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Combat Master Combat Zone Guide: Tips and Tricks to dominate the Battle Royale mode

Your guide to dominate the Combat Zone!

Combat Master, the COD: Modern Warfare-like multiplayer shooter that made waves in the mobile shooter category, recently launched its all-new battle royale mode that closely resembles the mechanics of COD’s Warzone. In this Combat Master guide, we will explore five essential tips and tricks to help you dominate in the Combat Zone Battle Royale arena.

With details of Warzone Mobile’s release still far away, this is the closest and most refined experience that players can indulge in at the moment. But unlike traditional battle royales that mobile players have gotten used to, Combat Master Combat Zone features advanced warfare mechanics which you must know if you plan to stand your ground till the end circles. But first, let us give you an overview of the all-new Combat Zone mode, additionally, if you are just starting with the game, make sure to check our Combat Master Beginners Guide as well!

Introducing the Combat Master Combat Zone

Combat Zone is the battle royale mode where players fight to be the last one standing. Players can choose to play solo, duo, or squad mode. The game features a variety of weapons and vehicles that players can use to gain an advantage over their opponents. In typical Warzone fashion, players drop from the plane with a base weapon. From drop animation to movement mechanics this is the best Warzone ripoff to date.

The duration of a match in Combat Zone depends on the number of players and the game mode. A solo match typically lasts around 15 minutes, while a squad match can last up to 30 minutes. Players can also redeploy after facing elimination if they manage to win in Gulag deathmatch. As of now, there’s only one battle royale map named Pokrovsk, which features similar visuals as Verdansk.

How to dominate the Combat Zone in Combat Master

1. Optimize your Loadout

Creating a well-rounded Loadout is crucial for success in the combat zone. With only three slots available, consider building loadouts for close-range, mid-range, and long-range engagements. Popular combinations include the P90 for close quarters, the M4 shotgun for mid-range, and the AWM sniper for long-distance encounters.

Loadouts Menu in Combat Master
Image via Alfa Bravo Inc

Don’t forget your secondary weapon and lethal equipment, ensuring you are prepared for any situation. It’s also important that you take your feedback depending on the outcome of the gunfights you face. Play around with the equipment and focus on building load-outs that enhance your play style. Take advantage of the multiplayer mode as well to get an idea of what kind of builds are best suited as per range.

2. Cash is King

In the combat zone, cash is your lifeline. Collect it from various sources such as crates, defeated opponents, or scattered around the map. With numerous buy stations available, use your cash strategically. Prioritize purchasing your loadout, self-revive, and essential items like plates and ammo. Remember, hoarding cash won’t make you rich; spending it wisely will increase your chances of survival and victory.

3. Master using the Parachute ASAP

The introduction of the parachute adds a new dimension to movement in the combat zone. Use it to your advantage for tactical maneuvers, such as jumping off zip lines, statues, or reaching elevated positions.

Gliding in Combat Master
Image via Alfa Bravo Inc.

Learn to deploy your parachute at any time and, while gliding, seamlessly switch to your weapon for aerial combat. This dynamic movement option provides a strategic advantage and can be a game-changer in intense situations.

4. Plate up Effectively

Understanding the plate system is crucial for staying alive. You can equip three plates and carry an additional three. When applying plates, remember that holding the button will apply all three plates consecutively. This allows you to maintain mobility while replenishing your armor. Utilize the plate system strategically – sprint, slide, and jump while applying plates to outmaneuver opponents and reposition during engagements.

5. Navigate the Jump Pads wisely

Jump pads are scattered around the map, offering unique opportunities for rapid movement. Recognize the two types: small round pads that launch you vertically with set distances, and yellow square pads with directional arrows indicating the launch direction.

Image via Alfa Bravo Inc.

Use these strategically to make quick getaways, traverse the map efficiently, or surprise opponents. Understanding the differences between these jump pads is vital for maximizing their utility.

Final Thoughts

Armed with these five essential tips, you are now better equipped to dominate the combat zone. Remember to optimize your loadout, prioritize cash management, master the parachute, plate up effectively, and navigate jump pads wisely.

By meticulously implementing these five tips, you not only enhance your performance but contribute to the overall synergy of your squad. Remember, success in the Battle Royale arena is not merely about individual skill; it’s about leveraging every advantage, big or small, to emerge victorious.

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