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Cookie Run: Kingdom: The Complete Guild Guide and Tips

Joined a Guild yet?!

It’s beneficial to join a guild in Cookie Run: Kingdom, while you can play the game without being in one, you will miss out on many rewards and advantages. You should join one as soon as you can, and as you get better in the game, you can look for more advanced guilds. You can join a guild after clearing Stage 3-6 in Story Mode. Guilds can host 30 players at a time, with one Leader and one Officer. Creating a guild costs 300 gems.

Guild Battles

In this game mode, you have to do as much damage as possible to the dragon before the timer runs out. You have three attempts a day. Dealing damage to the dragon gives you guild torches, and defeating the dragon gives you even more. The higher the dragon level, the more rewards!

Cookie Run Kingdom Guild Monsters
Image via Devsisters

Generally, the best cookies to use in this game mode are Dark Choco Cookie, Vampire Cookie, Sorbet Shark Cookie, Cotton Cookie, Poison Mushroom Cookie, and Eclair Cookie. At the end of the season, the members receive rewards depending on the guild’s ranking and each member’s ranking.

Guild Gacha

Slaying the dragon and checking in daily gives you heroic torches. One hundred torches let you draw from Guild Gacha, and 1,000 torches lets you do a 10-pull. The guild gacha gives toppings, EXP jellies, and Flames Of Unity, which help boost your guild beacon.

Guild Gacha Cookie Run Kingdom
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Additionally, the guild gacha is where you’ll get two guild-only treasures, Bookseller’s Monocle and Insignia. You can also get Cream Puff Cookie, whose soul stones are only available here. While previously she was more of a collector’s item, she has been buffed in the most recent update, making her much more viable than her previous version.

Alliance and Super Mayhem

Alliance has tier rewards for individual players every season. Still, there are also guild tiers where it pays off to be in an active guild with high-level players because it tallies up each member’s scores and gives you additional rewards. Alliance mode also rewards you relics, which are essential for acquiring museum set effects.

Alliance Rewards Cookie Run Kingdom Guild
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Super Mayhem (the recurring arena game mode where you’ll have to use three teams instead of just one) also has extra guild rewards. Other events have guild rewards too, but they’re not as frequent as regular individual events.

Beacon and Relics

The Beacon of Promise in Cookie Run Kingdom provides bonus effects for all your cookies. It boosts your ATK, HP, and DEF stats. The beacon can be leveled up to Level 70. Relics can be donated to the guild museum. The guild museum has three halls: the Hall of History, the Hall of Magic, and the Hall of Nature.

Guild Relic Cookie Run Kingdom
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Each hall contains different sets of relics, and unlocking a set (donate all relics needed in the set) gives a buff. From there, you can level up the set by obtaining multiple copies of the relics needed. Some sets are more challenging to complete than others. Relics have four different rarities: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Only Legendary relics have their separate buff. Defeating higher waves in Alliance gives you a higher chance of getting better relics.

Guild Domains

Guild Domains don’t help in your progression in Cookie Run Kingdom, but they are a fun feature. You can expand the domain by using resources. Expanding takes a lot of resources, but don’t worry because everyone in the guild can pitch in. You also earn activity points helping out.

Guild Domains Cookie Run  Kingdom
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After clearing tiles, you can also buy decorations for the Guild Domain. These don’t provide any bonus effects or cookie buffs, and they’re just for cosmetic purposes. However, note that there is only one designated decorator for the guild; the rest of the guild members can buy decorations but can’t place them.

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