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Cookie Run: Kingdom: The complete Arena mode Guide and Tips

Master the Arena mode in no time and get gems!

The arena mode is one of the main modes in Cookie Run: Kingdom and is a great way to get gems. This is the game mode where you can fight other teams, which other players created. The goal of this game mode is to win as many battles as you can to advance in rank and maintain your rank before the arena season ends.

How to play Cookie Run: Kingdom Arena mode

To participate in the arena, you’ll have to make two teams. One team is for offense, which you’ll use to fight the suggested teams in your arena list, and the other is for defense, which shows up when other players try to fight you.

Composing the Team with the perfect offense and defense

Note that the arena mode is always set on auto, so you should consider each cookie’s starting skill cooldowns into consideration. The game always starts the cookies’ skill as soon as it’s ready, and the order of skill priority begins at the Front cookies and ends at the Rear cookies. For this reason, it’s a good idea to have at least one cookie that starts at 3 seconds so that your team attacks would flow more smoothly.

Arena mode Defenders Setup Cookies
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After creating your attack team, the next thing you should do is set up a defense. Depending on your rank, you can hide up to two cookies in your defense. Most Players usually hide their “best” cookies, but some strategically hide random Epic cookies, so it looks like they’re hiding an Ancient or Legendary.

Some players deliberately set a low-level defense team to fight a “revenge” battle later and win more trophies. However, this is a little risky since you can get unlucky and get matched up with high-leveled opponents that you can’t defeat. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should have a lot of tickets for this strategy so you can fight as many revenge battles as possible. Make sure to use your tickets frequently, so your ticket slots can keep refilling.

Cookie run kingdom Arena mode guide
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This strategy is excellent to use at the beginning of the arena season when your trophies reset, and you start at a much lower rank than you did at the end of the previous season. This way, you’ll be able to climb up faster since a low-level team looks more enticing to newer players than a high-level team, giving you more chances to earn trophies.

When you advance higher in rank, particularly at around Diamond 3, it’s not advisable to have bait teams anymore since losing battles at this point docks you significantly more trophies than in previous ranks. At this point, it will be better to use a defense team that’s similar to your offense team instead.

When you win battles, you earn trophies and medals. Medals are the currency you use in the Arena Medal Shop, where you can buy cookie soulstones, XP jelly, rarities, Time Jumpers, to name a few. The most important thing to buy is the Ancient soulstones, which are the only sure free-to-play way to get ancients since Ancients have really low drop rates in the gacha. On the other hand, Trophies are useful for going up in rank in the arena. There are numerous ranks in the arena, with the lowest being Chocolate 2 and the highest being Master 1.

Cookie run kingdom Arena mode guide
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It’s good to go up in rank in the arena since the higher your rank is, the better are the rewards you’ll get at the end of a season. Season rewards consist of medals and gems, with the highest reward (ranking at Masters 1) giving you 20,000 gems and 2,000 medals.

Cookie run kingdom Arena mode guide
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Also, note that Arena Tier Event, available every season, gives players a small gift every time they advance into a new tier (for example, getting into Crystal or Diamond) and getting into Master rewards with a seasonal exclusive kingdom decoration. Getting into the Top 500 players for the season also gets you a limited-time profile icon.

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