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Cookie Run: Kingdom Guide: Tips for the Season 6 Alliance game mode

Find out all about the new alliance game mode in Cookie Run: Kingdom!

Alliance Season 6 in Cookie Run: Kingdom is out now, and there are new types of enemies to face. This season is easy for the first 20 or so waves but gets harder as you go. Due to the new level 70 cap, some players can even use their main team to Wave 40 without switching teams. Extra rewards are also available for those who can clear Wave 60 of Alliance.

Starting Alliance has gained new special rules per season, which can help or be a disadvantage to your team.

Cookie Run Kingdom Alliance Season 6
Image via Devsisters

Extra DMG to stunned targets equal to 2.0% of their HP

This is a very helpful buff, especially if you have numerous cookies that can stun your team. Examples of these include Cotton Cookie, Sea Fairy Cookie, and Wildberry Cookie. However, this can also be a disadvantage, especially in Wave 29, since the Tiger Lily Boss stuns your team frequently, making you lose health rapidly.

Magic Class Cookies get an 8.0% ATK increase

This addition makes magic attackers like Frost Queen Cookie, Squid Ink Cookie, and Latte Cookie a lot more powerful. This is a high buff, so be sure to have them on your team.

Common Rarity Cookies get a 140.0% HP increase

While this isn’t that helpful to intermediate players, this can be good for new players who don’t have a lot of cookies unlocked yet and have to use common cookies to fill up their Alliance slots. Keep in mind that this buff also works for cookie bosses, with the most notable one being the very tanky Muscle Cookie, which is found in the middle waves.

Waves 1 to 4: No debuffs

These are the “easy” parts of Alliance. They don’t apply debuffs to your team, and you can get through these waves with no problem.

You can probably get by with using your main team for the entirety of the 4 waves since this is one of the less noticeable debuffs. A good thing to remember is that Speed Teams would be less effective in this section since Speed Teams rely on a high ATK Speed for more power.

Your ATK is significantly decreased here, so it’s good to have as much ATK as you can. Cookies that will help you get better ATK include Pomegranate Cookie (30% ATK boost, also heals your team), Mango Cookie (10% ATK boost, also deals AOE damage to enemies), and Cherry Blossom Cookie (provides a higher ATK boost the more enemies there are in the field). 

Cookie Run Kingdom Alliance Season 6
Cookie Run Kingdom Alliance Season 6 (Image via Devsisters)

A similar debuff to Waves 9 to 12. See the above for tips on how to counter it. Good treasures for this section include Old Pilgrim’s Scroll and Grim-looking Scythe.

Waves 16 to 20: Enemy ATK speed increased by 20%

This is one of the less noticeable debuffs, so your main team can sail smoothly for these 4 waves.

If you’re having trouble, Gatekeeper Ghost’s Horn might be helpful for you. It significantly increases your cookies DEF stat, helping you counter the debuff for this section. Another way to counter this is to have better DMG Resist substats on your cookies’ toppings.

Waves 25 to 28: Cookies are restricted from using HP Shields

Unfortunately, Pure Vanilla Cookie and Eclair Cookie are slightly nerfed in this section. Make sure your cookies are being healed sufficiently. It’s best to have a fast cooldown on your healers so they can keep supporting your team even in this tough section.

While Waves 9 to 16 had an ATK decrease debuff, these last few waves feature significantly harder enemies, particularly Tiger Lily Cookie on Wave 29. Eclair Cookie is also good for his Weakness Debuff, which makes enemies take 25% more damage. Try to stack this debuff on the enemies as many times as you can. Another tip is to use Sorbet Shark for cookie bosses, since their skill is guaranteed to take away a percentage of a cookie’s HP, instead of relying on their ATK stat.

New Alliance completion rewards

Image via Devsisters

When you complete 60 waves of an Alliance season for the first time, you get a special reward. Players get 30,000 crystals (which can provide you 100 Cookie Gacha pulls), a special Tea Knight Costume (this costume can’t be obtained in any other way, and won’t be seen in the Costume Gacha), and finally, a special profile picture. You can use this profile icon to flex to your friends.

What are your thoughts on our Cookie Run: Kingdom guide on Alliance Season 6? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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