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Cookie Run: Kingdom Guide: Tips for the Season 8 Alliance game mode

Find out all about the new alliance game mode in Cookie Run: Kingdom!

Alliance Season 8 in Cookie Run: Kingdom is out now, and there are new types of enemies to face. A lot of experienced players have finished Alliance this season. There are level 70 cookies, the arrival of Purple Yam’s Magic Candy, and Cream Unicorn Cookie. A lot of the early waves are easy, but some can be difficult if you don’t know what to use! Here’s a guide for Cookie Run: Kingdom Alliance season 8.

Special Rules in Alliance Season 8

Starting Season 6, Alliance has gained new special rules per season, which can help or be a disadvantage to your team.

Cookie Run Kingdom Alliance Season 8
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Defense Cookies get a 10.0% HP Increase

This is a very helpful buff, especially for cookies like Wildberry Cookie, Hollyberry Cookie, and Strawberry Crepe Cookie. Since these cookies are tanks and rely on having a high HP stat to successfully protect their allies, this buff helps them survive longer.

Healing Class Cookies get a 10.0% Amplify Buff increase

Image via Devsisters

This addition makes Healing cookies such as Pure Vanilla Cookie, Cream Unicorn Cookie, and Herb Cookie receive an increased amount of buffs. Note that it only counts for the buffs they receive from the team. Any kind of buffs that the healer cookies give to their allies won’t get an increase.

Rare Cookies get a 110.0% HP increase

While this isn’t that helpful to intermediate players, this can be good for new players who don’t have a lot of cookies unlocked yet and have to use rare cookies to fill up their Alliance slots. Keep in mind that this buff also works for cookie bosses. Therefore, if you find a Rare cookie in Alliance you’ll have to be wary!

Previous Alliance seasons usually used the Main Team of Wildberry CookieDark Cacao Cookie, Eclair Cookie, Cotton Cookie, and Pure Vanilla Cookie. While this is still a good team to use, since the arrival of Purple Yam’s Magic Candy the Alliance meta has shifted and advanced players now use Purple Yam instead of Dark Cacao.

Purple Yam’s Magic Candy (which is recommended to be upgraded at Level 10) gives him additional DMG Resist, as well as provides, heals for him from time to time. As you go into harder waves (Wave 40 and above), the extra buffs Purple Yam receives are more helpful than Dark Cacao’s.

Wave 24: Sorbet Shark Boss

Sorbet Shark is easy to kill with a speed team. A speed team usually consists of cookies like Kumiho Cookie (so she can charm enemies, letting the rest of your cookies attack them while they’re momentarily paused), Madeleine Cookie, Caramel Arrow Cookie, Lilac Cookie, and Mint Choco Cookie.

sorbet shark cookie
sorbet shark cookie

The last two are necessary for the speed team, while Madeleine and Caramel Arrow are just recommended. Some variants of the speed team use Pastry Cookie, however since Caramel Arrow is a lot more tanky and helpful against cookie bosses, people use Caramel Arrow instead.

Wave 36: One-Shot Boss

This is another difficult boss. Unlike the Sorbet Shark Wave, this boss can be tanked with the Main Team. However, this requires you to have a good DMG Resist on all your cookies, as well as good Bonds and Sugar Gnome Laboratory upgrades. If you feel like your Main Team isn’t enough, you can switch to a one-shot team that uses cookies like Dark Choco Cookie (for the DEF decrease debuff).

Cookie Run Kingdom Alliance Season 8
Image via Devsisters

Much like the regular Rye Cookie, this boss targets the enemy cookie with the lowest HP and immediately kills them. If you’re using your Main Team here, then it’s easy for one of your important cookies to get one-shotted. A good strategy to use here is to use your Main Team from waves 36 to 43, and when wave 44 comes along, wait until Rye does their first skill. Make sure your play speed is at a low speed, not 2.5x! When her skill activates, switches teams immediately, and uses a boss-killer team.

What are your thoughts on our Cookie Run: Kingdom guide on Alliance Season 8? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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