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Cookie Run: Kingdom Snow Sugar Cookie Guide: How to unlock, Best Toppings, and more

Let's make a giant snowman!

Snow Sugar Cookie is a Magic Cookie that was first introduced with the launch of Cookie Run: Kingdom during Version 1.0 and has been playable ever since. In Version 4.14, they finally received a Magic Candy which has greatly improved their kit and playability. Snow Sugar Cookie is a Magic Cookie that provides de-buffing abilities to the enemy team. This guide will help you on how to build the Snow Sugar Cookie, how to obtain them, and the ways to level them up. 

Snow Sugar Cookie is an Epic Cookie and hence can be obtained through the Gacha. There are many ways to obtain Snow Sugar Cookie’s Soulstones such as,

  • Mileage Shop: Available in the Gacha section and bought through Mileage Points from pulling Cookies.
  • Kingdom Arena Medal Shop: Available exclusively through the Kingdom Arena. Players have to participate in PvP battles and ultimately win to obtain the Medals of Victory currency in order to exchange them with the Soulstones. In every Shop reset which lasts for 3 days, there are 2 Epic Cookie Soulstones purchases in stock where each purchase will give you 2 Soulstones. A total of 4 Soulstones can be collected in total.
Cookie Run: Kingdom Snow Sugar Cookie Gacha
Image via Devsisters
  • Guild Medal Shop: Available exclusively through joining a Guild. Players have to participate in Guild Battles to obtain the Heroic Medal currency in order to exchange them with the Soulstones. Just like the Kingdom Arena, players can get 2 Soulstones for each purchase, where there are 2 purchases in stock. This means a total of 4 Soulstones can be obtained in every Shop Reset lasting 3 days.
  • Rainbow Shell Gallery: Located inside Touc’s Trade Harbor after you upgrade it. The soulstones can only be exchanged with the Rainbow Pearls currency which can be obtained by shipping various goods through the Ship Harbor. You can obtain 5 Soulstone Cookies. The Shop resets every 2 Days so players have to keep a lookout on which Soulstone Cookies comes out every rotation.
  • World Exploration: Complete World Exploration Dark Mode Stages 2-24 and 8-24, and also Master Mode Stage 4-24 to obtain her Soulstones. You can only farm each stage 3 times every reset day. 

Character Introduction

Made of snow, sugar, ice, and an unknown secret ingredient, this Cookie was once very lonely, wandering through a vast snowy field.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Snow Sugar Cookie
Image via Devsisters

Then one day, Snow Sugar Cookie found a magic wand that could summon snow creatures and wouldn’t melt even in the oven. The Cookie quickly learned to summon friends like the Sea Snow Cone and the Great Snow King and was never lonely again.

Costume Sets

Snow Sugar Cookie Costume
Image via Devsisters
  • Symphony of the Night Sky: From the Snowflake Choir costume set. You never know when you’ll come across the gorgeous northern lights on a cold winter night, and that’s the beauty of it! Snow Sugar Cookie wrote a song about the vibrant aurora dancing in the deep dark sky, and they’re ready to sing it to the whole world! When activating Snow Sugar Cookie’s Skill, Blizzard, Snow King will sport different colors than usual.
  • Snowy Jiangshi: There was this one time when Snow Sugar Cookie dressed up in a costume and stole every Cookie’s heart. Feeling confident from past success, they’re ready to make new friends at this year’s Halloween party as well! Good luck, Snow Sugar Cookie!

Play-style and Skillset

  • Rarity: Epic Cookie
  • Type: Magic Cookie
  • Position: Middle

Waves the Snow Sugar Wand to summon the Snow King that causes a snowstorm, dealing periodic area damage, and applying the Frost debuff with a certain chance upon each hit. Enemies suffer lowered ATK SPD. Snow King is resistant to certain action and movement-impairing effects. While Snow Sugar Cookie is using their skill, they will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects. (Cooldown: 14 seconds)Summons a powerful creature called the Snow King. The Snow King creates a snowstorm that hurts all enemies in the area over time, and there’s a chance that enemies hit by it will also be affected by the Frost debuff, which makes them attack slower.
Not only that, but the Snow King has increased resistance to effects that might normally slow it down or stop it from moving. And while Snow Sugar Cookie is using this special move, they become resistant to being interrupted.

Magic Candy

Snow Sugar Cookie Magic Candy
Image via Devsisters

Snow Sugar Cookie receives a Magic Candy during the ‘Icicle Yeti’s Winter Song’ update back in Version 4.14. To briefly summarize the purpose of Magic Candy, they are an equipable item solely created to use for the intended Cookie to exponentially buff the playable Cookie and their kit. The Magic Candy is only given to certain Cookies that have long been power-crept due to the ever-changing META of the game to make them more viable to use in especially PvP-focused battles.  


Help Me, Snow King!
The power of the Magic Candy makes Snow King even stronger and makes this icy giant immune to ATK SPD changes. Snow King will deal additional damage to Freeze targets and restore Snow Sugar Cookie’s HP for a portion of the damage dealt. Snow King will also absorb a portion of the damage received by Snow Sugar Cookie. (Cooldown: 14 seconds).When Snow Sugar Cookie uses the “Magic Candy”, it supercharges the Snow King, making the icy giant even more powerful. With this boost, the Snow King becomes immune to changes in attack speed.
Moreover, if enemies are under a “Freeze” effect, the Snow King will deal even more damage to them. Additionally, when the Snow King attacks, it not only hurts the enemies but also restores some of Snow Sugar Cookie’s health based on the damage dealt. The Snow King can also absorb some of the damage that Snow Sugar Cookie would have taken.
LevelLevel Up EXP (Star Jellies Lvl.1)Skill Level Up (Skill Powder)
1-101510 EXP25x Common, 4500x Gold
11-2010,040 EXP75x Common, 14500x Gold
21-3056,790 EXP30x Refined, 47000x Gold
31-40314,510 EXP80x Refined, 107000x Gold
41-501,401,060 EXP110x Pristine, 212000x Gold
51-60332,160 EXP250x Pristine, 410000x Gold
61-65342,124 EXP150x Pristine, 280000x Gold
66-70362,054 EXP150x Pristine, 330000x Gold
71-75383,777 EXP175x Pristine, 380000x Gold
StarsMaterials Needed
1 Star20x Soulstones, 500x Gold
2 Stars30x Soulstones, 5000x Gold
3 Stars50x Soulstones, 10000x Gold
4 Stars70x Soulstones, 50000x Gold
5 Stars100x Soulstones, 100000x Gold
Ascension Star: 1360x Common Soul Essence, 20x Soulcores, 100000x Gold
Ascension Star: 2320x Rare Soul Essence, 30x Soulcores, 200000x Gold
Ascension Star: 3120x Epic Soul Essence, 40x Soulcores, 300000x Gold
Ascension Star: 4180x Epic Soul Essence, 50x Soulcores, 500000x Gold
Ascension Star: 530x Legendary Soul Essence, 60x Soulcores, 700000x Gold

Snow Sugar Cookie is a Cookie that has ties with the Version 4.14 special story, which means that players can equip the new Frosted Crystal Toppings on them. The Toppings, just like the Moonkissed Toppings, can increase the multiples of the Toppings.

Players can mix and match some Toppings to fit what they require for Snow Sugar Cookie. Ideally, 2 Toppings can be good on them whether it is a full set or a mix of all of them. Searing Raspberry can boost their attack with the Summoner, enhancing their damage output, and Swift Chocolate will reduce their 14-second cooldown, spamming their Skill more frequently.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Swift Chocolate
Swift Chocolate (Frosted Crystal Toppings)
Eat before it melts! This chocolate can decrease the Cookie’s Cooldown.

  Equip 5: -5% Cooldown
Sub-stat Priority: ATK = DMG Resist > ATK SPD > CRIT > Amplify Buff > Cooldown
Cookie Run Kingdom Crunchy Chip Cookie Searing Raspberry
Searing Raspberry (Frosted Crystal Toppings)
A searing berry like this one can increase Cookie’s ATK.  

Equip 3: +3% ATK
Equip 5: +5% ATK
Sub-stat Priority: ATK = DMG Resist > ATK SPD > CRIT > Amplify Buff > Cooldown

Final Thoughts

Snow Sugar Cookie, just like every other previously released Cookie back during the early days of the game, has fallen completely out of META afterward. As such with the new Magic Candy given to them, they became more viable to be used in PvE and PvP battles. With the release of their Magic Candy and the immense damage boost of Frost Queen Cookie also, both will be paired together side by side in these next few patch runs due to their cracked team comps.

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