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Cookie Run: Kingdom Guide: Tips to beat the Raspberry Boss on 11-27

Beat the Raspberry Boss easily with these steps

After defeating 11-23 in World 11, you might think you’re out of the woods; alas, this relief only lasts for 3 stages before you have to face another difficult boss stage! This is another cookie boss stage, and thankfully this time it’s only one cookie! This Cookie Run: Kingdom Raspberry Boss guide will give you tips that will help you beat World 11 in no time.

Still, Raspberry is a formidable foe, since she has basically three different types of attacks, and it can be confusing if you don’t know what you’re doing. The deadliest of these three is her Raspberry Reprise skill, which attacks the cookie with the highest ATK stat.

Cookie Run Kingdom Guide How To Beat Raspberry Boss On Stage 11-27
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If you’re not careful, Raspberry can quickly eliminate your whole team before you know it. After she takes out your best attacker, it’s all downhill from there since you’d inevitably deal less and less damage, until you’re left with zero cookies still alive on your team. While it might seem hopeless, don’t worry! There are strategies to help counter her, and this stage wouldn’t feel so impossible after all.

1. Ambush Trick

For this strategy, you’d want to have Sorbet Shark Cookie or Black Raisin Cookie as your main attacker. This means checking your team’s stats and making sure Sorbet or Raisin has the highest ATK stat out of all of them. This way Raspberry will always target your chosen cookie.

Image via DevSisters

It’s a lot more preferable to use Sorbet Shark Cookie due to their True Damage skill (which deducts around 1/3rd of a cookie’s maximum HP instead of a specific damage amount), and their skill activates faster than Black Raisin. Still, if your Black Raisin is better built than Sorbet, then you can go with Black Raisin cookie. Raspberry has 3 attacks. They are:

Ambush Trick3
Image via Devsisters
  • Rapier Attack: Deals damage to a cookie on the front row
  • Raspberry Reprise: Deals damage to cookies with the highest ATK, reducing their ATK stat
  • Triple Hit: Deals damage to three cookies in the front.

The next thing you should do is learn Raspberry’s attack pattern. The pattern goes:

Rapier Attack, Triple hit, Rapier Attack, Raspberry Reprise, Triple Hit

Then it repeats. Watch Raspberry’s white skill bar carefully. When it’s time for her Raspberry Reprise Attack, pay close attention. When you notice that the skill bar is at the halfway point, use your main attacker’s skill.

Note that this trick specifically uses Ambush class cookies since they can “avoid” attacks; any other class wouldn’t work for this trick. Afterward, you should be able to successfully dodge the Raspberry Reprise attack. Keep going until you have defeated Raspberry.

2. DMG Resist Trick

You don’t have to choose Sea Fairy Cookie as your main attacker, but this strategy works best with her. Use Strawberry Crepe in your team, since her skill increases the DMG Resist of the two weakest cookies (based on maximum HP) on your team by 50%. Remember to activate her skill right before Raspberry uses her Reprise skill, and to make sure your main attacker is one of the two cookies with the lowest HP stat in the team.

strategy-2-dmg cookies raspberry
Image via DevSisters

Some teams also use Licorice Cookie too for his additional 20% DEF buff, but this isn’t as important. Put as much DMG Res you can have on Sea Fairy. You might want to use Whole Almonds on her for maximum Damage Resist since she’ll still have a high attack even with full almonds.

You’d want to use her as bait since Raspberry targets the cookie with the highest attack, and Sea Fairy has one of the best ATK stats in the game, along with a decent DEF stat for an AOE cookie. Using Frost Queen Cookie wouldn’t have the same effect since she has significantly less defense than Sea Fairy, and her Freezing Damage debuff doesn’t really work on bosses, which makes her actual damage output a lot less.

Image via DevSisters

For this method to work, you’d also want to have a double healer team, which usually contains Pure Vanilla Cookie and Cotton Cookie; Parfait Cookie can be a good alternative if you don’t have one of the two. The double healing would help you regain your main attacker’s health faster. If the double healing still isn’t enough, then you can use a healing treasure too for better survivability.

Blind Healer’s Staff would heal the targeted cookie a lot better, but Bookseller’s Monocle would provide heals for the whole team, for at least 20% of each cookie’s maximum HP. The time is well so that your main cookie gets healed quickly after Raspberry attacks them, and you’d be at this stage in no time.

Treasures to use for stage 11-27

If you’re using the Ambush Trick, the best treasures to use are Old Pilgrim’s Scroll, Squishy Jelly Watch, and Gatekeeper Ghost’s Horn.

Image via Devsisters

If you’re using the DMG Resist Trick, then the best treasures would be Old Pilgrim’s Scroll, Squishy Jelly Watch, and Blind Healer’s Staff. You use the Blind Healer’s Staff every time your main attacker needs more health. You can also use the Bookseller’s Monocle instead so your whole team gets the healing, but you’ll get less heals than the Blind Healer’s Staff.

Image via Devsisters

Remember that the key in Ambush Trick is more attack so you can defeat raspberry, and for the DMG Resist Trick, you’d want more survivability to ensure your main attacker is still alive by the end of the round (which 3-stars the level) or at least survive enough that if they do get defeated you’d still beat Raspberry by the end of the game.

The Patched Pompon Trick

pumpkin pie cookie
Pumpkin Pie Cookie (Image via Devsisters)

While you might see some guides that mention the Pompon Trick, which consists of using Pumpkin Pie Cookie, putting toppings set of Whole Almonds on her, and using the Seamstress’s Pincushion treasure so that Pumpkin Pie’s summoned creature would have the highest ATK out of all the cookies and allies in your team, you shouldn’t try to do this trick anymore.

Unfortunately, this strategy doesn’t work ever since the War Under Shattered Skies update. It has been patched so Raspberry always attacks cookies first, making this strategy invalid.

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