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Cookie Run: Kingdom Oyster Cookie Guide: How to unlock, Best Toppings, and more

Tips to use the Oyster Cookie efficiently in the game!

A new Super Epic cookie, Oyster Cookie has been released in Cookie Run: Kingdom. This Consul member is a popular pick in Arena right now and can be pulled from her limited-time gacha. The event gacha is your best bet for getting her since she has a higher drop rate in it than in the normal banners. She even provides a pity copy of Oyster after 186 pulls.

Soulstones for her might pop up in the Arena Medal Shop from time to time since the shop alternates between selling Oyster Cookie or Clotted Cream Soulstones every three days. (There’s no pattern for it, and the shop has different randomized selections for every player.)

Cookie Run: Kingdom Oyster Cookie
Image via Devsisters

If you want to get Oyster Cookie, you should try your best at this event, especially since she’s a Super Epic Cookie. This means she won’t be available in the Mileage Shop, and getting her would be a lot more difficult after the event. If you’re really lucky and you play a lot of event missions, it’s easy to get multiple copies of her so you can get some cool promotion rewards after the event.

Oyster Cookie has numerous facets to her skill. Like a true Support cookie, she supplies buffs to the whole group, such as an extra 16.5% CRIT chance and an extra 13% CRIT DMG for 17 seconds. She summons soldiers every 17 seconds too, which charges at the enemy team and helps keep melee attackers at bay.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Oyster Cookie
Image via Devsisters

Since she’s a summoner cookie, she’s usually used in Arena as part of the Summoner Comp. A popular structure of this comp is Crunchy Chip Cookie, Pumpkin Pie Cookie, Cotton Cookie, and Oyster Cookie. However, she’s not just limited to Summoner teams since she added CRIT chance and CRIT DMG is especially useful too. One of the common teams on the leaderboard consists of Wildberry Cookie, Dark Cacao Cookie, Clotted Cream Cookie, Oyster Cookie, and Cotton Cookie.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Oyster Cookie
Image via Devsisters

This team is more for advanced players since it requires at least 4 good Whole Almond sets for the first 4 cookies, and a good Swift Chocolate set for Cotton. The Almond sets need at least 40% DR to be usable, otherwise, the team can get beaten by other comps easily.

Like most supports, Oyster Cookie is a bit on the fragile side, so she can be prone to dying in Arena. Heavy burst damage attackers like Sea Fairy Cookie and Frost Queen Cookie can wipe her out. This can automatically leave your team defenseless since Oyster will be responsible for providing soldiers to defend your team. Eclair Cookie can also target her depending on your comp.

Due to her unique skill, Oyster Cookie uses Swift Chocolate, which is sometimes mixed with Whole Almond toppings.

Swift Chocolate

Since Oyster summons more soldiers the more cooldown reduction she has, it’s best to use Swift Chocolate toppings on her. Her strong soldiers are an important part of her skill. So you want to focus on getting a better cooldown on her instead of boosting her ATK, which isn’t that high when compared to other cookies.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Swift Chocolate
Image via Devsisters

The maximum amount of soldiers Oyster can summon is 4 and requires at least 24.3 cooldowns. (without the set bonus, if you included the set bonus it will total 29.3 CD). This is a very hard number to obtain since it requires near-maxed cooldown sub stats. The maximum cooldown sub stat is 2% per topping On each topping you have, and most players aren’t lucky enough to obtain that.

Due to this, the recommended soldier amount for Oyster is 3, since it’s the most soldiers you can do while still getting a decent amount of DMG Resist substats for her. A 4-soldier Oyster build would be too fragile, and since Oyster is mostly used for Arena this dangerous because she can get one-shotted very quickly due to that high number of cookies that use burst damage.

Whole Almonds

While a full Whole Almonds build isn’t used for Oyster Cookie, it’s not rare to see players using three to four Whole Almond pieces. The minimum cooldown suggested for Oyster Cookie is 11.2% (while equipping a maxed Squishy Jelly Watch), so it’s a lot easier to get the required substats for her. A good build for Oyster has at least 11.2% CD and 30% to 40% DMG Resist.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Oyster Cookie
Image via Devsisters

Note that when you’re using Oyster Cookie, you should always equip the Squishy Jelly Watch treasure. The only exception to this is if you’re using the Oyster Scam comp, usually made of Wildberry, Eclair, Sea Fairy, Oyster, and Almond. This team is used to counter the popular Summoners Comp in Arena.

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