the Events

Various in-game events are introduced every now and then by the developers at Moon Active. These in-game events ensure to cut down on the refilling time of your Slot Machine spins which in turn guarantees you amplified rewards. Hence, make sure that you are logged in with your Game Account and keep a close eye on these events so as not to miss out on them.

8. Investing in Card Chests is a must

Once a full deck of cards is complete, they end up rewarding users with in-game resources and spins. By in-game resources we mean loads and loads of Coins (even in billions). Hence, one must invest in chests and exchange them for Coins in the in-game Shop section at every level. The amount that they invest would return back as ten-fold of the original investment.

Coin Master Chests
Image via Moon Active

There are three categories of Chests available in-game, namely, Wooden, Gold, and Magical. When you break open these Chests, they unlock new cards. One must not shy away from spending on chests especially as they keep rising the levels. The higher the Village level, the greater would be the probability of bagging rare cards.

9. Go for Super Bet only if you have enough spins

Super Bet is an in-game feature that we would not recommend you explore if you are a beginner. Even though they can be rewarding, the risk involved initially is much higher. Go for Super Bet only if you have plenty of Spins available, or else it could stall your progress in-game.

10. Invite your Friends to play and team up with them

Coin Master Invite Friends
Image via Moon Active

If you send an invitation to a friend, to install and play the game, you will be rewarded with bonus resources for every download that takes place via your invite link. Moreover, once your friends join in, it’s even more fun as you can join a team with your Friends. This would allow you to give and take free spins, trade cards with them, etc.

Final Thoughts

Even after 10 years after its release date, Coin Master is still adding a significant chunk of new users every day. The casual gameplay of this casino title coupled with an effective marketing strategy has made sure that the mass audience forms a connection with this game.

Overall it is a pretty simple and fun-to-play game and can be given a try especially if you can convince your friends to come along with you. So go ahead and give it a try and if you ever have trouble understanding the basics, you can always refer to our Coin Master beginners guide for tips while also contacting customer support if there are issues about the game.

That’s all from us for the Coin Master Beginners Guide! Did you find our Coin Master Beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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