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Cookie Run: Kingdom Guide: Tips to use the Rye Cookie

Tips to use the Rye Cookie efficiently!

Rye Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom is a single-target cookie, which makes her shine in the boss stages. She’s used in Guild Battle (the Avatar of Destiny boss), Arena (as a counter to Espresso cookie), and World Exploration stages with a boss fight. She’s one of the best cookies for the Avatar of Destiny boss in Guild Battle since she has a fast skill cooldown and can help the rest of her team attack the boss faster too (with the help of her Magic Candy). Additionally, she can be found in Arena teams as a counter for Espresso Cookie.

Since she’s a cookie with many uses, it’s recommended to get her and level her up when you can. If you’re lucky, you can get her from the Cookie Gacha from time to time. Otherwise, you can buy her soulstones in the Mileage Shop and soulstones of her might pop up in the Arena Medal Shop, Guild Shop, or Rainbow Shell Gallery.

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She also has two stages in Dark Mode and a special stage in Master Mode (stage 3-11) where you can farm her soul cores. (Note that soul cores are different from soulstones.) Once you get her, you should try getting her Magic Candy as soon as you can.

The Rye Cookie’s skill is made specifically for bosses and Arena. Since she targets the enemy with the lowest maximum HP stat, she always snipes out the weakest cookies in Arena. 90% of the time, the weakest cookie is a high attacker, and this works in your favor since you can take out their strongest weapon very early in the match.

While it might not look like it, she’s also good for bosses as long as there are no other enemies in the field. Her skill makes her have a faster ATK Speed during the duration of her skill, which means you can do a lot of frequent attacks on the boss. This is especially helpful against bosses that have self-heal effects since they won’t be able to heal back fast enough. 

Rye Cookie’s Magic Candy can be obtained as soon as you level her to Level 50. Note that you’ll have to manually level her up since a cookie being put in the Hall of Ancient Heroes but still having an actual level of 49 or below wouldn’t be counted. Her Magic Candy gives her special bonus effects. A Level 1 candy provides a big damage boost, a Burn debuff that adds ticking damage to enemies.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Rye Cookie
Image via Devsisters

The most recommended Magic Candy is Level 10 since a Level 10 candy unlocks the 20% increased ATK speed buff that not only applies to her but the whole team as well. This makes her a great choice in Speed Comps, and using the Enchanted Librarian’s Robes’ treasure helps her have an incredibly fast attack.

It’s also a good effect for Guild Battle, specifically for the Avatar of Destiny boss, since the boss tends to put obstacles that block you from attacking the boss properly. Since Rye has a fast skill, you can make sure her skill hits the boss in time before it starts to release walls that protect the boss.

Rye Cookie is a powerful attacker, so the best topping set for her is Searing Raspberries.

Searing Raspberries

Using a full Searing Raspberry topping set on Rye Cookie gives her the highest amount of ATK possible. 

Cookie Run: Kingdom Rye Cookie
Image via Devsisters

Players should note that a single maxed Epic Searing Raspberry topping provides 9% ATK. The maximum ATK substat you can get on a topping is 3%. This means that the highest attack boost you can get purely from toppings is 60%.

Other good substats to have in a Rye Cookie build are CRIT, ATK Speed, Cooldown, and DMG Resist. If you’re planning to use her in Arena, a good DMG Resist substat is in the 25% range or more.

What is your opinion on the Cookie Run: Kingdom Rye Cookie guide? Let us know in the comments below.

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